Ready for the Ridicule on this X question

Ready for the Ridicule on this X question

Ok My last car was a Lincoln MKX and family laughed cuz I kept so much in it from Excedrin to HBA’s. The storage was incredible. The X has little manageable storage,I love the Evannex drawer and tray. Here is my question which someone asked years ago and was skewered. Why not a nice clip on bag for trash; tissues, gum wrappers, etc.? Any serious suggestions besides throwing out the window?? Thx!

Triggerplz | June 28, 2020

Are you trying to break your previous record of having the most threads on one page? | June 29, 2020

I hate trash in my car. If I have a wrapper or tissue, I stick it in my pocket so it leaves the car when I do. Easy to toss in the trash at home. It avoids having an overflowing stinky trash bag in the car. Now that may not work for everyone depending on the nature of your trash - obviously, you don't want to put gunky trash in your pocket.