Less obvious details from the unveiling

Less obvious details from the unveiling

Door handles - one car has Model S style handles, while another had a new style. Both flush.
Single large display. No instrument panel, but a large 17"? center display for all information
Has a Frunk and Trunk
Has a center console with two cup-holders
LED headlights
Battery in the floor like the S and X, so flat floor for rear seat passengers


Door handles - appear to be flush, but manually opened
AWD option will be available (and prototype are AWD)
Not a hatchback, but has a trunk lid with deep opening

Deltaflaze | March 31, 2016

I found the lack of instrument panel interesting...I have a model S but still reserved. Will be curious to see what the upper end models look like. I purchased a S60 w/Autopilot. Will have to see what other upgrades the 3 will have.

Captain_Zap | March 31, 2016

I hope the console is optional.

bodenalan | March 31, 2016

Looks to have the same windscreen style as the X?

I liked that the panel was landscape not portrait, That Frunk doesn't look as big as the S

Chaz | March 31, 2016

looked like the windshield to the back window was one single piece of glass...

mwenn1 | March 31, 2016

I bet in the end it will have an instrument panel

hcwhy | March 31, 2016

It might project drivers display on the windscreen.

mscott | March 31, 2016

The stream dropped out a few time for me. Did Elon mention AWD? I think he said something about moving the "firewall" forward to make room for adult legs. But there would be limited space to do that with AWD, I would think.

Love the exterior, except for the big "fat lip" on the front. At least I won't have any hesitation about putting a license plate on the front now. ;-)

115,000 reservations in 24 hours!

gordon.photographer | March 31, 2016

Display is 15" it seems

JeffreyR | March 31, 2016

When they started talking about safety and they virtually "built up" the parts of the car, it seemed to me that there were definitely two motors.

pepsundar | March 31, 2016

I wish more details were provided. What is the expected range? Battery capacity? 4 seater or 5?

dannieboiz | March 31, 2016

15" display, single glass rear wind shield through the back roof but what about the front? Perhaps it has to be done this way for the sunroof?

I think it needs to have some kind of heads up display for speedo looking to the side for speed will be annoying.

Matte paint job is top on my list right now. Love the wheels

Xerogas | March 31, 2016

@pepsundar, Elon said 215 mile EPA range, and that it seats 5 adults comfortably

dsvick | March 31, 2016

When they were showing the build up view it displayed dual motors so I'm thinking all wheel drive is, at least, an option.

Sounds like auto-pilot will be an option, the hardware will be there though!

Xerogas | March 31, 2016

Will it be a hatchback? With that single glass rear windshield, my dad thinks it can't be a hatch. Hope he's wrong, because the S is just so darn practical.

diegoPasadena | March 31, 2016

If it retains that design without an instrument panel, it will probably have a HUD, because the info will have to be straight in front of the driver for security reasons.

brian | March 31, 2016

Looked like cup holders in the rear doors and the center console had 2 cup holders.

pepsundar | March 31, 2016

@Xerogas Thanks. The live stream went off several times, so I missed that part.

pepsundar | March 31, 2016

Reserved mine. A quick message 'Your reservation confirmed' appeared as soon as I clicked the reserve now. No email yet. My bad, I didn't take a screen shot. :-(

Haggy | March 31, 2016

They didn't all have the same handles, and I doubt the red one was a real car. I think it was a mock up. The first two were driven on, and either the lighting was very bad or the back on the red one wasn't designed to open. It's too early to tell, but I expect that we'll see as many changes between now and when it comes out as we saw between the X mock up and the final product.

I think the production S looks nicer than the prototype and I expect that if they do make changes to the 3, they might be subtle since we know what car we will be getting, but they might be for the better. It's a nice enough start that it could survive as a final product.

I don't know if it's realistic to expect it to make it to production with no instrument panel. The nice thing about a center screen is that it's generic enough to put everything on for now, while the instrument panel would need very specific hardware to actually function.

I'm definitely not asking for my deposit back.

This also puts an end to the "it will compete with the Bolt" argument. GM committed to 30,000 and somewhere stated a maximum that they'd ever make, given the availability of components for the battery. Tesla already outsold them in a few hours, so whether the Bolt fizzles out completely or GM sells the maximum they ever intend to make, Tesla has already beaten them. I hate to use that word, since there's enough room in the market for plenty of vehicles, but for those in the press who insist that the Bolt will kill off Tesla, the argument is DOA.

logicalthinker | March 31, 2016

Notice that the door windows have rimless glass

logicalthinker | March 31, 2016

And notice it is hatchback

logicalthinker | March 31, 2016

Notice no ≡ logo on the back of any one of the Model ≡ !

Ross1 | March 31, 2016

remember...concept car. With orders.

No grill = cheaper. Like a Renault Dauphine from the 60s

Ross1 | March 31, 2016

@pepsunder; what they say on here: no pics, it didn't happen

jbunn | March 31, 2016

I like that the main (center) panel is so high. Makes it easier to see with out taking ones eyes off road.

bodenalan | March 31, 2016

on a test drive I heard them say rear or AWD

Everett_benke | March 31, 2016

I though overall it's impressive. I'm hoping the nose receives some more refinement. I too feel as if the exterior will evolve. HUD seems like a good option.

carlk | March 31, 2016

How does the trunk open with that single piece of back window?

logicalthinker | March 31, 2016

It's a hatchback. It opens widely.

logicalthinker | March 31, 2016

useful video
www dot periscope dot tv/w/1dRKZyRkpgNxB

flight505 | March 31, 2016

Interior really looks space age, wow.

Front end has less of a grille/radiator appearance of a conventional ICE car.

The profile of the body is beautiful.

The wheels are also hot looking.

mclary | March 31, 2016

Speculation idiots at work again!


