LAPD Catching Up

LAPD Catching Up

Los Angeles Police Dept. (Hollywood Division) just started testing out Tesla police cruisers. Love to see how this works out - - shouldn't have problems catching the bad guys! Any other police departments running Teslas?

Sarah R | December 13, 2019

Abomination! Such a beautiful vehicle should never suffer such evil!

rob | December 13, 2019

I hope they don't get over the air performance updates.

Bighorn | December 13, 2019

Many examples worldwide.

jimglas | December 13, 2019

wouldnt lose any range while sitting stopped on the freeway in a traffic jam

don.lind | December 13, 2019

@Jim - well, if the A/C is on, that's energy use even in a traffic jam. Same with the car just being powered on... computers running using juice...

But yeah, way better than idling engines pumping out exhaust....

I do, though, cringe at the thought of performing a pit maneuver with a tesla... I guess they'd fit a big "push bumper" on the front that would protect the sides a bit... or something... I'm guessing... I'll shut up now. heh.

jimglas | December 13, 2019

solid state computer and the screen doesnt use much juice
if you need AC, roll down the window
(i know, that takes juice also)

stingray.don | December 13, 2019

Range won’t be an issue as long as there are destination chargers at the local donut shop. ;)

steveishere | December 13, 2019

>> Any other police departments running Teslas?

Fremont been doing that for a while... for obvious reasons... :)

Tesla2018 | December 13, 2019

K9 units could always use Dog Mode

Shesmyne2 | December 13, 2019

What with the ridiculous amounts of car chases in LA this could be rather entertaining.

Still Grinning ;-)