Porsche CEO lied at LA Auto Show today re: Taycan...

Porsche CEO lied at LA Auto Show today re: Taycan...

Either that, or their configurator needs to be updated (and if it's the latter, I highly, highly suggest to their marketing and sales depts to do that BEFORE you know, the major stage unveil/presentation in the country, which was today?).

What I'm referring to, is 11:55 in this clip:

As you can see, they are saying that you can get the 4S with the 75Kwh battery, or the 93 one. Nope, go try to configure one; it'll force you to select the $6,580 larger battery.

This is embarrassing, and should make interwebs waves of some sort.

jimglas | November 21, 2019

two Porsche fluffers coming right up

neezer | November 21, 2019

And if you rewind 15 seconds he verbalizes this, in case there's any confusion ...

Mathew98 | November 21, 2019

But, but, but VAG is giving you the privilege to pay double to get 5/8 the value...

neezer | November 21, 2019

lol Jimglas, what could they possibly say? It is as clear as pure crystal. This was mentioned, and shown, yet the configurator as of right now, does not allow you to pick the standard battery.

I would imagine if I were CEO, and this snafu led me to lose just ONE customer, I'd be pretty miffed about it.

Bighorn | November 21, 2019

So what would you say is the price of entry to the cheap Porsche? ;)

neezer | November 21, 2019

$114,340 USD before tax and GOVT rebates calculated in.

Go to the configurator, you will see it automatically starts you off at that price. This is because of items like the aforementioned battery option forced in the configuration, plus the $1490 fixed glass roof (cannot elect to go without it) and also the $1,120 charge cable, which yes, does NOT come with the 4S (or even the Turbo I believe).

NKYTA | November 21, 2019

Who needs a charging cable?

neezer | November 21, 2019

Ok, I guess I missed that pop-up message the configurator gives ...

"The standard Aluminum Roof, Porsche Mobile Charger Plus and Performance Battery (79.2kWh) are not available on vehicles that are currently in production and are estimated to be available on vehicles that begin production in June 2020. All initial production Taycan orders will be equipped with the optional Fixed Panoramic Roof in Glass, Porsche Mobile Charger Connect and Performance Battery Plus (93.4kWh)."