Seat belt alarm solution

Seat belt alarm solution

Sometimes the answer is so simple it eludes us. This is probably a generally know solution but it was novel to me so I thought I should share.

One thing that annoyed me was when the seat-belt alarm would pop up and cover the GPS. This happens often when people in the back seat would lean on the center seat. Time after time I'd ask them to refrain so I could see the GPS.

A few days ago, I mentioned it again and my wife said, "Why don't we connect the middle seatbelt?". I literally did a face-palm... Problem solved.

markahaden | November 22, 2019

I have 3 kids, and one is little and still needs a booster seat. I keep that booster seat latched into the rear right seat position at all times, though I drive the car solo 95% of the time. The weight of the booster seat is enough that "Casper" is constantly alarming because it thinks that rear right seat needs to have the seatbelt fastened. After dealing with this annoyance for over 6 months, I finally wised up and just fastened that seatbelt behind the empty booster. Why didn't I do that 6 months earlier?!

PrescottRichard | November 22, 2019

There must be a German word for ‘Proud and embarrassed’ at the same time. If not I’ll coin one -Richgreg.

I’ve been there with you, just not specifically with a car seat!