Please don't leave trash at Tesla Super Chargers

Please don't leave trash at Tesla Super Chargers

I noticed lately more and more trash on the ground at Tesla Superchargers. Is it because there are no trash cans in the immediate area of the superchargers? Why, do some people feel like they just have to dump their soft drink containers, empty meal bags/boxes and napkins on the ground. If people take the time to look there are plenty of trash cans within walking distance. I have seen in my state as well as other states, so it isn't confined to just a charger I visit nearby. Please help keep the Tesla Superchargers areas clean; I don't work for Tesla, I am just a another Tesla car owner.

vmulla | December 29, 2019


billtphotoman | December 29, 2019

+1 on this, littering in general and not making coffee at work when you nearly empty the pot. Finally I would add roll up and hang the L2 destination charger cable when done with it.

Sarah R | December 29, 2019


If your parents raised you right, you don't need to be told this. If you're raising your own children right, they won't need to be told this.

If you're on board with the Tesla mission of sustainable energy, you'll understand intuitively that if you're leaving trash at the Supercharger, local authorities will insist that Tesla contract for services. This will increase costs and make your EV more expensive.

If you're all in on a cleaner environment, this is a "no-brainer".

Hear your own mother's voice: Clean up this mess! I don't care who made it, clean it up!

gballant4570 | December 29, 2019

I would think that as a general rule, Tesla owners would not be the kind of people who trash a place up. I certainly could be wrong, but I hope I am not. The Mission is all about the possibility that humanity might be able to avoid drowning in our own waste stream.
As well as advocating for EV ownership, I also advocate for the elimination of single use plastics, and the reduction of the kind of packaging and containers that the OP mentions. Any that cannot be eliminated must be recyclable, and therefore recycled. The entire Tesla community should be squarely on board with this approach.

Pg3ibew | December 29, 2019

@bill, speaking of level 2 chargers, I was at a Smart Charge in Whole Foods in Brooklyn. O man, it was a disaster. The twin ports were all tangled together. To the point, I had to stand there and untangle them. Them when I finally untangled them, the side I was on was not working. I had to move the car. Lol.

Magic 8 Ball | December 29, 2019

Lead by example. Got a few minutes to spare? Get a bag and start picking up trash. What you say, not my trash to pick up, well alrighty then.

Leave the spot cleaner than when you found it.

vmulla | December 29, 2019

What I shared in another thread:

Trash at Superchargers:
Some of the Supercharing sites were littered badly (pictures below). It is one thing to see trash at a site, and its another sad level when you see a trash can just paces away. I'll say this - your vanity plate with a green message means nothing if you do not care enough to keep the charging site clean.

Magic 8 Ball | December 29, 2019

Somehow I don't think people that leave trash really care about what others request.

Jtwo | December 29, 2019

People suck

apodbdrs | December 29, 2019

Maybe we should start by posting videos of these people littering?

detayls | December 29, 2019


Magic 8 Ball | December 29, 2019

Internet shaming is a thing, not sure how effective it is but I am seeing more of it. I stopped using nextdoor because of how extreme the shaming has gotten on that site.

Tesla2018 | December 29, 2019

They dont have trash cans at most superchargers. I bring a small plastic bag and put my old coffee cups, soda cans and McDonald's in the center console. It holds a lot of stuff and then I dump it at home or in a trash bin at the next place I stop at.

Spartan24 | December 29, 2019

I thought it was really strange they don’t have trash cans at super charger but more I thought about it, perhaps that kind of logistics is so variable considering the variability in which company they rent that space from? I originally felt inconvenienced because many times the nearest trash is actually a decent hike if I didn’t plan to do more than get out and stretch. But Tesla paying for garbage removal in someone else’s lot is probably an expense none of us wants them to take on in these days they’re trying to make the company viable.

Big_Ed | December 29, 2019

Cities and towns learned a long time ago that the best way to prevent trash in the streets is to provide public trash cans. If Tesla hasn't figured this out yet, they will.

