Side mirror 'loose' then working

Side mirror 'loose' then working

On the drive home last night (after dark) noticed that my driver side mirror did not unfold. When I got home, I handled it and found it moved freely (not full motion, but an inch or two). I have a USB drive and the sentry mode, so was able to look for any possible impacts. There were none, and the last sentry video should the mirror properly tucked in. The dash cam video of the drive home (side display) showed the mirror out a bit (not fully extended) for the entire trip.

This morning I start the car, the mirror extends properly, everything appears fine. In the daylight I look for scratches/dings, nothing.

Anyone experienced this before? 2019 model 3 performance

Teslanene | December 13, 2019

Similar scenario once, but I got hit by a door. Sentry didn’t catch it but the owner told me.

mmanis | December 13, 2019

Hi, I've experienced it a couple of times. It always worked again the next time I got back in the car. I live in NY and since its cold I leave my mirrors extended now.

mmanis | December 13, 2019

Oh, and I have the LR AWD.

jgustoso | December 13, 2019

Hasn’t happened to me yet, but If you don’t think it was hit, try doing a bug report a few times.

jgustoso | December 13, 2019

Hasn’t happened to me yet, but If you don’t think it was hit, try doing a bug report a few times.

rsingh05 | December 13, 2019

@blackz06vette - yes, happened twice in over a year of ownership. It's generally because the mirror unfolding got interrupted when the car unlocked. Don't remember how it got interrupted since its not a common occurrence.

The remedy for me was to get out of the car. Lock it, and then unlock it again using the app.

Also exact model (3P or otherwise) doesn't have any bearing on this.

RichardKJ | December 14, 2019

I've had the mirror fail to unfold or partially unfold a couple of times.. I never tried moving it manually. I just hit fold and then unfold on the screen and all was well.

dave | December 14, 2019

This has happened to me a couple times, most recently the other day when the car was parked in a garage in below-freezing temperatures. The latest email, which I found on my Tesla app today, talks about not folding the mirrors during some winter weather.
Does anybody know if there is a way to completely unfold the mirror while driving? I discovered that my driver side mirror was not completely folded while merging onto the highway. I opened the window and tried to physically reset it, but it would not lock into place. The mirror was physically close to being fully opened, and I was able to adjust the mirror from the screen control enough that it was functional.

blackz06vette | December 18, 2019

Has happened again, so I am less worried that this was caused by someone hitting it. This time noticed (still at night) before leaving work parking lot. Hitting the fold/unfold button on the center display 'fixed' the issue.

andy | December 18, 2019

Had this happen in cold weather after driving a lot in standard UK grit salt conditions. After next clean it stopped.

I thought it might be deliberate in software as the left (passenger) side wouldn’t unfold when close to objects.

Simple solution was to use the dashboard option to refold the mirrors and then press again to unfold. I may have moved the car before doing so as well.

I don’t know is if it is a deliberate feature, whether the side pillar was clean enough or whether there was slight friction from the grit salt. Trust it’s nothing to do with the salt as that is what our roads are covered with for several months of the year.