Teslas Cybertruck doesnt look street legal, but pre-orders are pouring in

Teslas Cybertruck doesnt look street legal, but pre-orders are pouring in

200,000 deposits as of Sunday night, CEO Elon Musk tweets

Tesla Inc.’s “Cybertruck” may have drawn scoffs at its unveiling, and it is almost certainly not street legal, but the electric-car company still racked up $20 million during the first three days of pre-orders.

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Experts say the pickup, as of today, is more concept than production car, and it’s not street legal. The vehicle lacks side mirrors — though the government may eventually approve rear-looking cameras instead of mirrors — windshield wipers and a front bumper. And its single light bar in the front and back would not pass safety standards. There did not appear to be any turn signals or a third brake light. The tires also appear to protrude from their wheel wells, which is illegal. The pickup’s sharp angles and ultra-hard material could also be a safety issue, with no obvious crumple zones to absorb the impact of a crash, which could affect the safety not only of those inside the Cybertruck, but any vehicle or pedestrian it hits.

a' | November 25, 2019


PrescottRichard | November 25, 2019

All valid points if you look at them as ‘we don’t know if..’ However the way that article is written and the links within it sure look like someone has a short position and didn’t disclose it. When someone says it’s not street legal ask ‘who is saying this?’ When you have no source cited, and maybe I need to say - no RELIABLE, educated and relevant source, then who is saying this?

We will find out in a few or couple years. So this thread should peter out quickly. Right?

tew ms us | November 25, 2019

I agree that most of their street legal stuff can be fixed, but the crumple zone requirement looks like a problem.

andy.connor.e | November 25, 2019

Im not really that interested in reading a marketwatch article that is speculating truth. When the Model 3 was unveiled we saw 3 different iterations of the vehicle all with different wheels and paint. Theres about a 99.9% chance that the design we saw on Thursday will be the production design. Obviously they are constrained with production and knowing where to build it, but im sure they are not completely done with it.

SamO | November 25, 2019

How’s he crumple zone on an F-150 again. Think people. | November 25, 2019

I'm fairly sure bumpers not required on a truck. Also, the crumple zone would be behind the front. Consider every Tesla has a steel beam right behind the plastic bumper. When in a high-speed frontal crash the beam pushes back into the aluminum crumple zone. Cybertruck will be no different, except the "beam" is the front stainless steel. It may also be considered the bumper.

Pedestrial hits could be an issue in Europe, but again, I expect trucks are exempted from this requirement. I don't think there are any requirements in the USA. I don't see the Cybertruck as any different than any other large pickup. Not healthy to hit a pedestrian in any of these vehicles.

I guess Tesla could make a vehicle out of tissue paper to protect those that run into your vehicle. I'd prefer stainless-steel to protect myself and family.

Side mirrors will be needed. Should be fairly easy to add.

Ehninger1212 | November 25, 2019

I pretty sure whoever wrote this did not really examine the truck very well. I can clearly see a front and rear bumper. The front one just doesn't protrude very much.

There are tow smaller red tail lights on the back half of the truck towards the bumper. This makes THREE rear taillights. A third brake light doesn't have to be small and wimpy.

Clearly there are front blinker/side marker lights. They are just thin and well integrated. In the photo you can even see DOT lights on top of the cab for width requirements. The raptor famously integrated these into the grille.

Also the tire thing? I'm sure this is an issue in some states. But here in Texas tons of tires stick out way wider than these. Especially those fancy chariot looking rims you see in most rap videos. haha.

I dont see why the single bar light would not work. There is also two lower lights you can see in the videos. This makes 3.

As for the side mirrors. I would imagine Elon is holding out for cameras. which would be SWEET!

Crumple zones? i mean.. i sure the thickness of the stainless steel up front would still crumple more than an engine block.

These types of articles are just a bunch of ignorant hate.

While i don't doubt the design will get tweaked some. i think we are actually looking at an extremely well thought out prototype very close to production ready.

tew ms us | November 25, 2019

The F-150 has a front crumple zone. I haven't found an NHTSA requirement for crumple zones, though. | November 25, 2019

There is no requirement for the crumple zone, but it can greatly affect the crash ratings. I wouldn't be surprised if the Cybertruck is the first truck to get a 5-star crash rating in every category. Tesla always strives for it, and so far they've got it.

andy.connor.e | November 25, 2019

What is this talk about crumple zone. What ICEV has a frunk? How is that not crumple zone?

sbeggs | November 25, 2019

It's The Crump!

andy.connor.e | November 25, 2019

Make America Crump Again!? | November 25, 2019

@andy - the best laugh of the day!

PrescottRichard | November 25, 2019

In a way I see the $100 deposit as a way to survey prospective buyers to see if they approve of the design as it is so much of a departure from the ‘norm.’

200k people have paid $100 to say YES, do this. Or something like this.

Whatever comes out in the next couple / few years it will certainly comply with whichever regulations are in force at that time and it will resemble what was revealed at the event because 200k+ voices have spoken.

