Which Color Looks Best on the Model S?

Which Color Looks Best on the Model S?

I put down 2500$ for my new Model S two days ago.

I've gone back and forth on the color. The other options, I'm pretty clear on. Color, I just can't decide.

First white, then silver, now blue. Maybe back to white.

Beyond "it's what you like," does anyone have any advice on which color looks best on a Model S?

buchholtz3 | April 8, 2016

Red. All the way. But of course it can depend on your climate and how tolerant you are to visible dust or bug splatter.

jordanrichard | April 8, 2016

Silver. I had a loaner in silver and it was stunning looking. I have a blue car but the original dark blue.

steven | April 8, 2016

I like the Signature Red color, but that won't be available. I have the Midnight Silver/Steel Grey and am still really happy with it. But on the other hand, I also really like the new blue in the sunlight. When it's inside, it's not so pretty. But that is just my opinion.
So if I had to choose from your selection of 3 color, I'd go with blue.

Run4Waffles | April 8, 2016

What are you looking for when you drive? Look at me/hot stuff - Red? Class - Obsidian Black Metallic? Or Pearl White multi-coat

What colors have you had before? Are you male or female?

Had blue for 11 years. Wife's car is silver. Those were off the list. Too much red on the road. But it is sharp.

vp09 | April 8, 2016

I know that most people would say "Well that depends on what you like." Well, I like all the colors.

So which one looks best?

White looks best for several reasons, and probably makes the most sense environmentally (10 degrees cooler in the sun-- Google "car color and temperature"). Silver-- maybe second from that way of looking at it.

But silver does not showcase the trim-- the door handles for example.

Extra cost for some paint colors: I don't think I'll care in 5 or 15 years whether I paid $1000 or $1500 more for the color, so cost is not much of a factor for this choice.

Red maybe not-- I'll save that for my wife's Model 3.

Black looks cool, but who in their right mind would buy a black car in Southern California? I think that would be dumb. Like my neighbor, who recently had a black roof installed. Next day, I could hear his a/c running all day long. Our house was maybe 68 inside with no a/c, and no black roof. The first thing Martin Eberhard did with his new home in Los Angeles was to cover the roof with white rock.

If you have solar panels, you could argue that the net effect of using extra a/c would be zero, to cool your dark-colored car down to where the temperature would already be on a light colored car. But I think I'd feel guilty going that way-- conspicuous consumption, you know.

buchholtz3 | April 8, 2016

The white looked sharper in person than I thought at an event last fall (especially with the dark rims), but it's owner pointed out how the bugs flocked to it (live ones, not windshield casualties). We were all parked next to each other, and the bugs couldn't resist the pearl white. Sure, they were gone after 10 mph, but I offer it up only as extra information.

vp09 | April 8, 2016

Thanks to all for the comments!

Run4Waffles, I'm male, 65, and have had a steel-gray Integra for the last 29 years, when I bought it new (for $14,000 with extras). Before that I had a green car and a ugly red Buick Skylark, and a light blue Nash that I drove when I was 12. I may stick with that blue. And look again at the Pearl. Yes, class!

Steven, thanks for the vote for blue-- I'm almost there.

Jordanrichard, silver has to be up there-- I'll look at cars at the showroom this Saturday-- not decide based on the web site.

Buchholtz3 and Steven-- Red is awesome but I'm just too chicken to go that way. My wife wants it for her Model 3 though!

sbeggs | April 8, 2016

I'm with @jordanrichard about blue and silver. Have silver loaner now.

TesMD | April 8, 2016


I have the midnight silver and I love that color. But I also love the new blue and the pearl white. I have seen both those colors in the sunlight on brand new Tesla and those colors look really great on the car. If you are thinking of white, you may want to take a second look at the pear white.

Congrats and welcome to the family. No matter what color you pick, still an amazing car.

renwo S alset | April 8, 2016


joy2drive | April 8, 2016

We have 2 Teslas---the first in silver, which we love, and the second in the midnight silver metallic, which we also love. The silver looks the cleanest, most of the time. It just doesn't show grime the way other colors do, and I appreciate that very much, as I don't want to be spending all my time trying to keep the cars clean.

jajabor | April 8, 2016

I like black.

Here's mine:

Half Dollar Bill | April 8, 2016

I think they made a mistake getting rid of green.
But if I were buying another today, it would be the titanium.

HenryT2 | April 8, 2016

I think the MC Red is the best color if you don't consider the personality of the owner. However, it's very flashy.

