Has anyone gotten their car BEFORE appt date?

Has anyone gotten their car BEFORE appt date?

Just got a call from Tesla. My car is scheduled for delivery on Dec 18th. But the rep says it’s possible it could come sooner than that. Has anyone gotten their cars before (or after) their scheduled delivery date?

FISHEV | December 5, 2019

Mine was a week early but that was in the 2nd qt. when Tesla was making a big push to get the numbers and profits up.

Delivery was supposed to be three weeks but was one week.

robertfitt | December 5, 2019

Mine was available 4 day early

1LuckyGuy | December 5, 2019

I haven’t even gotten the VIN yet 13 days out. I live in so cal near the 10 fwy and I’m seeing lots of new ones on the trucks. The dark gray wheels on the performance looks amazing. I can’t wait!

vmulla | December 5, 2019

Yes. I got my car about 2 weeks earlier than anticipated. Tesla worked with my wife to have the car delivered ahead of my birthday. That was in early 2018.

nunyabiz | December 5, 2019

3 days early

rob | December 5, 2019

Yes, 2 days early. But I wanted to pick it up on Sat instead of waiting for delivery on Monday.

Teslanene | December 5, 2019

I got mine last year on December 24th, 2 weeks late. Appt doesn’t mean anything until you get a VIN number.

Nakid | December 5, 2019

About a week earlier than projected. However, I'm sure mine had a lot to do with the desire to show maximum 3rd qtr deliveries. Mine was delivered 30 Sep 2018 after being ordered 11 Aug (I think).

jebinc | December 5, 2019

Eight days from factory order to taking possession. That was back in late June.

pml9801 | December 6, 2019

I ordered mine on Oct. 18, 2019, pretty much the day the delivery time when from 2 weeks to 6-10 weeks. A couple of weeks ago, the message changed to "drafting your contract", but I have not been contacted. Has anyone received their car who ordered around the same date as me?

mjvassel | December 6, 2019

I ordered mine a week ago. I got a text today that the delivery date is Dec 23rd. My rep at the dealership says it will probably happen before that. I hope so!

apodbdrs | December 8, 2019

Yes, both M3s were early, first LR rear motor in June 2018 and the second LR dual motor in July 2019.

Scrannel | December 8, 2019

My Performance was early.

Tronguy | December 8, 2019

The SO's M3 RWD LR was guaranteed delivery before January of 2019 when it was ordered in early September 2018. We got it two weeks later :). We were actually scheduled for a long, two-week opposite coast vacation a day after the proposed delivery date. A request to get it a little later was met with, "You do that, and you'll be lucky to get it before Christmas." We took delivery, took it home, packed, and left the next morning :).

Sarah R | December 8, 2019

Channeling Morpheus:

"What is early? Define early?"

When I ordered the car, the web site said 2 weeks
2 days later it said 4-6 weeks then 6-10 weeks. Actual delivery took 5 weeks. Once I finally had a VIN, I made an appointment for the daddy after Thanksgiving. I had hoped to take my boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner in it, so I went to my Tesla store and begged. The delivery was moved up two days so I got the car the day before Thanksgiving.

So ... three weeks late, or two days early? You pick.

Scrannel | December 8, 2019

I called the "showroom" in Topanga/Woodland Hills, Ca. Chatted about colors and since that light silver was no longer avail, asked if could get me a white/white performance with AP. Said yes, in five days could take delivery at Marine del Rey. Did deal that day. Then they called to say could be ready in three days. But I pushed to four as I was busy. That's what I meant by early.

kevin_rf | December 9, 2019

My delivery date was 9/13/2018, picked it up 9/7/2018 Been driving it ever since.

When I configured in May 2018, the listed delivery would be October or November.

shank15217 | December 9, 2019

@FISHEV yea I'm sure, your employer got the car a couple of weeks early. Loser

NorthValley | December 9, 2019

Tesla just called me 5 mins ago and told me my delivery for my Pearl White Performance with black/white interior scheduled for 11am on 12/17 wont happen...instead the car is ready to collect today in the afternoon! Woohoo!

dangerl7e | December 9, 2019

Yep, my delivery was scheduled on the last day before the tax incentive would get cut in half (it was June 28th 2019), but they called me the day before that and offered to pick it up. I agreed. They even called an Uber for me to pick me up from work. Happy with the servicce

24challenger | December 9, 2019

4 Days early

Kary993 | December 9, 2019

I got mine 4 days after ordering it and they offered to delivery two earlier if I wanted, that is delivered to my house.

Effopec | December 9, 2019

Mine was a few days early, but that was 13 months ago. I'd guess they give a few days for minor tweaks at the service center. If the car comes in perfect they let you know you can pick it up.