BUYER BEWARE!!!!! It's the Model X front doors that are the problem!

BUYER BEWARE!!!!! It's the Model X front doors that are the problem!

So excited to receive my new Model X! Built to perfection, drives like no other car I've ever owned. Beautiful touch activated doors. Awesome! And then... the driver door refuses to open when parked on even the slightest slant. What happens then? TOO BAD! You can't get in. What is there for you to grab to open it manually? NOTHING. OK, climb in through passenger side, move to level ground. Now try to open door again, won't open! Back to Tesla same delivery day - just so I can get in the freaking door mind you! They claim to try and fix it. They "recalibrate" it, enough so that it works on level ground. Next day, slightly slanted curb side parking. Have to manually push door to open. No problem, right? Next time back on level ground, door refuses to open again. Only way to drive my NEW car is to hop in through Falcon doors. ABSOLUTELY unacceptable! If you are on the order list. WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Tesla MUST fix this problem before delivering anymore of these. This problem makes an incredible car a piece of junk. Contact me.

darlin | March 27, 2016

Um, you don't think that your case maybe an isolated one? As in your the only one with this level of failure with the drivers door?

There was some discussion on the forums about auto present and/or just popping open, and what settings are the best for slanted operation of doors in full auto present mode. Some cars had to go back and be recalibrated, some may have gotten parts replace. However, I am pretty sure TM will fix this problem with your X.

aesculus | March 27, 2016

I would turn auto present off and the then unlatch the door with the fob. Pry it open like you would with a regular door.

They probably need to sense how much resistance there is on the mechanism and increase/holdback when on a slant.

eric.zucker | March 27, 2016

I certainly feel your pain, and boy would I be pissed too.

Now this is the first I've read of this issue. With the numerous X delivered surely others would have noted this. Your panic call is understandable but maybe excessive in its wording?

There are obligations, there is a warranty, Tesla has to fix this, whether on a few or all cars. Imagine the consequences! You are fully entitled to be extremely upset, after all this waiting, to find such issues now and not be able to use your car. It will be fixed to your satisfaction. There is no alternative!

sp_tesla | March 27, 2016

"aesculus | March 27, 2016
I would turn auto present off and the then unlatch the door with the fob. Pry it open like you would with a regular door."

Sean please let us know if above recommendations works.

aesculus | March 27, 2016

You of course could just press the handle too. Just get the door to crack open so you can get your fingers on it. Then swing it all the way open manually.

I assume it will close on you if you don't hold it open. Just in case putting your foot on the break will close it as usual.

It will be also interesting to see if this somehow calibrates it for the slope, but I would doubt it. I suspect that will happen in firmware later.

koivan | March 27, 2016

we paid $4500 to have the auto presenting doors. I agree it is unacceptable especially for the price of this car. I have yet taken delivery of my X. I hope TM fix all these little problem soon before I take procession.

sean | March 27, 2016

Thanks for all comments. My venting is done. I DO love the car, but delivery of a car with non-working doors (with no manual override) is about as close to delivering one without a functioning steering wheel.

I'd be far less frustrated if simply the 'Auto Presentation' feature was flawed, or if lane-change assist was "buggy". I'm definitely OK with the "bleeding edge". That why I'm here right now. But doors are pretty crucial. Widespread problems could really hurt the Tesla brand. There shouldn't be more posts than this one about driver doors. One? OK. Two? OK. More than ten? Tesla Motors? C'mon. You've GOTTA reach out to these owners and do whatever it takes to make it right beyond their expectations.

Needless to say, all of the above posted suggestions have been tried numerous times without success.

I'll soon return to SFO to climb back into my brand new Model X through the back door. Good thing no one will be watching...

limike1 | March 27, 2016

If you go look at Tesla Club, you are definitely not alone. My X is already in service center to fix all kinds of issues including both driver an passenger door latches and bolt problem that cause the door to be powerless. Again I think Tesla will take very good care of you, just make sure bring your car in asap!

darlin | March 28, 2016

You say your OK with the bleeding edge, then cry like a little girl. Not sure you know what bleeding edge means at all.