Magic 8 Ball | December 29, 2019

Leaving trash on the ground creates jobs for trash picker uppers, that's what the sub-contractors I hired told me anyway. (roll eyes)

TexasBob | December 29, 2019

And while you are at it... PICK UP YOUR PET'S POOP. We brought our dogs on a trip and were appalled by the amount of pet waste around the superchargers. Bring bags. Pick it up. Throw it away. Seriously.

yudansha™ | December 29, 2019

It is the same everywhere. Parking lots, movie theaters, airplanes, beaches, parks. I don't expect anybody to clean after themselves; I just grab a bag or two and pick up the trash; not private places of course, but on the beach and parks.

yudansha™ | December 29, 2019

@Big_Ed You can hardly find any trash cans in the streets of Singapore. People just don't litter.

2015P90DI | December 29, 2019

I always take the long hike to find a trash can myself, but as has been stated in the past, would be nice if all superchargers had trash cans close by. At some places, they are quite far from the actual chargers.

Common sense tells you, people are sitting around with not much to do for 30+ minutes, the lazy ones won't take a long walk to find a trash can. Certainly not a "requirement", but a trash can among the superchargers would certainly make it unlikely that people would clean out their cars and dump everything on the ground.

Magic 8 Ball | December 29, 2019

Apparently you have not really explored Singapore. Walk around after 11 pm and trash starts to build up quickly, especially the flyers for hookers. The difference is they have many people that are employed to pick up garbage.

Keithdorschner | December 29, 2019

A trash can at super chargers would need to be emptied. Who would pay? Why we would! So why not be an adult and take your trash with you? And if you see trash, again, be an adult and pick it up. Picking up someone else’s trash can be satisfying and profitable too. Got disgusted once with a parking lot so decided to pick up the litter myself. Found a $20 bill!

apodbdrs | December 29, 2019

I am pretty sure Tesla is only responsible for installing and maintaining the chargers and that they are are in working order, but not the areas. Most locations are owned and maintained by malls, businesses, etc. The charger(s) have a phone number to call if they are not working.

bp | December 29, 2019

Just don’t litter in general, anywhere.

vmulla | December 29, 2019

Superchargers have one purpose - to facilitate long distance travel. I don't think Tesla needs to take responsibility for anything beyond the charging.

Would a Supercharger convenience fee be ok? Someone would have to pay for trash pickup, I don't think it's should be Tesla. I'd rather Tesla put their efforts on building more chargers. Also, enough gas stations/convenience stores are eager to serve Tesla customers, they have trash cans and other facilities - the facilities at those locations are a bonus for Tesla customers in my opinion, not something that customers should expect from Tesla.

Big_Ed | December 29, 2019

If everyone did what they should, we wouldn't be having this conversation. But here we are.

Cactusone | December 29, 2019

Maybe you a program like Adopt-a-Highway program would be a solution...or give that person holding a sign for donations a job..

Cactusone | December 29, 2019

Maybe you a program like Adopt-a-Highway program would be a solution...or give that person holding a sign for donations a job..

johnw | December 29, 2019

Most Wisconsin superchargers now have trash cans that were donated by one of the Wisconsin Tesla Owners members and they worked out an agreement with the local businesses to empty them. It's working fairly well though sometimes the trash overflows.

CST | December 29, 2019

Why do people feel like they should be throwing their trash somewhere at a supercharger? I do that at my house or the destination I'm traveling to. Tesla has no obligation to provide trash services mid-route.

andy.connor.e | December 29, 2019

I dont stop at superchargers, but if i ever do stop and there are not trashcans, the trash was already in my car. For whatever reason i have the ability to wait until i find a trashcan.

kevin_rf | December 29, 2019

I've more than once walked liter to the nearest trashcan at an SC. Annoys the heck out of me.

FISHEV | December 29, 2019

I use SC's all the time and owners treat them well with no trash. If you see trash, pick it up. Easy fix for minor problem.

Big_Ed | December 29, 2019

Has nothing to do with obligation. Has to do with brand management. Clean, safe, well maintained SCs are part of the company image and help to sell cars.

Pull into any Wawa, Speedway, or other large corporate gas station chain. Next to each pump you will find a large trash can, a paper towel dispenser, and a window squeegee and glass cleaner. These companies know from experience that when drivers stop to fuel up, they like to clean out their cars. Rather silly to think Tesla drivers are different.

