What are some reasons to get the cybertruck?

What are some reasons to get the cybertruck?

1. Fast
2. Beasty truck
3. Low cost to drive
4. Low cost to maintain
5. Tesla - gets better over time

andy.connor.e | March 11, 2020

Rust proof man.

W8G4TSL | March 11, 2020

yup stainless steel, definitely a good reason

andy.connor.e | March 11, 2020

Lockable trunk.

That being said, the vehicle is basically impenetrable. Never have to worry about someone breaking in to your car literally ever again.

SamO | March 11, 2020

Off-grid ability.
Air tools.
Off-roading and fueling with solar canopy.

You can take this vehicle anywhere on the planet. It's handier than a motorcycle, with the ability to be absolutely free from having to be anywhere with fuel.

Can use it with your tiny home. Just add a Powerwall.

Shelter in place and disaster zone use.

Hurricane and tornado resistant.

teslu3 | March 11, 2020

good for off-road: high clearance to 16", no worries about scratching paint; high degree of approach and departure.

SamO | March 11, 2020

adjustable air suspension with built-in ramp.

Ross1 | March 11, 2020

no paint
solar charging
voice recog
cool factor
eats F,GM, FC for lunch
space age
SpaceX connection
Musk product
most popular product (by pre-order nos) in the world ever
official Mars truck
power points for tools
hopefully reverse to grid V2G
door ding proof
breakable windows so you can get out
otherwise, bullet proof
and because I made enough to buy one from my TSLA shares in Jan and converted to cash holding

hcwhy | March 11, 2020

To all the other trucks.....kiss my grits

rob | March 11, 2020

1. Syling/looks

I don't really need a truck but I reserved one anyway. I know haters hate the look.

Brorganics | June 4, 2020

I’m an organic farmer with 8 tractors that cost more, poll less and I have to put on sun screen on, breath diesel fumes, fix hydrologicals, and compress my back without any suspension. I’ll be adding a electric PTO (Power Take Off) to at lest one Cybertruck.