Lease us a Model S while we're waiting

Lease us a Model S while we're waiting

Hello -
When I read the announcement today about the new, lower-priced Model S, I wondered why Tesla 3 reservation holders aren't offered a deal on this. Considering we will all just be waiting around for the next 18 months for our Tesla 3, I think Tesla should offer a discounted lease on a Model S that would expire the day you receive delivery of your Model 3.
Drivers would get excited about driving Tesla before 2018, Tesla would make a bunch more money on leases, and we're not stuck with fixed-term leases that we don't need when we actually buy the Model 3. It's a win-win for everyone. Discount the lease payments by 15% for current reservation holders and you will have brand loyalty for life.

tommyalexandersb | June 9, 2016

I would happily pay full price if the lease ended when I got my model 3.

yat168 | June 9, 2016

I like this idea!! :-)

I hope it's an global initiative to where tesla sells cars currently :-)

Josh | June 9, 2016

I think I would, too, but a deal might be a nice appreciation gesture... other Forums have talked about what "gift" Tesla could offer all the people who stood in line on Reservation Day, and I think this would be a good one.

RSavage_92024 | June 9, 2016

I guess I'm just old and don't understand this entitlement mindset. I stood in line for 6 hours. It never once entered my mind that I was doing it to show my 'loyalty' to Tesla. I was there solely for myself. I'll get my car before some, and after others. I made a choice as a consumer. Tesla owes me nothing other than a quality vehicle at some point. Lacking that, I expect my deposit will be refunded....that was the deal I signed up for.

dsvick | June 9, 2016

@RSavage - +100 I agree completely. In fact, I stood in line because I wanted to be in front of as many people as I could be. Do I deserve something for that? Yep, I deserve to be in front of everyone that got in line after me (other than employees and previous owners). Do I deserve free auto-pilot, free SC access, a battery upgrade, a discounted lease that would cost TM hundreds of dollars? No, not hardly.

Yes, Elon said we'd get one and that was pretty generous of him. Send me nice print I can frame and hang, or scale model of the model 3, heck a key chain or a t-shirt would be great - that would be awesome!! Much more than is warranted, but awesome!

I guess a potential "gift" could be a non discounted lease that ends when you get your 3, but even then, if a quarter of the people took them up on it, they'd have 100,000 used cars floating around over the next few years and that would impact new car sales.

swingshiftworker | June 9, 2016

Tesla couldn't possibly "discount' the S60 enough to entice anyone who would rather have a Model 3. Based on the notice I got and the related links, it would cost about $685/mo PLUS sales tax (varies w/location) PLUS a $5k down payment to lease a S60 based on a "sales price" of $67,200, which is about twice the estimated price for a Model 3.

I'd be happy to lease a Model 3 for around $345 plus sales tax (1/2 of the S60 lease estimate) but there's NO WAY that I'd lease a S60 for $685. I can afford it but I have no interest in paying that much on a monthly basis for any car and I doubt that there are many people who put a deposit on a Model 3 who would either and this doesn't even take into account all of the potential Model 3 buyers/lessors who simply can't afford to make such a payment.

xxdmillsxx | June 12, 2016

Love this idea, I'd be on board if it happened.

SCCRENDO | June 12, 2016

I am sure you can negotiate a short term lease. Call them up.

jordanrichard | June 13, 2016

Josh, perhaps you don't realize the slippery slope Tesla would be going down and fast, by starting to offer each "special interest group" a discount.

I guess then I should get a huge discount on a M≡ because I bought my MS 2 years ago before even fewer people knew what Tesla was and there were only 3 superchargers in ALL of New England. My money went to make your future car possible. So where is my payback....

See how "entitled" that all sounded.

Discounts are given when there is a need to move metal. Tesla has no problem moving the metal.

CraigW | June 13, 2016

The only discount employees get is a priority place in line. If Tesla isn't giving a price off to its employees, I doubt it will for others - particularly when (as jordanrichard said) they have no backlog of cars.

sp_tesla | June 13, 2016

"jordanrichard | June 13, 2016
Discounts are given when there is a need to move metal. Tesla has no problem moving the metal."

When lead time get much shorter, Mfg capability dramatically increase, it's time to discount & increasing sales become a priority .(TM is starting with counterproductive S60 price structure that artificially reducing S70/75 battery usage introducing potential customers to unnecessarily increased range anxiety).

hsadler | June 14, 2016

Wow!! Imagine all the turned in Model S's that Tesla would have to deal with. Sell one model 3 and get a Model S in return which then has to be sold?

Don't think so.