I like the new Titanium. I'm not partial to cars that look brownish/beigish but I took a look at a bunch of Model S at my local salesroom and I thought it was the best car to balance class and accentuate the lines of the car.

I think the black loses some of the lines of the car (I've always been partial to black in the past). White is fairly sharp but a little too pedestrian (the more expensive version MIGHT help). And blue just looks cheap (the older blue was darker and less 'Kia' looking).

thegute | April 8, 2016

We were back and forth between silver, white, and midnight silver. We ruled out the midnight silver because it is so dark and as we all know it is difficult to keep dark colors clean and pristine. It took seeing the colors in person to finally decide on the silver. The white was great but it was more sporty. The silver was more classy and since this car was primarily for my wife, she preferred a classy car to a sporty one. You can't go wrong with any color because this car looks amazing no matter what you choose but it does really help to see the colors in person. The silver looks way better in person than in pictures.

Silver2K | April 8, 2016

Silver is the only way to go.

frankie.fingers | April 8, 2016

Black and white show more dirt and constantly need cleaning. When clean, they look amazing.

Red says "Look at me, I'm in a hot Tesla!"

Blue is kind of a girly color.

Titanium looks too brown to me.

As someone said earlier, the lighter silver doesn't accent the door handles, although it's a nice color.

That leaves midnight silver (the color I ordered). :)

Interesting story I didn't know. I was at my Tesla location today, and there was a Roadster there. My DS told me that when they were sold, the Roadster came in any color/any shade the buyer wanted. Fully custom. Nice.

aarnold | April 8, 2016

I am telling you to go with your gut feeling...Like taking a test...How many times do we look back and change the answers. Go with your gut. When you pick that puppy up, you will be the happiest man at that precise moment. I hope you can endure the next month or two waiting to drive it off into the sunset.

Go with the Red...

Silver2K | April 8, 2016

Red is for girls!

Silver with dark grey 21's.

WattsThatGrin | April 8, 2016

Black, hands down!

aarnold | April 8, 2016

SilverBullet !!! You cracked me up...Thank you !!!

flight505 | April 8, 2016

I got black but soon wished I had gone with red.

Then, I changed from silver wheels to dark gray wheels and now the black looks so much better.

So, I think appreciation of color depends so much on the color of wheels and interior.

renwo S alset | April 8, 2016

I really like my lime green ones.

Emobile | April 8, 2016

Just don't go with Titanium Metalic - YECK! Makes the S look like a Kia or '80's Japanese car. Not sure if they even have this color anymore.

Silver2K | April 8, 2016

aarnold, it's how I roll!

don't listen to @renwo he lost his emergency brakes!

real man's color combo

alnrench2 | April 8, 2016

Here in South Florida I have been driving white or silver cars since much cooler on our hot sunny days. I love my Pearl White S model with its extremely dark tinted windows. The white is brilliant and bright, and the door handle lights really light up the doors on this color at night.
When it comes time to decide on Model 3, I think I may go back to Brilliant Silver with dark tinted glass all around.....but Pearl White will again be considered.....I hope to see some model 3 demos of those two colors in personal the store here before decision time.

Silver2K | April 8, 2016

forgot to post the second one :(

bishoppeak | April 8, 2016

Take your interior color into account, silver and white pretty much require a black interior. I like the grey interior with the other colors.

KP in NPT | April 8, 2016

When waiting in line to place my Model 3 order, on a delivery truck I saw a midnight silver S with the grey wheels and red calipers and it looked fierce. Of course to get the red calipers you'd need to be ordering a P90D, I believe.

aarnold | April 8, 2016

SilverBullet...Looks nice. I will give you a pass since you are a Network Engineer like me. Keep up the good work.

PhillyGal | April 8, 2016

There's a reason MC Red is featured in a lot of Tesla's photos :)

I personally think silver cars look like they forgot to paint them - yet silver is one of the most beloved car colors out there. Which just goes to show, color preferences vary widely.

renwo S alset | April 8, 2016

I had a red P85D as a loaner, I got arrested for driving while red.

Silver2K | April 8, 2016


Thanks and same to you!

SUN 2 DRV | April 8, 2016

PhillyGal +1

I got red and love the way it highlights the MS's curves and lines. The dark colors look elegant when clean, but hide a lot of the sculptural beauty.

A silver car makes me think the owner didn't want to pick a color, so they went with silver, basically a non-color. I've also read that silver blends into the roadway and so isn't the best choice from a safety visibility point of view.

