Strange sound from below the floorboard

Strange sound from below the floorboard

Just wanted to see if anyone else shared this experience, or had a clue about what's going on.

Over 7,000 miles, I've had zero issues with my Model 3. But this weekend as we were taking a longish drive, there was a sudden odd noise from below decks -- like the sound you might get if you ran over a tree branch, or a chunk of tire -- only there was nothing in the road. A few minutes later it happened again, strong enough that I could feel the vibrations through the floor. Concerned that something was seriously wrong, I cut our drive short and headed home, but there were no warning lights and no issues. Then this morning it did it a third time. Clear street, low speed, and suddenly buzz-thump, again making a strong enough vibration that I could feel it through my feet.

I've experienced slight noises before having to do with warming / cooling the battery, but these felt considerably more noticeable and they happened several miles into a drive on a mild day. Any ideas? Thanks.

Magic 8 Ball | February 19, 2020

My guess it is oil canning of the battery case. It can vary in loudness.

Bighorn | February 19, 2020

Sounds like maybe the battery case clunk associated with temperature or altitude changes. Or flex. Super common if the case.

AWDTesla | February 19, 2020

Is it making the noise as you turn corners? I had some candy that the kids spilt and it got into the floor so when I turned corners youd hear it rolling around on the floor.

Devilstower | February 19, 2020

Glad to hear that are answers to this that seem common. I had certainly heard noises from the battery before, but this seems considerably louder and more ... thumpy? But this is my first winter with the Model 3, and while the noises happened on days that weren't particularly cold, there have been some cold days.

Also, the first time I noticed I was driving in the Ozarks. That's not the kind of altitude change people might see in real mountains, but there was definitely some up and down going on.

Bighorn | February 19, 2020


Idahorefugee | February 19, 2020

@AWDTesla, in remark you said that the candy got "INto" the floor but then it was rolling around "ON" the floor. Could you please clarify? I'm asking because I have a noise like something rolling around on just under the floor (on top of the battery compartment???). Did you do anything other than pick something up off the floor?


AWDTesla | February 19, 2020

I got some of the candy by using tape and sticking the sticky side into the carpet under my seat where I could see the candy could get in. I didnt catch all of it as I could still hear it rolling around as I took corners. Noise went away after a long trip and I assume the candy melted and is no longer rolling around.

mike | February 19, 2020

@Devilstower I live in the Ozarks and go up and down the hills all the time without any unusual noises.