Loss of Volume Control Using iPhone via Blu-tooth

Loss of Volume Control Using iPhone via Blu-tooth

On three occasions since taking ownership of my 2020 X a few weeks ago I've lost the ability to control volume of music via steering wheel or on-screen controls. Rebooting Tessy fixes but I don't think I want to that on the road while driving. I'm using an iPhone X and have not had this issue with our model 3. I don't see any X settings that address this and it's very annoying as I like to jam in this thing! Not sure if it's an iPhone thing or an X thing but, as I said, issue has not occurred in the 3 after three months of ownership.

mathwhiz | January 9, 2020

Although it hasn't happened to me often, restoring volume control is normally a driver's display side issue. A driver's display reboot is much faster than the deeper main display one - not sure which you're doing. Driver's display is rebooted by holding both top buttons for 10 seconds and releasing. Pretty quick (comparatively), and can be done while in flight if desired.

Mtnrunner | January 9, 2020

Thanks Mathwiz, that's how I've been doing it but not while driving as I wasn't sure if rebooting the display while driving would result in my X exploding on the highway. Good to know!

jimmie | January 10, 2020

Identical issue. Iphone X and 2020 Model X. not found another solution other than reset.