Model 3 same exterior as Model S only 20% smaller

Model 3 same exterior as Model S only 20% smaller

When I first saw the Model 3 silhouette on the invitation, I thought that's just a placeholder. As I think about it, that's not impossible. Because the Model S already has a one of the highest coefficient drag ratio in the industry, and the appearance is very well received already. Why not build on the success of the Model S? As a current owner of a Model S, I don't feel it would make my Model S less valuable, because the Model 3 will be smaller and come with less premium features. If Tesla do have a better exterior design in the work, it will be a good time for a Model S refresh.

KP in NPT | March 18, 2016

While I would be fine with that notion - I keep going back to Straubel's remarks that it's a "totally new vehicle structure" and elon's "it won't look like other cars." We'll soon see!

Red Sage ca us | March 18, 2016

Most reports have been that Tesla Motors intends the Model S to have an eight year design cycle. It arrived in 2012, so it will likely be replaced entirely in 2020. It is now 2016, which might mean there may be a mid-season update of some sort later this year, or sometime next year. But there is no particular hurry in that regard, as Tesla sells as many of the Model S as they can build and no version of it is exactly ugly. Porsche, on the other hand, should make the Panamera look a lot more like their Mission-E Concept as soon as possible.

Darryl | March 18, 2016

As I saw in an article the left and right car are exactly the same size but because it is in black it looks smaller. That is just a tease. They purposely wanted you to think that it how it will look.

dd.micsol | March 27, 2016

If you google model 3 prototype and model E prototype you will see some of them. One on the teslamotorsclub member knew someone on the inside and posted a picture of it. It has since been taken offline. It looked similar to the s but a little nice side trim by the headlights-smaller nose-small fin on back trunk-looked very nice. Is that really the car? I don't know but I would be psyched if it were.

carlk | March 27, 2016

I agree with @Darryl. Remember how all those X mules were made to look like they have a nose cone even when they don't?