Colorado Springs supercharger closing indefinitely 1/1/20

Colorado Springs supercharger closing indefinitely 1/1/20

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denver SC to Trinidad SC > 200 miles
SR and SR+ will be challenged to travel through CO in the winter

gorillasooner | December 5, 2019


jimglas | December 5, 2019

no reason given

GHammer | December 5, 2019

Some dispute between the city and Tesla. I'm guessing it will get resolved.

jimglas | December 5, 2019

a lot of construction nearby
I wondered if it had to do with that

NKYTA | December 5, 2019

More pot available ext door to the SC in Trinidad?


jimglas | December 6, 2019

very true

nluallen763 | January 6, 2020

According to a CO Spring EV website ( the closure signs should have been taken down by now as Tesla supposedly paid their bills. Can anyone in the local area confirm this? I use that supercharger about monthly so I really hope it doesn't actually go away!