Brian Vicars | March 28, 2016

I think we all need to take a step back & realize that we are all in this together. It is not Tesla against us. If you treat Tesla as part of your team & work together to resolve issues, we will all be further ahead. Remember, Tesla is giving us all the ability to embrace leading edge technology. There will always be room for improvement.

carlk | March 28, 2016


I totally agree. I would be much less happy if I have to buy a "reliable" but boring car. We chose to be early adopters because no other company is able to provide us a car with this kind of leading edge technology. Whatever teething pain it has it just comes with the territory. That being said the X I just took delivery is almost perfect other than my own learning curve. We are super happy about it.

To op, You probably have spent the hard earned money you worked your butt off for months to buy the car. You must like it enough to make a sacrifice like this. What's needing to get in the car from the other door or take a couple trips to the SC can even compare to that? Just relax and continue to enjoy what you got that few others have.

Blue X | March 28, 2016

To OP--
Get your pain (mine is due within a month so your observation is important). Please keep us posted re: the fix & any other issues that we should be aware of. Can you advise what your impressions are of driving vehicle?

btw: I’d glad that most were civil to you re: this posting. Name calling is not the right pathway.....

darlin | March 28, 2016

Placing a Post BUYER BEWARE really helps too.

carlk | March 28, 2016

Some people probably think that would call Tesla's attention but I don't think it's necessary at all. Tesla is always very proactive in resolving problems there is really no need to go down to that borderline blackmail.

socalsam | March 28, 2016

@darlin- your post about calling the OP a girl is wholly inappropriate. We all understand bleeding edge. Getting the doors to open and close properly is not bleeding edge. Its basic car manufacturing 101. Its one thing if the autopilot is sketchy or some other advanced feature doesnt work well.

The op cannot get into his car. Its a basic and massive flaw that needs to be corrected.

@carlk- this is not blackmail. This is a discussion forum where owners can discuss their cars- the good, the bad and ugly. There is far too much ugly in the model x with the newer cars. Yes it will all be resolved and yes tesla will take care of the problems but the op has a right and obligation to share his issues so that others can prepare properly if and when they have issues of their own.

cpmarino | March 28, 2016

I'm really not following this ... what the hell does being on a hill have to do with the door opening? Okay, I get that the "auto present" may not work if you are parked on a 60-degree angle (though I really don't see why it wouldn't, unless the motors just aren't strong enough) but why can't you just open the door manually? Are you saying that if you are on a hill and push the door handle, the door doesn't even unlatch and pop open a few inches? Can't imagine that has anything to do with where you are parked ...

But, yeah, I'd be pretty irritated too. Just bear in mind that you didn't buy the 400,000th Camry to roll off the line this year, you are one of a couple of hundred owners of this car ... the first of it's kind ... expecting perfection, regardless of the price, is a bit much.

aesculus | March 28, 2016

Sounds like a broken part in the door if the OP tried all the traditional fixes mentioned above.

Blue X | March 28, 2016

"expecting perfection, regardless of the price, is a bit much.”

C’mon, that’s nonsense.....getting doors to open are a MANDATORY requirement in a vehicle, bleeding edge or not

rdalcanto | March 28, 2016

They will fix it. Relax. On TMC there is a family that decided to get the Volvo XC90 electric/hybrid, and it is undriveable after day 1 with huge errors on the hybrid drive train. They really regret not getting a Model X. After they fix your door, you will still have a Model X.

Out of curiosity, what is your VIN and date of manufacture? Our car is being built this week, and I think the front door issues have been fixed.

carlk | March 28, 2016


Did you even bother to look at the title?

socalsam | March 28, 2016

@carlk - yes. I read the title. Whats your point? He cant open his get into the he can drive it.....

Is that too much to ask for?

Yes they will fix and yes this is a temporary glitch but give the op some support instead of telling him he is blackmailing tesla.

Gary an Rachel | March 28, 2016

Growing pains, much was said about " where is my car" then others would say I'll take it as is, etc. I trust tesla, everything I've ever read is they are all in on taking care of customers. This is why we bought our X. BTW, doors are working perfect and so far we have not found anything that doesn't. They got it right.

TiburonTesla | March 28, 2016

I took delivery on 3/18. No problems with the front doors at all. Little bit of "glitchiness" with the FWD (seems to sometimes think that something is in the way and not open or close all the way). But it's only once in a while. I'm sure tsla will fix 'er up. We love the car regardless.

