Will the Tesla Cybertruck fit in my garage?

Will the Tesla Cybertruck fit in my garage?

Most standard residential garages are 20' deep. The garage in this video is 21' This truck is big and may require some advanced planning for a 20' garage.

Atom12 | December 8, 2019

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sbeggs | December 8, 2019

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How did they do this???

jordanrichard | December 8, 2019

Well, find the length of the regular F-150 and work with that. Though Elon said that between now and production, they may make some changes in size, but nothing that would affect the cargo capacity.

Not that I will be ordering one, but I know that one would not fit in my garage length wise. My garage is 19 feet long and my MS is 16 feet. So after pulling in enough so that the garage door handle doesn’t hit the rear bumper, room for me to stand behind the car to get stuff out of the rear trunk, leaves about 2 feet between the front bumper and the wall. So I can forget about getting a F-150 size truck in my garage and still be able to move around the truck.