FSD Upgrade Cost

FSD Upgrade Cost

I purchased the FSD upgrade when it was discounted to $3k. Now that I have it the purchase price is gone from my account page. Just curious if the cost went back up to full price for those who did not get it at the $3K or $2k price.

Passion2Fly | December 12, 2019

It’s $4k now.

Bruno442 | December 12, 2019


rehutton777 | December 13, 2019

For those of us without AP or FSD, to get FSD would now cost $10K ($3000 for AP, and then another $7K for FSD). It recently increased in cost by $1K). Not worth it for me - - I enjoy driving the car myself too much, don't need to have the car "self-drive". I'll invest the $10K and use it to upgrade when FSD finally becomes more established.