Using Tesla Car as Solar battery...?

Using Tesla Car as Solar battery...?

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but:

Can someone explain to me whether or not a Tesla auto battery (whether Model S/X/3/TBD) could theoretically be used as a storage system for home solar?

I have a Model S. I have solar. I'm considering buying a small battery backup system for the solar for my home. But meanwhile I've got a huge 85kwh battery sitting in my driveway.

I know the connections don't work today. But theoretically, can this work? Why or why not?

Seems like we have these giant batteries sitting in our driveway. Gotta be a way to use them.

And... what got me thinking about this yet again... anyone think this is relevant to the Solar City acquisition?

DTsea | June 29, 2016

Tesla doesnt want to. It would wear out tbe batteries faster.