Watched the Bolt intro - what a joke

Watched the Bolt intro - what a joke

It was relatively lame. Having the bolt come out of the wall to flashing lights was unimpressive. Stage fanfare, lights and effects for a vehicle that really looks like a $20k car. Nothing compares to the concept. The concept was deserving of this entry, not this ugly thing.

Mary B.'s comment was something like you don't have to drive to another state to purchase or service it. I have news for you Mary: in my Tesla at least I get to drive to the next state- or any of the lower 48 states. Expanding to Alaska in the future!

My service center is nearby. My SC legitimately cares about the car and has passion for what they are doing. My SC never once price haggled me. My SC is extrrmely helpful.

You will never see me enter GM dealership, or any other than Tesla stores.

priustech | April 9, 2016

Oh and the like 4" high heels are comparable to men with big trucks- compensating.

MarlonBrown | April 9, 2016

When the argument made is that "you dont have to drive to another state" then things are sad.

priustech | April 9, 2016

Looks like they got rid of the ignition switch...

MarlonBrown | April 9, 2016

I watched the replay. Presentation looks like a 70s corporate meeting. Rehearsed, boring. While the Model 3 is not in production, people may buy it. I guess for the ones who drive less than 12k/year, a lease may work. But once they sell the first 200k models, tax incentive goes away.

priustech | April 9, 2016


Madatgascar | April 9, 2016

Translation of the "drive to another state" comment: "Thanks to GM's lobbying efforts, we have made it illegal for Tesla to set up service centers in Michigan, and we will continue to use our corporate clout to make it as inconvenient as possible to own a Tesla." | April 9, 2016

Generally when a company like GM cannot compete in the marketplace, their army of lawyers and paid lobbyists are always just a call away. No need to spend money on making a better product, just prevent competitors from selling their great products. Rather sad.

Jcastillo18 | April 9, 2016

I'm sorry not to be mean the Bolt looks horrendous. I have a Prius and yes it's egg shaped but it's more appealing than the Bolt .

kzodz | April 9, 2016

The bolt is exactly would I would expect from a GM economy car.

Tropopause | April 9, 2016

One can not compete with Tesla AND be a compliance car. Choose a side!

I would rather Mary had taken the high-road instead of tossing insults at Tesla but I understand her frustration- GM has been "inconvenienced" into limited-production of the Bolt because of Tesla.

I want GM to succeed. I just wish they'd see the light. The door is wide open for any takers who wish to walk into the future.

WormtownKris | April 9, 2016

What's Bob Putz, I mean Lutz, been saying this week? He's been bashing Tesla to anyone who would listen for years. Has he said how terrible the Model 3 is yet?

Chunky Jr. | April 9, 2016

I think GM is assuming people will buy the Bolt because it is an EV and that everything else is not important. It's basically building electric versions of ICE cars.

By contrast, Tesla is making amazing cars that people want to buy. It's not an EV for EVs sake. It's an amazing car because it exploits the inherent advantages of EVs in terms of performance, weight distribution, etc.

alias4me | April 9, 2016

Where did you see the Bolt intro? Was it from the CES show a few months ago, or did the do another one?

warren_tran | April 9, 2016

The only GM car I would ever consider buy is corvette. Any EV beside tesla is ugly as hell!

jamilworm | April 9, 2016

The i8 looks nice, but of course that is way off of most people's radar.

warren_tran | April 9, 2016

Most people can't afford I8. It cost $120k +. EV meant for the mass and the model ≡ will accomplish that goal.

cephellow | April 9, 2016

i8, like the Volt, is not a BEV and solves nothing.

xxpalme | April 9, 2016

The i8 can drive about 60 Kilometer with battery YouTube videos, typing "model s bmw i8", there you can see how much faster Tesla will accelerate. In the end bmw is faster, cause the i8 use the fuel motor instead of the battery. The price for the i8 begins at 120k and not at about 70k like the Model S.
Greetings from Germany, Model 3 is reserved ;-)

xxpalme | April 9, 2016

The i8 can drive about 60 Kilometer with battery YouTube videos, typing "model s bmw i8", there you can see how much faster Tesla will accelerate. In the end bmw is faster, cause the i8 use the fuel motor instead of the battery. The price for the i8 begins at 120k and not at about 70k like the Model S.
Greetings from Germany, Model 3 is reserved ;-)

Tropopause | April 9, 2016

i8 is an "electrified" gas car. 18 miles on battery only.

