Locked out of Schedule Service

Locked out of Schedule Service

This may take a bit to explain. My new Model X was delivered on 12/5/19. The next day when I looked at the Tesla App I discovered that if I tap the "Schedule Service" link, there was what I'll call a "phantom" appointment (that I did not make) for service on 12/4/19??? Unfortunately, there is no way to cancel that appointment and apparently I can't schedule another appointment until the phantom appointment is ether closed out or canceled.

Since making this discovery I have tried a number of approaches to get the problem fixed.

1. I’ve searched to see if anyone else had had this problem and then fixed it, but found nothing similar.

2. I contacted the Sales rep I worked with at the Lennox Mall Tesla Store. He said he would contact the Decatur Service Center and take care of the problem, but apparently was unable to do so.

3. I contacted the Decatur Service Center. They could not find a record of the phantom appointment and were unable to delete it.

4. On 12/13/2019 I contacted a Tesla Support Specialist using Tesla Support chat. He said he would contact the Decatur Service Center and that it would be fixed by the next day.

None of these approaches has succeeded in fixing the problem and I'm really at a loss as to what to do. Any suggestions are welcome.

mail | December 16, 2019

Unfortunately, I have the same problem now. I see it's been long since your one. Have you found the solution? What should I do?

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symbiodin | December 16, 2019

Just a follow up. The problem is finally solved, but I'm not sure if it was the support chat or the second time I contacted a person at the Tesla Store. Whatever, at least I can now set-up service if I need it. (-;{

The good news is that is can be fixed if you're persistent and don't get overly upset with the Tesla personnel.