Model 3 software backlog

Model 3 software backlog

Hey new owner here

I was wondering where we could have a sneak peek at potential functionality in next releases?

I particularly have difficulty with no wifi login page being possible since I live in a flat. I cannot use public wifis since they use logins pages. Would be good to know when this will be fixed or where I can request it to be added to the backlog?

The last point since I cannot have public wifi for the moment I use my mobile to download updates. Is it possible to see the download size before downloading it?
so I know if it can fit in my current mobile subscription

gmr6415 | January 13, 2020

You can fix it yourself. Amped wireless range extender. Extends your wireless up to 1.5 miles.

Mine works great. I can drive blocks away and still pick up my wireless signal as long I'm within reasonable line of sight.

Tesla3TK | January 13, 2020

Updating at public Wifi? I haven't tried this yet but go to a public wifi and access the internet through your Tesla web browser where you will sign in. After that can you download the update? I have been meaning to experiment with this but keep forgetting.

jordanrichard | January 13, 2020

To answer your first question, it’s only through other owners or pre-release leaks that one learns what is coming.

Also since you are new, I will get the following out of the way, with regard to OTA updates. There is no rhyme or reason to who gets the updates first. You may get it 1 day after it’s initial release or you may get it 1 month after. There are no tricks to get it sooner like wearing a tin foil hat while sitting next to a wi-if router......

You will get the updates when you get the update.

leo33 | January 13, 2020

@tesla3TK As the poster said, most public wifi APs require you to click through a login or disclaimer page. There isn't yet a way to do this on the model 3 (2019.40.50.7).

@jordanrichard I agree, with a clarifying note: With the latest updates I was notified that the update was available via lte, but couldn't actually download them until I connected via wifi. (I have premium connectivity.)

Flinkaflenka | January 14, 2020

@gmr6415 thanks will try that!

@tesla3tk before you can open the page the car already disconnects from the wifi in the current software version

@jordanrich @ leo33 I'm actually just looking for a small indicator of download size. Even if this is mentioned before the download starts on the menu would be ok. Actually would be good to include in release notes and allow us to read release note manually before download

oceanzrider | January 14, 2020

There is an opportunity to indicate your are willing to be an "early adopter" of software downloads. On the car's screen go to "quick controls" (lower left icon of a car). Then select "software" and scroll down to download preference and select "Advanced."
This indicates you are willing to accept downloads as soon as they are ready. That said, they typically roll them out over days or weeks, depending on ....

Tesla3TK | January 14, 2020

I went out and tested the theory above and I could not connect the Tesla to a public wifi that required some sort of initial interaction. FAILED. I should mention that I have a Raspberry Pi configured as a wifi repeater and was able to use that at a Starbucks to update my car.

Essentially I first connected the repeater to Starbucks (i.e., wpa_supplicant.conf). Once that connection is established I connected my iPad to the repeater on the secondary Raspberry Pi wifi (separately purchased), handled the sign on screen for Starbucks, and then connected the Tesla to that secondary wifi/ The Tesla can see the internet and download the update.

I doubt may are willing to go to this extent but I thought I would mention it.

Frank99 | January 14, 2020

Some thoughts:
1. Tesla Service Centers have WiFi, and my understanding is that the Cars have the credentials to access them built in. In the past, people have reported success in going to an SC and parking in the parking lot to download/install updates. Unfortunately, not everyone has an SC close to them, so this may not be an option for you.
2. If I were in your shoes, I think I'd spend some time wardriving to see if I could find an easy open WiFi.
3. If your parking is near one of your neighbors, consider talking to them and seeing if they'd be OK with letting you connect your car to their WiFi. A cold six-pack of their favorite brew can open a lot of doors.
4. A WiFi repeater like gmr6415 recommended would be a great solution, if you can find a spot where it can connect to the WiFi in your flat AND connect to your car. You'd only have to put it out once a month or so.

hokiegir1 | January 14, 2020

I have one of these that I use when we are travelling. It would work for getting around the credentials pages.

As of now, the only way to see size and release notes is to just do a web search for the version number and hope someone has posted the info. Typically, the release notes come out pretty quickly, but I'm not as sure about the download size.

gmr6415 | January 14, 2020

@Flinkaflenka, The AmpedWireless people are great. They have probably the best customer service I used in years. They specialize in long range wifi extenders. I initially had a little glitch in mine. They told me they would look into it. In less than a day they pushed a firmware fix to me. It's been great ever since. I've had it at least 4 years or so now.

donharvey2323 | January 14, 2020

I was on a road trip and couldn't download the latest update. I did keep getting reminders about it. One of my supercharging stops was next to a Tesla showroom/service center. The car connected to the WiFi and started downloading automatically. If you are near a Tesla center you might try that.

zerogravitydrgn | January 14, 2020

I’ve always seen the updates come in between 300-500MB. Done it over my phone hotspot while traveling a few times, no problems.

Flinkaflenka | January 15, 2020

@hokiegir1 this device could work as an intermediary between a public wifi and the car and allow the car to login to that device its hotspot?