Max range drop with software update

Max range drop with software update

Hello all, took delivery of my blue M3 Performance on 26 Dec, best Christmas present ever. But 3 weeks in, it alerts me that it is time for first software update, and over night my 90% range dropped to 263 from 279 (it was fully charged and plugged in when software installed).

Tried charging it up to 100% and that dropped from 310 to 294.

Contacted Tesla, at first they told me the battery range will decrease as I drive it, and I need to plug it in to recharge it (really?), finally when I showed them before and after screen shots and explained again it lost 16 miles of max range while parked with software download they said this:

“Currently there has been a firmware bug that was introduced in our previous firmware release that is causing range inaccuracy. Our Firmware Team is reviewing this concern and is working on a fix to be released ASAP. There will be no need to come in as this issue can be resolved over the air.”

Well, got another software update couple of days ago and it didn’t fix anything. Mechanic even disconnected battery when he was out to fix hood and another problem last week, no luck.

It is not cold on central coast (65 deg average) and car is parked in garage.


Eevie | February 16, 2020

Model 3

stingray.don | February 16, 2020

The battery meter range is just an estimate that will be influenced by external factors such as temperature. It is not an indicator of battery health. Deep cycling the battery may help with calibration issues. If you charge to 100% and drive the car until the battery is depleted while duplicating the rated wh/mi, you should get very close to the rated range regardless of what the battery meter's range estimate states.

jfaubl | February 16, 2020

Well, they didn't say when the software fix was coming out. It will be interesting to see if all our ranges jump at some point.
I've always thought it there was some software bug because my range immediately dropped 15 miles after a update last September. No I'm not worried about it. And setting to 100% and forgetting about it is not a solution. I really think Tesla needs to change that number to what the average car has at x mileage. A 15000 mile car is at 300, for example. You may only have 295 degradated mikes and someone else may have 305. All batteries age differently.

andy | February 16, 2020

Helpful thread in that I noticed a sudden change and did wonder if there was some difference in the software. The sider on the app changed around the same time so you now have more control of the range you want to select.

I actually like the way the display is working at the moment. My old numbers used to be 240 for 80%, 270 for 90% and then a bit over 300, maybe 304, for 100% (but I've only charged to 100% a very small number of times). The display now has some variability with the temperature of the battery - as much as 4-5 miles at 80%. I've left the car plugged in with no change to the slider and let it draw electricity rather than use the schedule. For the same setting I've seen it as high as 241 and as low as 238, possibly lower - I've learnt to not pay it too much attention.

The other day, on a cold start, but not quite as cold as it has been, I got an interpolated) 296 miles at 100% (I only actually charged to 96% as I was topping up early doors to warm the battery a little at the same time as having cabin pre-heat on for an extended time), On that same day I got my best ever real world range on a 240 mile trip as the sun came up about an hour after departure, the traffic was free flowing and the warming process on the battery had been started.

IMO the number we should be paying attention to is the predicted % charge on arrival using the navigation software. This tends to be very accurate and changes in real time depending on your real total power draw, which takes into account temperature, weather, speed and traffic conditions. I've found it to e very useful and I sometimes play "what if" en route with the navigation to make decisions on charge points, routing and stops.

doughtcom | March 25, 2020

Just wanted to add that I just bought a Model 3 Performance that had only 500 miles on it by the time I got an update alert for 2020.8.2. My car had the exact same mileage yours did before the update when I was on 2019.35 and then after the update it went down to about what you're specifying. So it's definitely software related and not battery degradation. My car with (now 576 miles) gets 266 @ 90% and 295 @ 100% (calculated).

fazman | March 25, 2020

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