Mom2Dancers | May 10, 2016

I can share in OP's concerns. After waiting two years for delivery, I drove my gorgeous Model X for four days before getting "latched out" of the driver's seat. No inclines involved! Went out to the car yesterday morning to take the kids to school and could not get into it... We had already had to shut off the auto present door open feature because it was hitting myself (and my kids as they stood out of the way of the falcon doors in front of the driver door and I approached the car). Hubby tried the re-set procedure suggested on a forum, but by the afternoon, the same problem happened again and I was not able to get into the car. It's at the SC today- we'll see what they say. Of all the issues we expected we might have with this high-tech marvel of an automobile, not being able to get into the car through the driver door was not one of them!

lilbean | May 10, 2016

Yay, another thread where people are attacking one another and arguing.

cranker2k | May 10, 2016

Does the door has emergency manual opening, especially from inside? What I'm really worried about is for those extreme rare occasion of car going into a lake and no electronics works, then the people inside just sit there and wait for car to sink and pray?

What if getting info an accident and all power off and only have few seconds before car is engulf with fire from other cars? One of my relatives were in such an accident 30 years ago and at that time there were manual doors and window roll downs.

This is not just Tesla thing. For sure windows are no longer manual in most new cars. But I think there has to be a way open the door manually. I think my BMWs can double pump the lever to open.

Any insights will be great. I am committed to order mine Model X, just matter of when.


Big T | May 10, 2016

"Buy beware" is an extreme way of alerting someone to a potential problem. That is more appropriately (and typically) used when a product is not what it is claimed to be or when the seller is dishonest. I have no doubt that the OP's Model X has been fixed at this point. Most likely the front door latches have been replaced with the redesigned latches that are now in production.

Mom2Dancers | May 10, 2016

@cranker2k- Even when our driver door wouldn't open from the exterior, we were able to open it from the interior by gaining entry through the falcon wings or passenger doors and using the manual interior handle.

I will update when I find out about our fix from the SC. I optimistic that they can fix this, as I really love the car!

carlk | May 10, 2016


$3.50 solves your problem. Sorry that I have to say it but this would be another case of user error blaming the product when things like that happen. Nothing in the world is going to be fool proof.

PXChanel | May 10, 2016

This talk is scaring me. I have no choice but to take delivery of my MX in June. I am not willing to cancel my order and lose $5K. I am also worried about all MX's on sale on ebay and Does not bode well at all.

lilbean | May 10, 2016

Yeah. Not happy about it either. After spending a week at the SC, the doors aren't sucking tightly enough to fully close. Yay! Early adopter! I feel so special now. Lol.

lilbean | May 10, 2016

Glad you love it mom2dancer. Boy I remember those days when you first get the car and you're like, "Wow, this is so amazing. I'm so lucky! I'm an early adopter and am happy to be a part of the process where I can help them work out the bugs. Yay!" Well, I woke up this morning to a door that won't fully close, a week after spending a week at the SC. It says it's closed, it looks closed but it sure doesn't sound closed. Oh the good 'ole days (last month). Believe me, the high wears off when you are dealing with one problem after the next. Sorry, I don't mean to bring anyone down. I was just thinking of a famous "I Love Lucy" episode where Lucy and Ethel get a job at a chocolate factory and they are trying to stuff the chocolates in the boxes as they are coming down the line. I think the workers in the factory are like, "f it, next!". The problem isn't QC at the end of the line. The problem is at the heart of the line where the guy is putting on the crappy latches and door seals.

darlin | May 10, 2016

I only see 8 Model X's for sale on Ebay, and every single one is being listed for more than the purchase price. Pretty safe bet those are being sold for a profit, not because they are so full of problems (who would buy it then except another motor company for reverse engineering project - like Ford did).

Big T | May 10, 2016

PXChanel, nothing to be scared of. Front door latches experienced early failure so the latches were redesigned. Failed latches are being replaced under warranty with new design as needed. Your June delivery X will have the new latches.

DarthB | May 10, 2016

@mom2dancer what's your vin and delivery date? Curious to know if you are the newer batch....

carlk | May 10, 2016

Yeah I don't think Tesla will ship any X now without making sure known problems have been fixed. Even my kind of early adoptor X does not have any problem with either front doors or FWD. The only thing that happened is in a few instances the auto presenting or closing function failed to act.

