Does Tesla navigation Use HOV Lanes?

Does Tesla navigation Use HOV Lanes?

I just got my Model S 2 days ago (Dec 9 2019). I enabled the "Use HOV Lane" option in the map but it never re-routes to actually show routes using HOV lanes. I also live in the DC/VA area so HOV lanes (on I-95) turn 1h30m drives into 35min drives.

I end up having to pull up Waze or Google maps on my phone to see a route that takes an entrance to the HOV lanes. | December 11, 2019

I believe currently it means it will consider the HOA lane as a usable lane when your HOA option is on. If off, it will never switch into the HOA lane. I don't believe it has any effect on navigation.

TranzNDance | December 11, 2019

Do the HOV lanes differ greatly from the regular lanes?

The nav is able to handle when the carpool lane continues on the far left lane when the direction for regular lanes would go toward the right.

TranzNDance | December 11, 2019

It also calculates destination time based on using HOV based on my experience.

Tesla2018 | December 11, 2019

When I had HOA lan turned off and used the turn signal to turn out of the lane, the car freaked since I95 in So FL has 2 dotted lines next to each other for the HOV lanes. The car started going left and then realized the second set of lines and went back or buzzed. But a month later when I had it set for HOV lanes, it changed out of the HOV lane without a problem.

russell120k | December 12, 2019

Strange. In the DC/northern VA area the HOV lanes are separated from the normal highway with concrete dividers and are only accessible/exited via ramps. You can’t just switch lanes into it (or else you’d crash into a wall).

@TranzNDance they do differ greatly.

EVRider | December 12, 2019

@Tesla2018: I also live in SE FL and have experienced issues using auto lane change to enter or exit an HOV lane, because of the double dashed lane markers. Same issues in both my old AP1 Model S and my current EAP Model S and Model 3. I think this has improved in recent updates.

The “use HOV lane” setting only affects navigation, not regular auto lane changes.

TranzNDance | December 12, 2019

I experienced the designated entrances and exits in Southern California. There was no wall and it was still possible to cross the lane, but it was highly discouraged. The Tesla NAV did not help in letting me know when to enter or exit the HOV lane. It wasn't a big deal for entering since I could see them. I wasn't sure when to exit the HOV lane in order to have enough time to make it to the freeway exit, yet minimize time sitting in non-HOV traffic. That would be a useful function.

CoinFitz | December 12, 2019

My 2015 S directed me to the HOV lane on I-10 in Phoenix a couple of nights ago (outside HOV hours - here the HOV lane is only HOV 0600-0900 and 1500-1900 Mon-Fri, otherwise, it's just lane #1). Gmaps and Waze never point me to any HOV lanes.