Just sold my 3 - feeling really sad

Just sold my 3 - feeling really sad

I picked this car up in December of 2017 and I have just loved it ever since. I find it amazing that after 2.5 years, I still looked forward to driving every time I sat in it. I still get a rush accelerating from a stop light. I love that it feels like it's on rails around every curve. I'm going to really miss it.


2017 LR Model 3 with EAP and PUP, aero wheels, MSM paint, 16K miles

Carvana offered 31.1K$, Vroom 33.8K, Tesla 35.5K. I sold it on CL for 37K.

The sad part is that I sold it to a reseller and I now see the car sitting in the parking lot of an auction house. I think that I'll go try and rescue it.

BTW, I'm picking up a Y on Friday so that there is an upside to all this.

fazman | May 26, 2020

You know that tesla is going to start having a fire sale on its cars soon... might want to hold off on taking deliver and save thousands.

lbowroom | May 26, 2020

Please, do tell.....

fazman | May 26, 2020

@ibowroom_Troll here ya go... made a link for ya:

Robocheme | May 26, 2020

No price cuts for the Y plus I locked in a 2K$ savings months ago.

Bighorn | May 27, 2020

Congratulations on the trade. Surprised that Tesla’s offer was so good. Oh, and ignore trolls.

jjgunn | May 27, 2020

Tesla's offer was very good. Kinda cool to see

Lorenzryanc | May 27, 2020

Only a handful of cars delivered in 2017, no? ~4000 or so?

hokiegir1 | May 27, 2020

@Robocheme - I'm curious why you chose to sell outright for a 1500 benefit rather than taking Tesla's offer, which surely would have saved at least that much in taxes? Or are you in a location with no sales tax? And it's truly curiosity -- obviously, you had to do what made sense to you.

We're starting to consider a Y. I think we're still a few years out from it, but we've even talked about trading in both our Santa Fe and the 3 and going to 1 plus our dually -- and no, CT won't cut it for what we use that for, plus it's not either of our taste in looks.

vmulla | May 27, 2020

I can imagine your feelings. Please return and share your review of the Y; it’s important to get opinions from someone who already loves the 3 as much as you.

Robocheme | May 27, 2020

Hokiegirl1, I live in California where we pay taxes on new car price, not on the difference between the new car and the trade-in. So it was a true 1500$ bonus

Lorenzryanc, my VIN was 126X

SamO | May 27, 2020

~2500 Model 3 delivered in 2017.

Robocheme | May 27, 2020

SamO, I got it thru my daughter-in-law's brother who worked at Tesla. She had to take title. Vin was 126X

Magic 8 Ball | May 27, 2020

Alcantra headliner? Silver? Rare model premium should apply ; )

Robocheme | May 27, 2020

Alcantara headliner - yes (personally, I don't see the attraction, even when I looked up). Midnight Silver Metallic - yes, but not rare at all

SamO | May 27, 2020

I took delivery December 2017 of a similar Vin. 11xx

Magic 8 Ball | May 27, 2020

What color is your Y?

Robocheme | May 27, 2020

SamO, did you know someone at Tesla to get it early?

Magic 8, white, AWD, with 19" wheels

Magic 8 Ball | May 27, 2020

Can't go wrong with white. I have always liked the stark look of white to set off the dark features. Did you go with FSD?

Robocheme | May 27, 2020

Yeah, this time I did go with FSD. I'm old so hopefully it'll drive me around in the not too distant future

SamO | May 27, 2020


Nope. I waited in line at the store and I was the first owner reservation in Santa Monica.

Magic 8 Ball | May 27, 2020

You have already been hit by one troll in this thread and there are more on the forum who will surely turn up in this thread. Try to stick with it if you can and share your comparisons.

hokiegir1 | May 27, 2020

@robo - Ahh! Makes sense. Here in GA, the trade in reduces the value paid in VAT (taxes, basically), so it would have saved about 3k even with the slightly lower trade value. :)

andy.connor.e | May 27, 2020

How could you feel sad? Its only going to get better.

h2ev | May 27, 2020

Before this pandemic thing started, I was thinking about trading in my dual motor for the Y. My car is a 2018 dual motor with EAP in MSM color. At the time was at 26k miles. Tesla offered $34.5k. Vroom initially offered $38.5, a week later they upped it to $39.5. I was slightly tempted right before everything came to a halt. With the $5k EV rebate from NJ, ~$9k to trade for a new dual motor Y seemed like a good deal. I've changed my mind since. The 3 will be more fun to drive being more nimble and quicker, and I can always up the fun level even more if I buy the acceleration boost, which I will do in an instant if Elon drops the price on it.

I think you did great selling it for $37k, to a reseller no less. I really wonder how they'll make money having paid you $37k for it.. Congrats on getting your Y and a great deal on selling your 3.

h2ev | May 27, 2020

BTW since there's no sales tax in NJ on EVs, it also makes no difference whether to sell direct or trade.

lbowroom | May 27, 2020

Links his own own thread that changes the title from cuts prices to dramatic fire sale while calling me a troll.

lbowroom | May 27, 2020

Turns a positive Cost cut pass through into a panic sale. I wonder what the spin would be if they raised prices?

Pearl II Lady | May 27, 2020

To ROBOCHEME - So interested in your adventure! My 2018 LR, RWD, Model 3, Premium Black Interior, Pearl White MC, 18" Aero wheels, FSD and and Enhanced Auto Pilot, w/392 miles (Yeah, I'm old!) is going to be picked up Friday, by my well-deserving grandson from California. I took delivery new on 9/17/2018. He is buying directly from me, and I am financing my already prepaid car. Been sitting in the garage too much, and I want him to enjoy ownership! Charging just a bit more that your price, but it is new condition. I may need to verify that I gave him a good deal. I only priced mine on Edmundsons Blue Book!

Lorenzryanc | May 27, 2020

Nice. Just be sad a bit longer, I bet the Y will be amazinger. Enjoy!

Robocheme | May 27, 2020

Pearl II, that seems fair. Ultra low miles and FSD. I'm betting that your car needs to be upgraded to HW3 to utilize any upcoming FSD features. Make your grandson know that that's a free upgrade. What do you mean by " I am financing my already prepaid car". Are you referring to your 3 or some other car?

bobandpattys | May 27, 2020

Congratulations! Yeah, we're thinking of getting a Y too! Not sure if we'll trade the 3 in or keep it. It's so much fun!

dgstan | May 27, 2020

I test drove a Y last night while I wait for my Day Zero reservation to bust loose. Sadly, my configuration seems to be having problems getting made. (White/white, 20", LR, no FSD).

I'm leaning toward doing a private party sale too. Tesla offered $32k, but I'm sure that number will change as the days tick by. I've got a LR, w/o EAP/FSD, premium wheels, 2018, w/20,000 miles.

Robocheme | May 31, 2020

Dgstan, your Tesla offer seems in line with their offer for mine since I had EAP and less miles

Robocheme | June 2, 2020

OP, here, I just wanted toprovide an update on my recently sold 3. As I mentioned above, I sold it to a reseller on CL for 37K. Since then I've been tracking it.

After a brief stop at an auction house, it ended up a a "luxury" used car dealership where they've listed it for 42.8K. Note that it is a RWD, which used to be 4K less expensive than the AWD. As the AWD is now selling new for 47K, they are basically listing a used car at a new car pricing. Obviously, they won't get the asking price, but it does seem kind of ridiculous.

Bighorn | June 2, 2020

There is a Twitter meme that Model 3s are not depreciating and some are selling for more than their original price.