AlMc | May 10, 2016

Title of the thread is way over the top. The X has some issues that TM is/will address but 'buyer beware'? Really.

OP: how about a title change?

aesculus | May 10, 2016

@cranker2k :

Does the door has emergency manual opening, especially from inside? What I'm really worried about is for those extreme rare occasion of car going into a lake and no electronics works, then the people inside just sit there and wait for car to sink and pray?

You don't do this in any car if you go into a lake, electric or not. You break, not roll down, the window or open the door. CarlK told you that you could fix this for $3.50 but he failed to tell you how. Go to the hardware store and buy a center punch. They are spring loaded. Press them against any side or rear glass and they will instantly shatter them. Then you just swim out.

Mom2Dancers | May 10, 2016

@Darth. 000395... we took delivery April 27, after the SC held the car for a week or so making "repairs" which they would not go into detail on. Not sure of the production date, but they did say our car was built after the recall involving the third row seats, so we did not have to worry about that one.

aesculus | May 10, 2016

@lezleybauer: Use the voice command to report the seat movement while moving as a bug. Also report to your service center which I think you have.

I agree they should not move while the car is not in P mode with the loading switch on the top.

Mom2Dancers | May 10, 2016

Thanks, @aesculus. We did report using the voice command, and also to SC today. They were handed a list of issues. One thing I forgot to ask sbout, though... When I was investigating the moving seat problem, I noticed that the Owners Manual shows a "Seats" category, under "Doors" on the Controls screen, but our car doesn't have that category, so I am not able to move/adjust seats using touch screen. Was this an option? An error in the OM? We have a P90DL with most of the options.

Mom2Dancers | May 10, 2016

@aesculus, per your comment on 3/27, I just wanted to clarify. My door issue is not related to the auto present feature-- we have that turned off because the door was hitting my daughter in the face when I'd get near the car and she was waiting for the falcon wings to open... I did try pressing the handle, and the door refused to open with a press.

Mom2Dancers | May 10, 2016

@lilbean, thanks for the laugh! I know... I'm not looking forward to driving an hour back and forth to our SC every time there is a problem. I am already not very tech savvy, but the promise of an all electric car with this kind of power has me holding on to hope (and more willing to tolerate the issues than I would have been with any of my previous cars). Trust me, if a dealer handed me my ML63 with this laundry list of problems, I would have asked for a refund and gone elsewhere !

aesculus | May 10, 2016

@Mom2Dancers: I was posting about the issue you have with the FWD moving the other seats. That should only happen with you press the button with the arrows on the top and IMHO should not be active when the car is in drive.

I think the entry for the controls section may have been a carryover from before? We were supposed to get a cargo mode etc using the touchscreen but it has been delayed and/or canceled?

lilbean | May 10, 2016

I told me children that it's going back to the SC tomorrow and my little guy said, "Does it have to go back there every other week?" Haha.

NumberOne | May 10, 2016

I have only had my car for a few days, and I have noticed that the driver side door does not always open all the way. It took me 2 seconds to realize that it is using the sensors on the rear doors , and if I stand to close to them the door does not open al the way. On auto present this does not happen, since I am not yet in the path of the sensor. It is not a problem if the door just unlatches, since it is easy to move it manually the rest of the way.

aesculus | May 10, 2016

Another reason for auto present. :-)

Mom2Dancers | May 11, 2016

The auto present on ours was hitting my kids when I'd walk over with the key, so we had to shut it off... Do the sensors only detect and avoid adults, or is there something wrong with ours?

NumberOne | May 11, 2016

I usually have it turned off unless I am doing a lot of getting in and out outside. I back into my garage because that way I can see on the screen how close I am to things, which necessitates going past the car to get to the charging port. Also, my kids approach the car from the otherside, and from the rear and/or the passenger side. This car is amazing, but it does require a little owner adjustment to make thing optimal too.

aesculus | May 11, 2016

The auto present on ours was hitting my kids when I'd walk over with the key, so we had to shut it off... Do the sensors only detect and avoid adults, or is there something wrong with ours?

The sensors are not in the front doors and only in the passenger doors. So if they are standing by the front door they are going to get hit.

I would prefer Tesla put sensors in both doors and also on the closing side too.