BMW does not make any true BEV's, even the i3 has an optional "range extender", ie- gas engine, which most people get in order to achieve the max 140 mile combined electric/gas range. Whoop-de-doo!

$35k Model 3 is going make most BEV compliance cars obsolete. Looking forward to some real BEV competition some day.

cephellow | April 9, 2016

@tropo, i3 can be got without the range extender, so it qualifies as a BEV. But only 80 miles range makes a Kia Soul EV a much better choice.

kseehafer | April 9, 2016

Have you got a link?

Chunky Jr. | April 9, 2016

There was an article on Green Car Reports that talked about the Bolt and how they must envy Tesla for 325K preorders. Apparently GM is forbidden from pre-orders due to their dealership network and the arcane laws they have been pushing to protect them. Hah!

Red Sage ca us | April 9, 2016

I believe this illustrates the dilemma that General Motors faces:



Tesla Motors is poised to demolish their sales of Buick and Cadillac passenger cars. They will still do well with their SUVs and Pickup Trucks at Chevrolet. But without these high end cars to act as a 'halo' series to aspire toward, they may not be able to attract quite as many buyers to Chevrolet passenger cars to keep paying the bills.

Within a year or two of release, the Model ☰ may surpass all of Buick's sales by itself. By 2020 Tesla Motors may outsell Buick and Cadillac combined in the US. GM already pared down to these three passenger car Divisions. Tesla Motors might be responsible for making Buick and Cadillac into boutique brands, effectively leaving GM to be perceived as Chevrolet alone.

There are 48 locations to buy a Cadillac in Michigan, and 58 in California. There are 89 locations to buy a Buick in Michigan, and 81 in California. There are currently 0 Tesla Stores/Galleries in Michigan, and 27 in California. Including locations that are planned, but not yet open, there are 93 Tesla Stores/Galleries in the entire United States.

Yet, in 2015, the best selling Cadillac passenger car was the ATS, their entry-level vehicle. That car starts at $33,215 and moved 26,873 units last year. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model S has a $70,000 base price, an average sale price of around $105,000 each, and reached 26,400 Customers in the US.

I'm certain the sales efficiency of having hundreds fewer locations nationwide, but still being able to sell the relative same quantity of a $100,000 car as they moved of a sub-$40,000 car was not lost on General Motors' number crunchers at all. They undoubtedly perceive the unmitigated expansion of Tesla Motors as a threat. And so do the 'independent franchised dealerships' that work with GM.

Yet, somehow it does not occur to GM that maybe... They should ditch the dealers and just sell direct. Maybe... Instead of fighting Tesla Motors, they should adopt their methods instead. Maybe... They should launch an ELECTRA division of fully electric cars to compete with Tesla Motors by offering vehicles with just as much technological savvy, but a hefty measure of luxury appointments. Of course, that sort of action would require risky, progressive thinking that goes beyond quarterly reports to shareholders.

Red Sage ca us | April 9, 2016

Oops! Missed a spot above:

xxpalme: The BMW i8 has a 7 kWh battery pack. BMW claims an all electric range of 20 miles, 32 km. In practice, Owners say it only provides about a 15 mile range, only 24 km, instead. And, the EPA agrees with those Owners. Whomever told you that car has a 60 km fully electric range, 37 miles, is an absolute dog faced liar with their pants on fire.

