2.12.126 Summon giving the "bird" to CR?

2.12.126 Summon giving the "bird" to CR?

As I read through the Release Notes in the latest 2.12.126 update, I couldn't help but wonder if Tesla was "returning the favor" (CR's Recommended List dilemma) to Consumer Reports by conceding to CR's dire request to have Summon only work from the phone App using a dead-man's style switch.

"As we (CR) used the system, we became concerned that, in an emergency, a user might not be able stop the car right away if they were to press the wrong part of the key fob (the buttons are not marked) or if they dropped the key fob. The operation of Tesla’s app when we tried it on an iPhone 6S had issues too. When we closed the app with the car in motion (something that might happen accidentally), the car continued to move."

"As is our normal practice when we have a safety concern, we (CR) contacted the manufacturer and described our findings. Tesla got back to us quickly and said that its engineers had examined the issue and had worked out a fix. A new software upgrade to be deployed later this week will limit the Summon operation to the smartphone app and require the user to keep his or her finger on the phone screen—essentially operating it as a dead man’s switch. While you can’t initiate operation of Summon with the key fob—you can stop the vehicle moving by touching a button on the fob."

BUT... to my surprise, Tesla's latest update allows us owners to DECIDE whether we want to treated like the idiots CR thinks we are OR to continue advancing Summon as responsible adults. That's a win-win and (to me) a big, fat "bird" to CR for all the help they've given Tesla recently. Thank you Tesla! And thank you CR, not.

P.S.- Here's the verbiage from Tesla's Release Notes with my opinions added in parenthesis:

"Summon has a new mode that requires you to press and hold a button in the Tesla mobile app to operate the feature. This mode is enabled by default." (Thank you CR)

"You can disable the mode by selecting NO for the REQUIRE CONTINUOUS PRESS setting. When you do so, more convenient ways to park and retrieve your vehicle become available." ("BIRD")

rxlawdude | February 28, 2016

Tesla actually does treat its owners as responsible adults. For example, on Toyota/Lexus products many functions are disabled when the vehicle is moving. Not being able to do functions (even by a passenger!) really irritated me, and still does in the bride's Lexus.
That's something about Toyota I don't miss.

EnglishGuy | February 28, 2016

As a passenger, being unable to enter addresses into my wife's Toyota while moving drives me f***ng mad. THANK YOU Tesla for not nannying us.

ColonyGolfer | February 28, 2016

This so annoyed me in my '06 RX400h, I wrote to Toyota and Lexus. If a manufacturer can detect a passenger in the shotgun seat and thus make the passenger airbag deployable, why can't they wire the GPS the same way? I never got a reply.....surprise.

BozieB | February 28, 2016

Try using the Ford, My Sync 3. !
Paid for the system, but would rather use my smart phone and Google.
it,,, Works

EcoMan | February 29, 2016

Note that you cannot customize the new Summon options while the car is in motion. It's grayed out unless the car is in park :-).

cpmarino | February 29, 2016

So does it still work from the fob or does it only work from the phone app? And if it does work from the fob, is it a dead-man switch or just a simple button press?

damonmath | February 29, 2016

Try using the navigation in a Mercedes while not in park.

jlasker999 | February 29, 2016

Has it always been that touching one of the handles stops the car in summon mode? Or is this a new feature? I like that I have one more way to stop it if I drop my phone, or toss the key fob in the middle of summon like the CR testers seem to do.

Tropopause | February 29, 2016


If the owner elects to say "NO" to the "REQUIRE CONTINUOUS PRESS" setting, then you eliminate the "dead-man's" style of operation thus allowing you to use your FOB, App or the new automatic park feature that begins the Summon process as soon as you exit your vehicle and close the door. No need to hold any buttons!

Haggy | February 29, 2016

Nissan was even worse, and it seemed almost random which functions could be performed in an Infinitii when it was moving, and which ones couldn't. For example, on some screens it would let me scroll and on others it wouldn't, as if scrolling some screens would be more dangerous. That might have left me unable to select an item from my address book, leaving me constantly distracted since it meant repeatedly glancing at the map since there was no route.

Tesla for the most part has been good at not second guessing drivers. There are times they have told drivers not to do things, such as using autopilot on certain roads, but they didn't disable it. The only exception I can think of was using the excuse that video isn't allowed in the front seat, when other vehicles allow it when the vehicle is in park.

compchat | February 29, 2016

What's the difference. As configured it seldom works properly. I've stopped trying to use it to park my car or pull my car into/out of garage. The limitation seems to be the large clearance required by the system to safely park. I can manually pull into and out of my garage easily, but the auto system is stumped almost every time. Interestingly it seems to back into the garage better than driving into the garage.

OTH, Autopilot is working well.

jvds | March 1, 2016

no update yet in the netherlands....

UnshodBob | March 1, 2016

@compchat - I tested it yesterday and it pulls in and out pretty well from my single-wide garage. I have about 12-18" clearance on each side within the garage, about 8-10" on each side going through the door, and set it to 36" bumper clearance for the place to stop within the garage.

When pulling out, it stopped too close to the garage door, but I upped the travel distance setting by two feet, and will try again today to see if that fixes it. Overall, I was impressed with the results. I do not have an automatic door opener and I have to go inside to unplug it first anyway, so I don't have to worry about damaging the car from errant door movement.

I never tried using summon to park in the garage before this update. Still have to try using the phone app. I turned off "require continuous press" and used the fob for my testing yesterday.