AI filtering of humans in Sentry / Dashcam videos (App)

AI filtering of humans in Sentry / Dashcam videos (App)

Hey everyone!

I'm James and I'm a fellow model 3 owner! As most of you know, seemingly benign events (e.g. rain) can trigger Sentry.

With this in mind, I wanted to introduce my app that uses AI to filter for the bulk filtering of Sentry/Dashcam incidences with humans in them.

Accessories are required (USB+Adapter), visit our website below for the accessories!


Support devices: iPhone, iPad
Future Support: MacOS (via Catalyst), Android

Current object recognition: Human
Future Objects: Animals, cars, license plate OCRs


The feedback from the first users have been great, see our reddit thread:

We will be very actively developing this app! So please do let us know what we can improve.

Our website: (live demo there)
Our app store link:

For a limited time we are offering this app at $6.99 (instead of $9.99), and early adopters benefit from our updates going forward!


Disclosure: I am the developer and owner of this app.

dymond.margarito | March 15, 2020

As others mentioned, can there be some demo footage? Interested. Also, any ability to port to a Mac via Catalyst?

kaosusan1 | March 19, 2020


kaosusan1 | March 23, 2020


steve2q | March 30, 2020

No version for Android??