charge on departure

charge on departure

Hello all, I know we've discussed this feature as having a glitch as it gets hung up on this start at 6:00 AM. My example is charge by noon and I am at ~ 240 miles of charge (left). My approach has been to use the 20-22 Miles added per hr. as a guide and in this case would just set to start at 9:00 AM and all is fine. The other day I wondered whether this problem had been resolved and just set departure at noon. For some reason the next morning I went into the garage and realized that I hadn't plugged the car in. It was 8:00 AM. I plugged it in and got a message 11:50AM that that charging was complete. I was surprised and pleased that the glitch was fixed. The next day I tried the same approach and as I left didn't forget to plug the car in it once again charged at 6:00 AM. Yes, I guess that I've discovered that if I plug it in past 6:00 AM it will do what we would like it to do. As I won't feign technical smarts if the program is not going to work as desired couldn't there be an on/off feature for 6:00 AM charging? Any thoughts?

stingray.don | March 14, 2020

That’s not a glitch. It is working as designed. Check the release notes.

jefjes | March 14, 2020

I've noticed this glitch also but since I'm on a TOU for EVs and my rate starts to increase at 6 am, I've decided to just accept it. If I set my departure time at 7 am or 9 am, my charge will still complete at 5:24- 5:30 am but the car with precondition the interior temperature at the correct time. As far as the charging complete message goes, I get that every time I plug in and either the timer is telling the car to not charge yet or my charge to level is below the current charge level so the car sees it is already charged or it isn't time to charge and sends that message.

stingray.don | March 14, 2020

“my rate starts to increase at 6 am”

Which is why it was designed to finish charging at 6 AM. It is working as designed. Check the release notes.

jefjes | March 14, 2020

@stingray.don- Thanks and I'm sure you're correct. I often just gloss over release notes and after a few releases coming out, I get lazy about reviewing them and just go with whatever is actually happening in the car instead of going back looking for the answers in previous release notes. If I could edit my comment, I'd remove calling it a "glitch" but figured it must be as I never thought Tesla would be able to account for when my TOU ends as not every owner is on a TOU plan and if they are, it would vary by location and utility provider. Maybe the release notes explain it differently and if you would like to share the wording from the release notes that address it, I wouldn't mind reading it.

rfpmoxie | March 14, 2020

Adding to @stingray.don my power co. does not have any reduced TOU rates. My wild as guess (although I could be wrong) is that this is not an uncommon reality outside of very heavily populated CA. I also don't recall the release notes re this. Simplistically, to me it makes sense that there could be a slider / button on the set charge screen that suits everyone. I have a better chance of Tesla helping me than my electric company!!

jefjes | March 14, 2020

@stingray.don- Thanks for that link showing that about the 6 am stuff. Makes sense now but guess when I read it the first time, I must have thought they were just using 6 am as an example and not literal but it clearly says 6 am and that is what it seems to do.

rfpmoxie | March 15, 2020

Yes, many thanks for the link. It confirms my belief but I think that my request is basically simple(yes/no for 6:00AM) and will fit all drivers" departure schedule and in the cooler/cold weather,assuming the window to charge is long enough the car will be "topped off" upon departure.

Magic 8 Ball | March 15, 2020

@CST Help me understand how they did their testing. The talk about the thermal component being a killer and then they make no mention of a BMS that includes battery cooling.

Did they put the batteries they were testing into a Tesla BMS that includes cooling?

majassow | March 15, 2020

Paper isn't relevant to Tesla supercharging.
Didn't test similar batteries (NCA, not NMC).
Used "industry standard fast charging" which was designed in 1972 for lead acid batteries.
Didn't use thermal management.

CST | March 15, 2020

@majassow - I assumed there were some missing components related to how Tesla manages supercharging. I'd prefer they'd be more forthcoming about the data points and comparisons rather than try to scare off consumers.

elkinsecon | March 19, 2020

Here in the Twin Cities, peak rates don't start until 9:00 am. I usually leave for work at about 7:30 am and that's what I set the "depart at" time to. Sometimes if finishes charging much sooner than that and sometimes I come out at 7:30 and it is still charging and has 30 miles to go! Sometimes it hasn't charged at all! Clearly it is not hard-wired to complete charging at 6:00 am.

My more immediate problem is: Because I'm "sheltering in place" and not going out at all, it charged to the limit I set the first night (208 miles, about 80%); then the next day I noticed on the app that was up to 223 miles; then tonight I checked on the app and it was up to 236 miles -- close to a 100% charge! I have never come close to charging it close to 100%. Why is this feature charging the car to above the charging limit that I set? That should never happen! (Note: I unplugged the car, tonight.)

gmr6415 | March 20, 2020

@CST, this is from someone who has free lifetime supercharging and has never used anything but supercharging.