$35K "Base" M3 - 205-mile EV range with cloth seats OR 140-mile EV range with dual motor and vegan seats

$35K "Base" M3 - 205-mile EV range with cloth seats OR 140-mile EV range with dual motor and vegan seats

What would you choose if you intended to get a base M3 when making a reservation?

Should Tesla offer both versions if it costs the same to produce?

Rocky_H | June 22, 2016

Cloth seats ARE the vegan seats. Why do you refer to them as if they are different?

mntlvr23 | June 22, 2016

140 ????

PaceyWhitter | June 22, 2016

So, the seats only eat vegetables? How often do they have to eat?

RSavage_92024 | June 22, 2016

I'd pay extra for seats made from vegan skins!

Red Sage ca us | June 22, 2016

"Are they made from REAL Girl Scouts?"

cizuk | June 23, 2016

Elon's already said that the min range would be 215 miles

He's also said that Tesla would not make another sub-200 mile car, so I think Tesla is providing over your expectations!

topher | June 23, 2016

Also, dual motors INCREASE range.

Thank you kindly.

dachuyn | June 23, 2016

Lets me put the question another way ... If Tesla offered 140-mile EV range, dual motors (awd), and vegan (synthetic leather) seats for $35K base M3, would you still reserve one?

If it costs Tesla the same or less to produce this model, it may make sense for both Tesla and (most) consumers (and environment) ... Lighter, faster, safer, less ion lithium used (35KWh instead of 55KWh) ...

dachuyn | June 23, 2016

If Tesla offered 140-mile EV range, dual motors (awd), and vegan (synthetic leather) seats for $35K base M3 ... AT THE UNVEIL in March, would you still reserve one?

David N | June 23, 2016

how did you come up w 140 range?

Rocky_H | June 23, 2016

@David N, Quote: "how did you come up w 140 range?"

By not paying attention to what Musk has said.

slasher0016 | June 23, 2016

Definitely not, if I wanted a crappy range car I'd be a Leaf, Volt or Bolt.

dachuyn | June 23, 2016

@David N - Reducing the battery pack by 1/3 (to about 35-40KWh) together with dual motors may achieve 140-150 mile range.

This would save Tesla about $5K-$6K battery manufacturing cost. I estimate dual motor and synthetic leather cost Tesla about $3K-$4K (2 small motors VS. 1 big motor).

Every M3 out the door would be modern, safter, and faster (with reduced EV range of course). Then there will be battery upgrade option (hopefully snap-on upgrade pack) for those who want more range in the future...

Somehow I never want to see Tesla with cloth seats. No offense to MS owners with cloth seats, but we need to find the material to replace that dust-trapping cloth and still offer comfort for most ...

Bighorn | June 23, 2016

Elon has said he'd never go below a 200 mile range, so there's that.

yongliangzhu68 | June 23, 2016

slasher016: A Volt's range is 420 miles and a Bolt is going to be relatively the same as the M3's. Also Nissan is redesign the Leaf for 2017 with a 200+ range to mach the M3. Also if they use the IDS concept as a bases it could be a competing design. Competition is good.

yongliangzhu68 | June 23, 2016

competing=compelling but competing also works.

slasher0016 | June 23, 2016

Calling the Volt range 420 is disingenuous. That's with a gasoline generator. The electric range is terrible. The Base model 3 may be around the same as Bolt but there's been a lot speculation that the Bolt range isn't apple to apple with Tesla because they aren't doing EPA range while Tesla is. Plus the Model 3 will have a longer range option probably in the 265-300 mile range.

carlos | June 23, 2016

OMFG kill this thread please.

yongliangzhu68 | June 23, 2016

slasher016: It is not disingenuous without a qualifier since range = range. Also on the Bolt Chevrolet will have to publish and use EPA range in the US, just like Tesla. As of now there has been no EPA test of either so both are technically speculation/vaporware. We should see the Bolt's EPA numbers before long since production is getting close. Do you have reason to believe that the Bolt will come in under 200 miles? Seems like a marketing disaster for Chevy to promise "a MORE than 200 mile range" and then come significantly under a 200 mile range. Also they are using a 60kwh battery so it should be a slam dunk to get an over 200 mile range.

dachuyn | June 23, 2016

carlos ... Why. I would commit 100% for such alternate configuration. Hope Elon see this thread too ...

tfay412 | July 1, 2016

I prefer the 205 mile range with the Vegan Seats. I loved the ones in the you tube video with the lady stain testing the material. They appear to be very resilient.

dachuyn | July 8, 2016

I dont need 205 mile range. Actually I would buy an M3 with 120 mile range, as long as Tesla saves the battery cost to make the base M3 to look and function better - Next Gen seats, dual motor, glass roof, etc. And it saves lithium and the Earth too ...

suresh7745 | July 9, 2016

i think OP is hoping for a car for his/her needs within 35k. i don't think tesla m3 is the car for you. i think nissan will make it for you. having said that, i wish i can get 215miles/dual motor/vegan leather Tesla for 35k . we might have to wait for next gen.

cheekedave | July 10, 2016

Does this mean I get a choice of all beef seats, or all pork?

Frank99 | July 10, 2016

Let's see...
Cloth seats - My preference
Vegan seats - Animals are tasty.
AWD - I live in Phoenix, and have no need for extra traction.
2WD - works fine for me.
200 mile range - the minimum needed to be a real EV in the current world
140 mile range - I don't need a toy.

So the choice is...obvious.

Badbot | July 10, 2016

frank visit flagstaff and plat in the snow AWD

sanja.brundic | July 11, 2016

The range is too small. Plus fake leather makes you sweat more.