Heated back seats/steering wheel

Heated back seats/steering wheel

I have 2018 Model S 75D which I picked up late September 2018. This car does not have heated rear seats or steering wheel but was wondering if anyone knows if the wiring is in place and would be a software option to activate these features since this car is so close to when these options were included in the base model. Appreciate the help and feedback.

Anthonyj73 | February 18, 2020

I am curious about this as well. It would be better to retrofit my Model S as well instead of having to purchase a new car which doesn’t make sense. I traded in my Nissan Leaf that had heated steering wheel, so it would be nice to have in a lux vehicle like the Model S.

Nexxus | February 20, 2020


I think it depends on whether you have the "Premium Interior" option or not. The heated seats and steering wheel come under that option. If you have the standard interior, I don't think the wiring harnesses are there for those. Maybe they are and you can get them turned on for a price, but you'll have to check with Tesla for sure. | February 20, 2020

Not sure about the rear seats, but I'm about 95% sure the heated steering wheel is not included by default. The wiring for the steering wheel is likely the same.

djhwvu | March 3, 2020


Thanks for you comment; I did purchase premium interior (Black Premium Interior with Light Headliner $3,300.00) so maybe that may be good news regarding having rear heated seats or at least the wiring.