Jcollins | April 8, 2016

I wanted black. My wife wanted Silver. We're driving Silver. I admit, it looks good clean and really good, compared to black, when its dirty.

Silver2K | April 8, 2016


I NEVER.....!

fred | April 8, 2016

@vp09: I offer a hypothesis that most owners make a color selection primarily influenced by what they think looks good. I know, I know - there is someone saying "well, I really love the look of black - but a black car gets too hot here in ....." - but I suggest that if they then chose white or other light color, they didn't think it looks awful or they would have chosen something else. Similar situation for those who say "well, I really wanted to buy XXXXX but it's a premium color and I couldn't afford the incremental $1,000 - $1,500.

If you agree with the above hypothesis, that leads to a conclusion that the majority of responses are all variants on "it's what you like". (or more specifically, "what the responder likes")

I suggest spending some time at the local service center and looking at the cars, both new and those that are presently owned and either in for service or for a charge (if there are superchargers at site). A color that you might think looks great in the online rendering might look different to you when you see it in reality. Also, you might bet to see the difference between how a color looks freshly washed versus with some road grim.

Another benefit: although it would be a statistically small sample, you could get a feel for relative popularity of colors, which might be useful if you subscribe to the "wisdom of crowds" theory. Admittedly though, the distribution will be skewed towards colors that are "always on the menu" versus those that are recently added or have been discontinued.

For what it is worth, I have Titanium and get lots of compliments - but on the flip side, I know there are some on the forum who think it is not worthy of being put on a Tesla....

We have never met, but the fact that you are wise enough to buy a Tesla leads me to believe that you are wise enough to chose a color that you will appreciate.

Best wishes.

Silver2K | April 8, 2016

You don't see the Lone Ranger yelling Hi-yo Red, away....

Silver2K | April 8, 2016

"I suggest spending some time at the local service center and looking at the cars"

I would recommend you watch the Lone Ranger!

steveg1701 | April 8, 2016

My new blue looks really sharp with the tan next gen seats but after a mere 3 days of ownership it already looks filthy, car really shows the dirt

Run4Waffles | April 8, 2016

I neglected to mention which color we went with. However, since others are revealing their color selection I feel left out. We went with the Obsidian Black Metalic. Classy like a black tie event. Plus you blend in a little better. Your sped can get away from you. The red would not be forgiving. If you drive spirited, you may want to keep this in mind.

Good luck and don't over think it. Go with the color you like on the car. And visit a SC (which is exactly what we did).


Run4Waffles | April 8, 2016

Ugh. Speed, not sped.

bwb1 | April 8, 2016

I love my blue...

[url=][img] Model S 70D[/url] by [url=]bwb2005[/url], on Flickr

buchholtz3 | April 8, 2016

Silver85Plus: Is that a SC in Montana? It looks like the one I visited in June the FREAKING DAY they repaved the parking lot. I had no choice but to low-speed it across the sticky tar. I climbed out on those stone pillars to get to the grass so my shoes wouldn't pick up the goo as I went in search of food. I had no choice but to charge so I could continue to my destination (the trout wait for no woman!). So, if you saw tire tracks in the pavement and wondered what moron drove their luxury car through brand new sticky tar.....yep- that was me.

RocketReed | April 8, 2016

The original brown is the best color in my book. Seen rarely on the road, sleek and silky smooth with the tan interior and everybody comments on how nice it looks and that its refreshing from all the black, grey, white and red cars out there. The red brake calipers really make a nice accent for the car too.

El Hammer | April 8, 2016

I honestly think any color looks great on the S, but Midnight Silver always stood out for me and I've been extremely happy with it. Real classy-like. Second choice would be Pearl White.

JayInJapan | April 8, 2016

White is boring.
Silver makes it look like every other car on the road.
Black showcases everything on it that shouldn't be on it.
Blue: see white above.
Titanium looked pretty nice when I test drove one.
Red looks the awesomest.

Having written all that, the color you like is always going to be the best choice.

flight505 | April 8, 2016

"You don't see the Lone Ranger yelling Hi-yo Red, away...."

Great line!!! Made me laugh.

steveg1701 | April 9, 2016

@rocketreed I've only seen the original brown in pictures, ditto for the dark green - both were totally awesome looking. As an aside, about the same colors as the first 2 cars I ever bought where I had a color choice, wish they hadn't dropped them

Silver2K | April 9, 2016


that's the liverpool, ny SC (Syracuse).

but I have heard about this person that drove through...