That’s how I look at it anyway, another opinion in a pile of them I know.

Look up MadTV’s Crump videos on YouTube if you get a chance, ‘cause those skits are stuck in my head now.

Ehninger1212 | November 25, 2019

I woulda put down $100 even if non refundable.. heck i would given him $1000

BadgerErickson | November 25, 2019

MOST Law Enforcement agencies in EVERY County of the United States have MRAPs for their SWAT teams. Actual armored up vehicles that make the CT look normal, naysayers please go away.

"Street legal"? Pfffft,....pased inspections.....

N6JRA | November 25, 2019

The third brake light, and rear dot lights are intergraded into the rear red led. Just more Tesla hate.

SO | November 25, 2019

I was excited for the Model 3 to make it into patrol cars. But honestly the CyberTruck would be absolutely amazing for this purpose.

spuzzz123 | November 25, 2019

Do you guys think when we chose our preference (Single motor, dual, trimotor) that we are actually committed to that? As I recall with the 3 we specified some kind of initial preference but once invited to configure it was a clean slate. I thought they were just collecting some high level preference data. | November 25, 2019

@spuzzz123 - Yep, I expect it is just a preference choice right now to get a feeling on demand of each variant.

jordanrichard | November 25, 2019

By law, pickup trucks don’t require rear bumpers since there are no passengers back there.

As for this not being street legal. Whoever said it was supposed to be. Tesla never said this was an unveiling of a production version of the car. Also just a bit of history, the original Model X prototype didn’t have side mirrors either. The Roadster didn’t have side mirrors when revealed. Hell, even the Audi E-Tron was first displayed without mirrors. So why this is lack of roadworthiness is being brought up about the Cybrtrk, I don’t understand except to create clicks.

Wormtown Kris | November 25, 2019

@spuzzz123: Last Thursday, I scrolled through the 3 options and hit Order. I hadn't realized at the time that the Tri-Motor was toggled on. When my reservation finally posted the next morning, I realized I had "picked" the wrong option and then edited my reservation. I'd imagine we can change around right up until we submit our final order. If you recall, many Model 3 owners flipped to the initial configuration LR RWD because they didn't want to wait for their original selection. When your number "comes up", you should have the option of configuring and ordering any option that is currently in production.

nukequazar | November 25, 2019

Of course it’s not street legal. It’s a prototype, 2-3 years from production. This is a silly argument.

NKYTA | November 25, 2019

Thanks Big Oil.

NKYTA | November 25, 2019


DonS | November 27, 2019

It seems like a lot of reservations, but at $100, it cannot be compared to previous vehicles with a $1000 deposit, or especially the $5000 deposit from back in 2013.

Mark K | November 27, 2019

With nearly 6 billion in the bank now, they don’t need the capital this time around.

At 100 bucks, it’s the right-sized filter and litmus test to gauge demand.

Nobody who doesn’t like it would put any money toward it, so those 250K preorders are authentic demand.

andy.connor.e | November 27, 2019

They built the truck in 2 weeks. Its not the production model, just like the Model 3 unveil in 2016 was not the production model. There were actually 3 variations. If you watch the M3 unveil again, look at the door handles. One of the M3's has Model S handles. I guess you just have to pick at everything thats different because i dont like.

Ross1 | November 28, 2019

The goal of this series is to examine current topics being written about Tesla [TSLA] that appear to be stirring up “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” (or FUD). The plan is to try to provide reasonable analysis about the validity of the claims. I generally do not link to the articles that “inspire” me to write this, as I do not wish to reward analysis I feel is poor with increased traffic. However, I will freely admit that my analysis may contain incorrect assumptions, and will do my best to acknowledge them in future articles.

The Cybertruck rolled out, looking like nothing else ever seen. Seemingly before the event ended, detractors were stating it couldn’t be built without extreme modifications. Can it?

hcwhy | November 28, 2019

Huge CT fan here, but having no workable center mirror when the sliding door over the bed is closed is another factor that would make me consider opting for a somewhat more traditional layout of the bed, were that an option ....while keeping the awesome look of the truck, of course.

SamO | November 28, 2019

Center mirror is a camera

SamO | November 28, 2019

Actually a digital screen.

hcwhy | November 28, 2019

I hope it's where the mirror normally is....I fine rearward vision on the main screen distracting and unpleasant.

chwhiteiii | November 28, 2019

Wait, there are cameras that replace the need for mirrors.

Wormtown Kris | November 28, 2019

The rearview camera is located top center of the windshield, just like any rearview mirror. | November 29, 2019

There is a rectangular display where the typical rearview mirror is inside the cabin. Not quite sure where the camera is, likely at the peak of the roof facing backward? I can't see any other location that makes sense (i.e. tailgate could be down, and rear bumper may be too low and obscured if the tailgate is down. The camera location is somewhat complex, as you don't want water/snow to collect on the lens.

I'm sure Tesla will make it work and fit any needed regulations.