Magic 8 Ball | December 29, 2019

Large corporate gas stations have marts attached, with attendants, that sell all the junk with wrappings that are making into bins. It is an obligation for them to provide refuse containers for the garbage they sell. The SC's have no services that sell the garbage that people want to throw away.

Pack it in and pack it back out.

vmulla | December 29, 2019

Tesla has taken many steps in making the entire travel experience nicer - I keep hearing about kettleman SC, clearly that's the shining example of Tesla working in that direction.
Once we've accepted that Tesla is working in the right direction, then it's a matter of accepting that Tesla can't make the change across all SCs at the same time. Tesla's obligation is to facilitate travel - the community has to do it's own part in making travel nicer.

taronwalton1 | December 29, 2019


David N | December 29, 2019

Why do people litter?
The majority do it unconsciously, they just do it without thinking of what they are doing.
They most likely were never taught to not litter by their parents. Now they are adults, have cars and litter.
Fortunately, I believe the number that litter is actually pretty small.

Varricks | December 30, 2019

I asked at a supercharger, which is on the grounds of a pretty large gas and truck refueling station, about getting a trash can for the charger area. They were very nice about it, but said Tesla leases the land the chargers are on and would have to be the ones to deal with emptying them.

So I'm with 8-Balls. Besides shining my tires, washing the glass and taking out my own car's trash, I police the area around the chargers and walk it to the trash cans. Hardly a big deal.

Joe M | December 30, 2019

Interesting how some of the dog owners bag their dogs poop and then just leave the bag. That would indicate they know the right thing to do. Maybe it’s an entitlement thing, maybe they are hinting to the “people in charge”. No matter I am sure to the guy who picks it up and the general public who do not own Tesla’s it is pretty bad PR.

Magic 8 Ball | December 30, 2019

@Joe M I am not sure I understand your post. It is a thing that people bag it and leave it, which is disgusting and bizarre, but who's PR are you talking about? The dog poop issue is a people issue and nothing to do with Tesla.

andy.connor.e | December 30, 2019

Trash on the ground is not a result of poor management. Its a result of poor decisions.

yudansha™ | December 30, 2019

Why there are not many trash cans in Japan and it’s still clean? Maybe we need to promote cleanliness from the early age. Not only at home but also at school/work and constantly remind people about it.

Joe M | December 30, 2019


To the rest of the world the person driving the Tesla is seen as Tesla. Right or wrong every day behind the wheel you/we represent Tesla.

Magic 8 Ball | December 30, 2019

@Joe M Ah, good point. I have seen the inferences here that Tesla people should be "better" than most people but I have no delusions on that at all. I loathe the idea that because someone owns a Tesla they should behave a certain or better way.

When it comes to picking up trash or leaving a spot better/cleaner than when you first arrived it does not matter what you drive, wear on your wrist, put on your feet: the concept is not Tesla specific.

WW_spb | December 30, 2019

Lack of class, parents never thought them and most often people just don't care. Very sad

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | December 30, 2019


“I loathe the idea that because someone owns a Tesla they should behave a certain or better way.”

+1. It’s also likely far from true. I imagine the fraction of tesla drivers who can quote the corporate mission statement is negligible. Where I live Teslas are so common it’s as if they're fashion statements. I bought mine because it’s fun to drive, first and foremost.

Joe M | December 30, 2019

Not saying Tesla owners should be held to a higher standard. My comment is the general public will perceive owners as a group and what we do individually will reflect on all of us. The “fashion statement” comment is a perfect example. I am just sad I get lumped in with the littering public. At the same time when I leave a traffic light I am just as guilty in fueling the generalization :-)

andy.connor.e | December 30, 2019

Tesla owners will be viewed as a group until the mentality of Tesla being a startup company vanishes. Give it a few years. No one looks at Ford or Chevy or Toyota as (insert company) drivers. You are too worried about your public image. All you did was buy a product, you are not affiliated with a company.

Magic 8 Ball | December 30, 2019

Actually your message still comes across as we should be held to a higher standard just because we, as individuals, chose to buy a certain product (a Tesla). No doubt it is human nature to associate and stereotype (oh look there goes a snobby Tesla owner).

I think Tesla would appeal to a broader market if people did not have to think they represent the company if they buy one.