Bug Report - Traffic light is red but visualization shows green

Bug Report - Traffic light is red but visualization shows green

If there is a better place to submit a but report please let me know.

Model 3
Version: 2020.8.3
The traffic light was red but the visualization showed alternating between red and green with a bias towards green. Possibly due to sun being behind me and sunlight reflecting off of green traffic light lens.

The sun was nearly directly behind me at approximately 20 degrees above the horizon. Sun location and elevation determined by Photographer's Ephemeris application.

jimglas | April 14, 2020

push the right scroll wheel and say "bug report: whatever"

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | April 14, 2020

There is a much better place to submit:
"You can also use voice commands to provide feedback to Tesla. Say "Note","Report", "Bug note", or "Bug report" (in the English language) followed by brief comments in your language of choice. Model 3 takes a snapshot of its systems, including your current location, vehicle diagnostic data, and screen captures of the touchscreen. Tesla periodically eviews these notes and uses them to continue improving Model 3."

EVRider | April 14, 2020

I've seen a couple of incorrect traffic light visualizations and reported them from the car. In one case the car was showing a traffic light facing the opposite way as a green light. X-ray vision? :-)

ed | April 14, 2020

Thanks, I tried to report through the car but got an error message that it could not connect. Odd since I had good cell coverage at the time.

rxlawdude | April 14, 2020

Red-green color blindness?

fazman | April 15, 2020

All of this will be solved once 5G is here and every object on the planet has an IP. Traffic lights just need a timing algorithm kinda like how a security token works. If the map data knows each intersections timing algorithm it can know from miles away if you can make it or not.

Much like if we had a count down timer next to each traffic light to let you know when it will change colors between red and green.

Simple solutions for complex problems.

fazman | April 15, 2020

just a note, color blind people need to be able to drive too and a count down timer can work in any color

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | April 15, 2020

“ Traffic lights just need a timing algorithm...”

Except many (most? All?) lights are metered at least some portion of the day.

RickD | April 15, 2020

Does anyone know where this button is in Model S?

Ross1 | April 16, 2020

Dont youy have 5G in USA yet?
2nd world problem

Do you all know, Robyn Denholm, chair of Tesla, her last job was rolling out 5G in Australia for Telstra.
(Telstra not Tesla, it is the major comm carrier.)

EVRider | April 16, 2020

@RickD: What are you looking for?

RickD | April 17, 2020

@EVRider: Sorry, didn't realize the post was out of context... I am looking for the way to submit bug reports from the car. Getting feedback to Tesla is generally a pretty cumbersome task... Especially doing it through the app... So any other way would be appreciated.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | April 17, 2020

Rick, read the second post.

Nexxus | April 26, 2020

I don't know, but I think if I hold the right scroll wheel down and say "But Report", the folks at Tesla are going to laugh at me. (OP's first sentence.)

EVRider | April 27, 2020

@Nexxus: That’s the voice command to enable fart mode. :-)

FISHEV | April 27, 2020

@ fazman | April 15, 2020 "All of this will be solved once 5G is here and every object on the planet has an IP"

Which is like saying it will be solved when all roads are "smart roads" with embedded RFID's that tell car exactly where it is. Never would then be the answer, well not never but as soon as we "Meet The Robinsons", not in Tesla's lifetime.

Reading traffic lights is going to be tricky and hard to solve as there will so many variations in lighting and positioning and it is the exceptional cases that have to be handled 100% correctly not the easy ones. When you listen to the Autonomous Driving scientists they continually point this out that it is not driving in perfect conditions it all the crazy exceptions and finding those exceptions is hard, programming for them if/when you find them even harder.

I have HW3 and the visualization on and frequently the car cannot see lights in regular situations, clear day, sun high, because the position of the stop line and the lights, the car camera's cannot see the lights. I can but the car cannot.

"Full Self Driving" should be separated from EV deployment, it is expensive and distracting from EV development and worse, it ignores baseline safeties that Tesla could deploy now that will enhance car safety significantly but are crippled by being tied to development of Autonomous Driving that is decades in the future.