TACC works down to 0 mph now!

TACC works down to 0 mph now!

You used to have to have a minimum speed of 18mph to engage TACC. Today, I was rolling down the neighborhood and trying to set it to exactly 18mph as usual (speed limit is 15, lots of kids about, and TACC is the *only* way I am able to drive without speeding up). Well, today I missed and noticed it locked to 17. After some experimentation I found there was no lower limit anymore - can even roll it down to 0. It seemed to have some difficulty when I steered into my driveway at 5mph on TACC (a couple phantom braking events) but that was really just an experiment - I don't expect to TACC all the way into my garage usually. Anyway, this is a welcome improvement - I always thought it weird that you couldn't set it slower.

FISHEV | January 20, 2020

TACC always did work down to 0 mph. Been driving in rush hour with it for 8 months and 0-75, TACC works.

TickTock | January 20, 2020

Ha ha. You can now set it to 0. I don't know when this changed but it definitely used to limit your set point to 18. I figured there was some obscure law requiring it.

Magic 8 Ball | January 20, 2020

I was a reported to have changed a few updates ago.

Bighorn | January 20, 2020

Happened a few months ago. Pretty cool.

jallred | January 20, 2020

Wait, fish would set his speed to 0mph while in rush hour traffic? I don't understand that.

Sarah R | January 20, 2020

Fish sets TACC to 0 MPH?

... going nowhere fast.

jallred | January 20, 2020

I wonder what range in wh/mi he gets when he sets TACC to 0 mph.

EVRider | January 20, 2020

What I think FISH meant is that you’ve always been able to start and use TACC at any speed, even when stationary, as long as there’s another vehicle in front of you. What’s new (apparently) is that you can now set the TACC cruising speed to something less than 18mph.

Sarah R | January 20, 2020

@jallred that would be a #DIV0!