Supercharger Queue Management by Community App

Supercharger Queue Management by Community App

As Superchargers get faster and busier, there are excellent opportunities for the Tesla app to help us manage access and be polite. I already see some tempers flare at busy Supercharger sites.

These features make use of the phone app, in-car app, and the Tesla community in managing this shared, valuable asset of Tesla Superchargers.

- If I arrive at a Supercharger that is full, I should be able to inform the app that I am there (confirm by gps location) and the app notifies folks who are already charging that there is a queue awaiting a charger. For the person charging who might be in a near-by restaurant, they get notification each time the queue length changes. If that were me and I have enough for my next destination that might be reason enough for me to go out and move my car. I would want to know who is next the queue (e.g. White ModelX ).

- If I see there is a queue, I would like to Remote Release my Tesla through the app, saving me from having to interrupt my meal to go run outside to move my car. Remote Release unlocks the charge port (but not the car), and informs the next person in the queue they can remove the charge plugin from the indicated car. Once the charge port is closed, the released car then autopilot drives to a non-charging parking spot, informing the owner where it has moved to. Even cars without autopilot would be cool to do that.

- If I use my in-car Tesla screen to show it I am going to a Supercharger, it conditions the battery and if that location's chargers are full, adds me to the queue but at lower priority than people already present. Queue is arranged in next-to-arrive order, or even better in lowest-current-charge-and-farthest-yet-to-go. By sharing the fact that someone is about to arrive with 2% and have another 50 miles/km to go to their destination, I might agree to give up my place in the queue and have another coffee while they top up. (The Canadian option)

Even if these features are not exactly correct, I feel there is a lot of potential in the app, in the car, and in the general good-will of the Tesla community that the local Tesla network could be employed to help manage the optimal utility of the Superchargers at any location. At the very least, it would reduce the arguments when lineups start to accumulate at chargers and there are arguments as to who should go next.

Kevin | November 30, 2019

As we are currently sitting at the Supercharger in Buttonwillow, CA, where we were standing in the cold rain passing around a pad of paper to manage the queue...
I wholly support this idea!

Darthamerica | November 30, 2019

Say it ain't so! Smh

Darthamerica | November 30, 2019

Tesla could set up a queue where cars are booked into certain stalls and Superchargers based on SoC, proximity to the SC and final destination. Of course this would require the routing and waypoint option people have been asking for. First come first serve is going to struggle even more with increasing numbers of cars. Adding CSS and more Urban Chargers would help as well.

kathbone | December 2, 2019

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bp | December 3, 2019

Tesla can and should do much more to manage this through their app and onboard software.

Tesla knows how many vehicles are in the vicinity of superchargers and need charging. They know which chargers are in use and which chargers should be available. And they know how long each vehicle should take to complete their charge. Plus with access to the onboard software, they have the mechanisms to enforce reasonable supercharger usage by limiting charging or preventing vehicles from charging.

They also know how many vehicles are approaching the superchargers on navigation routing and are expected to use the superchargers.

With all of this data - and software control, there is much, much more Tesla could do - something other manufacturers will never be able to duplicate with their reliance on 3rd party fast charging networks.

Some basic features Tesla could implement:

1. When more than one charging spot is open, indicate to the driver the recommended spot(s) to use
2. When no chargers are available, implement a queuing system - and when a charger opens, notify the driver at the top of the list, providing them a reasonable time to have access to that spot by preventing other vehicles from moving to that spot
3. When vehicles are waiting for charging, provide better notification to drivers who are charging that their charging will be ending shortly (5-10 minute notice) - and when they've achieved the desired charge, turn off the charging and begin charging parking fees
4. Provide a lot more information for supercharger usage - which would include the number of vehicles waiting for spots, and the projected wait time to start charging

Also, Tesla should provide Terms and Conditions for use of the supercharging network. This has long been a weakness of Tesla's supercharging network. They've provided unlimited free charging to many of the vehicles, without providing any rules for using the chargers.

The superchargers are a shared resource - and even if a vehicle has FUSC, all drivers should agree to reasonable rules for how the superchargers should and shouldn't be used. And if drivers fail to abide by those rules, their supercharger usage should be suspended (such as preventing charging when connected or even creating "keep out" zones where their vehicles can't park.

Even if Tesla aggressively expands the number of superchargers and is able to reduce charging times with V3 superchargers, we'll always have periods when supercharger locations will be overcrowded - and unless Tesla does more to improve that experience, it could discourage potential buyers.

Earl and Nagin ... | December 3, 2019

While I agree that this would make the problem of not enough Superchargers more palatable: I suspect that, for the price of hiring programmers to develop the app, Tesla finds they can, instead, install a bunch more Superchargers.

FISHEV | December 5, 2019

Should be easy and certainly needed. We had a line up at the Washington Sq Mall that got a little dicey when an S owner with unlimited charging wanted to go to the front of the line because he was an S owner with unlimited.

Tesla could do the line up addition to the current app vs. games.

Darthamerica | December 5, 2019

The fact is that there aren't enough Superchargers. People will go there and sit as long as possible to get topped off. It's like having a bank that gives first come first serve free money. Minimally Tesla could limit the amount of charge allowed and prevent the manual override. A simple quick fix would be if all stalls are full, then charge is limited to the amount of kWh needed to reach the next SC. That would at least keep things moving during peaks. They could incrementally make it more fancy/intelligent. It might even reduce the need to build as many Superchargers and better align with Tesla's original intent that they are primarily for long distance travel.

FISHEV | December 6, 2019

"It's like having a bank that gives first come first serve free money. Minimally Tesla could limit the amount of charge allowed and prevent the manual override."

Or make the "free charging" at off hours for busy chargers. If "High Usage" then no free charging, the free chargers would pay.

It would help a lot because we see a lot of S/X owners who are just "getting their due" vs. needing a charge at the SC's.

Bond 007 | December 6, 2019

Absolutely support this idea. Actually this shouldn’t be hard or expensive at all to develop a software for this. That would be a super exclusive feature of “Tesla only” cars.

Darthamerica | December 6, 2019

At a minimum they have to cut off or limit(as suggested above) the Model 3 masses... That $hit isn't sustainable. Model S and X being the premium 100K+ cars could be handled differently since they are much lower volume and you need something to differentiate them.

bp | December 8, 2019

This isn't just a problem with superchargers - it's also a problem for destination chargers.

We were at a hotel over the weekend with two Tesla destination chargers - and 3 Tesla vehicles to charge.

If Tesla provided queue management in the onboard software and app, it could be used for both superchargers and destination chargers, and increase availability of all Tesla chargers.