software updates

software updates

Bought my Tesla Model 3 on March 2nd. I am still on software version 2020.4. I have my slider on "advanced", yet every time I check for a new software update it reports as "up to date". Is there something more I need to do?

fazman | March 25, 2020

I still wonder the same thing. TeslaFi shows everyone else getting newer stuff. We all just gotta wait till its our turn to shout BINGO

jakes | March 25, 2020

I guess you're right!

jrandall | March 25, 2020

Don’t feel bad, I got my Model 3 on 3/10 and I still have 2019.35.108. I also purchased the Acceleration boost Upgrade but can’t receive it because my software is too old.

ryc82 | March 25, 2020

Same. Purchased 3/23 m3p . 2019.35. glad im not the only one.

RayNLA | March 25, 2020

After reading this post I checked the app and there sits 2020.8.2
Check your app!

fazman | March 25, 2020

Mine is still stuck on 2020.8.1... I heard 2020.12 is already out in the wild

mazers | March 26, 2020

Try shutting down the car from the screen. I did that yesterday and when it came back up, it said that an update was available. The download started when I got home at 3:00. It was painfully slow for some reason - wifi connection was very good. This morning it says 100%, but no option or notification to install.

TrexTesla | March 26, 2020

As I've come to understand it since I purchased my M3 in June 2019, rollouts of software can happen in different ways. Sometimes by region (e.g., software update for cars in colder weather that improved cold weather performance), sometimes by model (e.g., update only affects those with Performance model), or by groups - not sure how they decide the "groups" (most common). I'm told this is done so they don't overload the servers. So, you may get software update 2020.1 on date X, but that rollout could take a few weeks to get to everyone, if it gets to everyone. If a rollout has too many bugs, you may not get 2020.1, but may get 2020.1.2 (first number is the year of the rollout, second number is the week of the year it began to rollout, and third is the version of that software).

So, when you purchase your car, you may not have the latest and greatest software update on it for a while if the newest software already came through your area just prior to you purchasing and receiving your vehicle. You would think you would roll away from the TESLA store with the latest and greatest, but that is not the case. The TESLA store doesn't seem to have complete autonomy to push updates. Rest assured, you will be in the queue and get the latest and greatest at some point, but there is no way to determine when you get it.

Anyone feel free to correct me or add as needed.