Virus may determine domination of marketplace

Virus may determine domination of marketplace

With significant pressure being applied to keeping citizens safe from COVID-19 infection, the marketplace winner may well be those companies that can keep their workforce healthy and their factories running.

There might become a shortage of available models from different manufacturers due to factory closings.

Tesla was mandated to close it's new China factory for a while, due to government edict.

NKYTA | March 15, 2020

Enter VAG, oh, wait...

Ross1 | March 16, 2020

Many businesses and private people including many here will be bankrupted and have to start again.
A new world order coming, dependent on bailouts by governments.
Will any currency survive?
Govts will choose some novel methods to keep industry alive, not forgetting international balance of payments.
Expect wage cuts, bailouts. Bankruptcies, food shortages, supply shortages, industrial stoppages.
If you own a business, would your employees accept a 50% wage cut in return for 100% employment , reviewed in 6 months?
It is probably time to get on the same page as your employees, diss the unions and offer better deals. 50% would be a great deal.