FelixMendeldog | April 10, 2016

The i8, typical of BMW, is overly contrived (i.e. ridiculous electronic engine sounds through the sound system), overly complex (obviously), and just downright stupid (opening the hood). It's base price is far higher than even a high spec. Tesla and is worse in every single way—watch to see the resale value plummet when people realize how prodigiously expensive it will be to fix the thing. The BMW i8 is the most foolish waste of money in the current vehicle market.

Haggy | April 11, 2016

When you say that you don't have to drive to another state to service it, and it's your company that's fighting to keep the competition out of those states, then it makes you sound like somebody collecting protection money. You may say that you are helping, but we all know you are trying to help only yourself.

carlk | April 11, 2016


"...for a vehicle that really looks like a $20k car."

People who say the Bolt is an M3 killer or even just an M3 competitor just couldn't get it. Bolt is at best a Honda Fit with an electric motor. The M3 is a car that is bigger, faster and much cooler than BMW 3, Audi A4 or MB C class. Bolt and M3 are not exacty in the same league even when both are powered by batteries. And they are still wondering why M3 already got 10x reservation than GM is planning to make the Bolt in a year.

Roamer@AZ USA | April 11, 2016

GM absolutely does not want to have to make electric cars. GM dealers absolutely do not want to have to sell electric cars.

alias4me | April 11, 2016

Couldn't post the link to the YouTube talk, but if you go to YouTube and search for "Mary T. Barra, GM - Keynote 2016" you will find it. About 20 minutes or so. I have a reservation for the Model 3, but I will go take a look at the Bolt when it comes out. Maybe even lease it as a stopgap till I get the Tesla.

yongliangzhu68 | April 11, 2016

Sans Tesla and the Bolt is a good car. Best range, looks and practicality of any EV (sans Tesla again). Even Musk has had nice things to say about the Bolt. Actually with Tesla hype and Chevy's average standard middle american base it will be a great push for EVs in the main stream and if successful will probably be a positive for Tesla in the long run.

Red Sage ca us | April 11, 2016

Roamer: +42! The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything about "What Would General Motors and Their 'Independent Franchised Dealerships' Rather Be Doing?" And in that spirit...

How's this for an idea:

1) Any automobile company that manufactures 99% or more of their vehicles as ICE can keep doing so, and no longer has to comply with Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations, though EPA emissions regulations would remain in place.

2) Any automobile company that manufactures more than 15% of their vehicles as zero emissions now has the right to sell those cars direct, without franchises of any sort, for as long as they like.

There. Let's see what strategy bears more fruit, shall we?

Traditional automobile manufacturers have for decades claimed that no one wants to drive fuel efficient cars, that it is unfair to regulate their fuel economy numbers, and that only makes their cars less desirable to the masses. Fine. Go back to manufacturing 3 MPG behemoths with pushrod V8s and 25 gallon fuel tanks. Let's see who buys them, eh?

Red Sage ca us | April 11, 2016

OK. So, I was warned back in January. But actually seeing Mary Barra's keynote at CES really turned my stomach. General Motors seriously does not have a clue. The whole thing talked about window dressing, with almost no information about the car itself. Truly disappointing throughout.

Hmmm... I really don't like that the name is apparently 'BOLT EV'. It sort of confirms my fears that this was designed merely as a means for Chevrolet to one-up the Honda FIT EV. It also makes it clear there may still be a plain old hybrid version called the 'BOLT' at some point. Pretty durned piteous.

rocketscientist | April 11, 2016

She didn't say that...really? Drive to another state...because she thought this is a big problem and it might get bigger? Would she want to be behind an effort to see that it did get bigger? Would that be a good way to sell the Bolt? Tacky.