Darryl | March 31, 2016

Those were just prototypes to show you what they will possibly liooks like. For safety reasons there will probably still be a display in front of steering wheel if not the driver's eyes would keep leaving road. They don't show that level of detail in a conceptual prototype. I am afraid you reading to much into a prototype. Just the Model X changed considerably several times during the design phases snd even changed between the final showing in September until it was produced in December. The other thing that at least most people picked up on as he said it several times was the hardware would be in place for autopilot. Just like the X and S but to activate it you have to pay an software activation fee. For the X is was $4500.

SCCRENDO | March 31, 2016

McLary did you reserve. I did. I trust in Elon. Not speculating on anything because a lot can change in 2 years.

archvillain | March 31, 2016

They don't have a head-up display (HUD), but they seem to need one because there are no instruments.
Hopefully a HUD is planned and it's only missing from those cars because they're concept/prototypes.

(My car has a HUD; they are fantastic and I hope the Model 3 has one because I really do not want to downgrade back to the bad old days of cars that lack them. However the projector area/lens kinda has to be placed somewhere between the back of the steering wheel and where the dash meets the windscreen, and the video clearly showed nothing there. Still, fingers crossed.)

carlgo | March 31, 2016

It has multi-link suspension front and rear. I was afraid it would have cheaper struts up front.

I think the nose is a blank canvas right now and will eventually have a slit opening. I like the grill-less look.

I noted the dual motor chassis and EM said there would be performance versions.

It doesn't look small to me, maybe more the size of a 5 Series BMW than a 3 Series?

Hope the SUV version is shown soon as well. Guess my prediction of falcon doors is wrong...sob.

Twice as many Superchargers next year is a start.

The body construction looks entirely conventional and there was nothing not seen on other Teslas, or indeed on millions of other cars, so it seems that production can indeed be high volume.

Overall a good looking car with good specs and decent standard equipment, well worth the price. And it should be easier to repair and insure. Glad I put my monies down. Can't wait to summon it.

OHMY | March 31, 2016

Chasis is part aluminum and part steel, but ratio not finalized. Mostly steel.

There is RWD and optional AWD

The matte black is soooooo beautiful. Wonder if it will be available on S in the future. I reserved 3 3's, and happy I did. One for me, two for family.

I hope the design evolves a little bit to edge closer to that of the S, but doubt it will evolve as much as X did due to need for timely delivery. I like the design, but will have to wait for some parts of it to grow on me.

So here is a rebate question: As I understand it, 7500 does not run out at car number 200,001. As I understand it, the rule is the 7500 rebate ends at the END of the second quarter AFTER the 200,000 car is sold IN the US. So if tesla delivers its 200,000 car on feb4, 2018, then all teslas delivered ON OR BEFORE september 30, 2018 will qualify. Maybe it is just one quarter after. Anyway, the point is, could tesla "game" the system? Slow deliveries as it builds inventory, and say time the 200,000 delivery for (in this example) April 1, and by so doing help its customers get their 7500 for all deliveries through the end of 2018?

OHMY | March 31, 2016

Oh, and another thing I noticed…. 3600 additional superchargers in a year. Aren't they something like 400,000 a piece to build? That's like 1.5 billion spent on superchargers alone- seems like a bunch (necessary obviously for the 137,000 reservations made as of an hour ago!!!) but will Tesla need more cash? The deposits on these things will pay for about a quarter of it I am estimating. Probably a plan there somewhere. Hope there is. I am long TSLA.

JeffreyR | March 31, 2016

"GM committed to 30,000 and somewhere stated a maximum that they'd ever make, given the availability of components for the battery."

Actually that story was debunked a little later. The battery factory that was originally limited to 30K, has other sources from Asia. GM has stated that they will build as many as they can sell. The number someone said recently was around 50K. I think you are right in essence though. I see them trying to sell 30K/year.

Chunky Jr. | March 31, 2016

@ OHMY : that refers to individual SC stalls, not locations. Some locations have 16 stalls.

OHMY | March 31, 2016

Ah- thanks Chunky, Of course. I must be tired and zapped from all the adrenaline. Whew! Makes sense!

Chunky Jr. | March 31, 2016

What was really impressive was the quadrupling of destination chargers. Seems like they will have them in almost every decent hotel in the country!

Haggy | March 31, 2016

What I said wasn't wrong. I read it on the Internet. It must be true.

alistair | April 1, 2016

Not sure that this is really a hatchback, I cannot see the entire glass moving up to access the boot, would create issues with sealing to the frame.

More likely that the boot opens like a 3 series based on the seams?

MountainVoyageur | April 1, 2016

I wonder when we find out:
1) What options, especially battery size options, are available and at what price?
2) How to carry bulky items for a full load of passengers (surfboards / kayaks / canoes / etc)

sbeggs | April 1, 2016

In unveil, Elon said Supercharging, Autopilot/safety, 5 seats, frunk and trunk will be standard/available. 215 mile range EPA base model, 0-60 under 6 seconds base model. $35,000 base model.

On filmed test ride, driver said Model 3's higher range battery options have not been finalized. Didn't say how many kWh the 215 mile range battery would be, if I could hear correctly. Said air suspension was option, also that Model 3 would be available in both RWD and dual motor versions.

Didn't hear if he said anything regarding HUD, or center console.

sbeggs | April 1, 2016

Ordered one!

jordanrichard | April 1, 2016

The car is not a hatchback. It has a regular trunk lid. Look at any pictures of the roof. It is continuous glass from the top of the windshield to the trunk. | April 1, 2016

@jordanrichard Actually I believe it is a hatch (although I haven't seen it open). You can see a very thin break in the glass at the center of the roof. I suspect this is where the hinge is for the hatch.

Bighorn | April 1, 2016

If it holds a 7 foot surfboard...