Setting Charging Level

Setting Charging Level

One thing I find quite annoying is setting the charging level. It is difficult to set 80%, the line keeps shifting on more or less. It would be nice if we could just set the %.

Another nice thing would be the ability to bump the charge for just one session. I have forgot to set it back a couple of times when I set 100% because I needed it to not have to charge again until I return home.

Uncle George | February 17, 2020

Setting charge rate in the vehicle is a bit difficult as our hands tend to move so, it’s not exactly at the % you want. The solution is to change it via the app. From you you can see an icon that says exactly the % you are looking for.

PrescottRichard | February 17, 2020

I know what you mean about getting the slider just right, but honestly- does it matter if you set it at 81% or 79 vs 80? You’re right about just typing a number though, that would be absolute.

Sounds like you don’t use the app, and George is right- it would help with both of your points. FWIW I always check the app after plugging in to make sure that the car is charging (when on the road) and even at home that it’s plugged in properly and gonna charge when I want, how much I want.

Have you used the Tesla Remote app by Regoapps? He could be receptive to adding that ‘one time’ charge limit to his app. You can even use voice commands via your phone to set limits with his app IIRC.

Having said all that- you’re right, those are good ideas.