Cybertruck schedule changed

Cybertruck schedule changed

Tri motor is now first production, end 2021. Single motor is now pushed out to 2022.

jimglas | December 7, 2019

not a surprise
It makes sense to produce the model with the highest margin first
Just like roadster -> MS -> MX -> M3

Passion2Fly | December 7, 2019

I was thinking that the LR truck might be using a new battery and/or powertrain. Hence the delay...

hcwhy | December 7, 2019

I hope we'll be able to change our configurations without losing our places in line.

ernie | December 7, 2019

Same as with the MX, by ordering the P model, I got mine in 4 months. You don't want to be number 00000019, however IMO. I have most of the kinks out of min and just today rolled past 56K miles on VIN # 516.

First, I had to have AWD due to hills and terrain I work around and on. Next I needed range. 300 miles sounds like a lot, but it is not. I started out with 245 on my X and it has lost 15% and I can no longer rely on it for trips as in reality in cold weather I better be at a charger in 150 miles...and my wife hates that. With 500 miles advertised, the reality will be you better be at a charger in 400 which my goodness is plenty of range and is a greater distance than my bladder could cope with.

acesman | December 7, 2019

I'm with hcwhy on this. When I ordered the single motor, Delivery was important. Now that it's going to be pushed out another year, Plus with how long it will take to get to order # 150,000+, I would hope we'd be given the option of switching to a dual motor, near the time they start being mass-produced.

ernie | December 7, 2019

@acesman, why not trying to switch it now...I think you can.

lilbean | December 8, 2019

It says on the website that changing configuration may delay delivery. I'm guessing you will lose your place in line. Seems fair to me.

ernie | December 8, 2019

I would think that changing to a tri-motor version would not lose any position and probably move you up if you went from a single motor....

lilbean | December 8, 2019

Do you think they should cut in front of those already in line for the tri motor? I say no cuts, no butts, no coconuts! :)

Tropopause | December 8, 2019

I think reservation holders will be advised when their number comes up and asked to choose the version they want to order.

sbeggs | December 8, 2019

I agree with @Tropopause.

hcwhy | December 11, 2019

Big thumbs up to Tropopause...thumbs down to lilbean

andy.connor.e | December 11, 2019

I think they are saying the same thing. Frog insurance right?

nipper2 | December 12, 2019

I reserved one of each

SO | December 12, 2019

It may delay possibly due to what you change it to. IE, I’d you change it to single, you will delay your delivery.

And if even going from the single to the tri delays delivery, the sooner you make the switch the better.

pfry10 | December 12, 2019

I did the same thing as @nipper2, however, by accident.

I placed my original order on unveil night and when there were website issues and my order wasn't going through, I tried it again, which then went through. The next day I saw I had 2 reservation emails. I initially ordered the dual motor version and when I saw I had a 2nd reservation, I changed that one from a dual to a tri-motor. Since the tri was planning on coming out a year after the dual, I thought to purchase the dual and then trade/sell it once my reservation for the tri-motor came through.

jobrien1022 | December 12, 2019

Is there any way we can find out that if we change our order from single motor to double, do we loose our spot in line.

TabascoGuy | December 12, 2019

I would think if you make a change to your order and the reservation number stays the same, you maintain your place in line. If the reservation number changes, you're moved to the end of the line, or, wherever the new number places you.

Wormtown Kris | December 12, 2019

To date Tesla has always started production with a single configuration on a new model. (With the Model 3, it was the LR RWD). Historically, when "your number came up," Tesla would send you an invitation to order, with the caveat that there is only that option, or if you were further down in the queue, "these options" available at that given time. So regardless of what your reservation said, you could opt to change and get the currently produced vehicle(s) and order on the spot. Or you could wait, and order when "your" option started production.
With the Model 3, lots or SR reservations flipped so people could get their cars much sooner, or capture the $7500 tax rebate, etc. People who definitely wanted a P, or white interior, or other options chose to wait. Once you have an invitation to order, it doesn't expire, so as soon as you decide to order a new configuration option, or change your mind and order the first variation, you are free to do so.
We don't *know" this will happen again, but I'd expect it to work in a similar way with the CT. Your selection on the initial reservation is more for guidance to let Tesla know what the public wants.

matthanrath58 | December 12, 2019

I specifically ordered the single motor version because that was said to be the one manufactured first.
To be fair for those that wanted the cyber truck the soonest by keeping their ordered spot and be given the option to upgrade to the NEW "first version" to be manufactured without extra penalty charges of $500 for each change.
Fair is Fair ... Yes?

Wormtown Kris | December 12, 2019

Pretty sure you will have your place in line, and when it's "your turn" to configure, you will at that point have first crack at ordering whatever choices are available at that time, or waiting for another, future configuration.

dkparins | December 13, 2019

I switched from RWD to AWD and my order number stayed the same. This suggests that the comments above to the effect that your number represents your place in line are probably correct.

Maxxer | December 13, 2019

Waited 3 years for my Model 3
Will wait 3 years for my CT

sgabrie8544 | December 14, 2019

I switched from RWD to AWD and my order number stayed the same. This suggests that the comments above to the effect that your number represents your place in line are probably correct.

Just did the same thing.

BadgerErickson | December 17, 2019

I've waited my whole life for this truck, a few more years won't hurt!?!

matthanrath58 | December 17, 2019

Yes this CB is the way everything should be engineered to last as long as possible not engineered to have it made to be obsolete for regenerating profit margins.