Red Sage ca us | April 11, 2016

rocketscientist: The [FOULED] up thing is that General Motors specifically lobbied the Great State of Michigan to make sure anyone who chose to purchase a Tesla Motors product there would have to drive to Illinois or Ohio to get service.

francocapizzo | April 11, 2016

There are lots of reasons to be blase or even hate the Bolt and Chevy in the process. However, there are plenty of people out there who like the Chevy brand. That loyalty, coupled with the 1+ year lead the Bolt will have over the M3 in the marketplace, will potentially give Chevy a nice boost in sales. In addition, some people may prefer a hatchback, and the Model 3 is not one of those. On top of all that, more EVs for sale from different manufacturers is great.

That being said, I don't think a Bolt is the best choice for an EV for long-distance trips. Also, screw Chevy in its attempts to limit the states where Tesla can sell vehicles.

Tropopause | April 11, 2016

Chevy- "We will be your source for BEV's!!! (... as long as you don't require more than 30,000 per year.)

Red Sage ca us | April 11, 2016

francocapizzo: The 30,000 units per year of the BOLT will represent a mere rounding error in General Motors' sales. It would amount to 0.3% of their annual sales. Not a nice boost, at all. It is no more than a 'halo' car for the company, just as is the Corvette. Something to show off their technical prowess, while leading people to buy a CRUZE or MALIBU instead. It would be nice if GM would commit to even 1% of their production to fully electric vehicles. But, I doubt that will happen barring government intervention, or their getting their [BUMS] handed to them on a platter by Tesla Motors.

rocketscientist | April 12, 2016

Oh yes so true...big auto has been quite vocal in any attempt to kick Tesla out of a state, I feel they are doing as much as they can without a public outcry. Dealerships are so disliked they to be careful. And you are right she felt comfortable enough to take a shot surrounded by loyal, to the core Chevy consumers, true colors. Absolutely clueless.

Haggy | April 12, 2016

I think people who are knocking the Bolt are missing the point. The press might be misdirected in comparing it to the Model 3, but it makes no more sense to criticize a Bolt for not being a Model 3 than it does to criticize a Suzuki Samurai for not being a Jaguar XKE.

The Bolt might turn out to be a good car for what it is. It might even be the best EV in its segment, which isn't the small sedan segment and shouldn't be compared to it. It's not as if anybody else is making anything with that body design in that price range that has a supercharger network.

jordanrichard | April 12, 2016

Haggy, no one is criticizing the Bolt per se', it is GM. The Bolt looks like an ordinary hatchback and I think it looks better than the i3.

GM has a very long unrelenting history of patting itself on the back for a bunch of window dressing. The signs are literally there on the Bolt. Why the need to put the letters EV next to the Bolt name. Where on a Tesla do you see that?

GM touts the Bolt as being a "game changer" because it can go 200 miles (based on their own numbers), which sounds great (window dressing) but without a proper convenient fast charging, it is still a town/city/state car. If GM is proud of this game changer, why didn't they build a Malibu size EV? Clearly there is a market for large EVs.

Again, notice none of my criticisms are about the car itself, just GM's gloating.

MarlonBrown | April 12, 2016

The i8 looks is too exotic. I doubt a car like that would go mainstream. Like somebody correctly said, the same type of people who bought the Z4 would be buying the i8. Not many. On top of that car is just another boring hybrid.

Red Sage ca us | April 12, 2016

Haggy: Nothing wrong with a car shaped like the BOLT being an electric car. I look forward to seeing all vehicle configurations become fully electric some day. There is a much worse Honda FIT EV on the market that looks very much the same for a similar price. Our issues are with General Motors and their network of 'independent franchised dealerships' that never put their best foot forward when it comes to EVs.

mos6507 | April 13, 2016

How often does anyone even see an EV listed in the car dealer pages of the local newspaper? The dealers are biased against them. They still view them as clown-cars that only appeal to the latte liberal set. Nobody wants to try to market and sell them as a viable mainstream J6P choice. The only time you hear about them is in a news story.

jordanrichard | April 13, 2016

Well at least here in CT, I have never seen a commercial or print ad for one.