Yay - We can now flag individual posts as inappropriate

Yay - We can now flag individual posts as inappropriate

YAY - I guess this happened today.

SCCRENDO | August 4, 2016

Great news but please flag responsibly to preserve the right to free speech

mntlvr23 | August 4, 2016

yep, it definitely has the potential to get out of hand - especially with the crazy events lately - and especially if the site is only moderated by computer which will delete posts and threads based on a small number of flags.

It would be cool, if similar to what Elon did in cancelling Alsop's reservation - that extreme trollish behavior would also result in reservation cancellation (if the troll had a reservation, that is).

Tesla-David | August 4, 2016

I think this is a response to the emails @SCCRENDO.Ca.US, and I and others have submitted about the ongoing thread flagging debacle. I think this will bring some sanity back to the forums and allow individual offensive posts to be flagged, not just taking down the entire thread. Hopefully, this will make responsible posters think twice about what they post, so as to get ones thoughts across without being an Assh-le. I hope they follow through on their promise to restore those flagged threads.

Ross1 | August 4, 2016

But will it show who flagged it???

Mathew98 | August 4, 2016

But will it show who deserved to be flagged? Whichever idiot replicated the same garbage multiple times deserves to be flagged out of existence.

mntlvr23 | August 4, 2016

It will be odd if some one posts something trollish, and other people respond, and then the subject post is deleted while the responses remain. Maybe it will be like some other boards, where the flagged post is just hidden, but the offending poster's name remains (and you can click it to unhide the flagged post for yourself.

bob.naughtin | August 4, 2016

Tesla has begun to restore the deleted threads.
Thanks Tesla.

mntlvr23 | August 4, 2016

Isn't bob.naughtin the email address of a different member? What's up with that?

compchat | August 4, 2016

Terrible Idea. No doubt flagging wars will run amuck. What you need is one or more forum moderators (human) who can respond to stupid demands made by posters who take this site way too seriously.

dansplans | August 4, 2016

@compchat +1

SCCRENDO | August 4, 2016

@compchat. Individual flagging was here from the beginning and they took it away. It worked fine. Flagging was selective. McLary was the main victim. This was dropped about 1 year ago. Of late people have rediscovered the flag and will flag a whole thread based on having an issue with one or 2 posts on a thread. This is at least a temporary solution so that individual posts can be flagged rather than the whole thread. Tesla is looking into longer term solutions including evaluating the flaggers and habitual flaggers but end up suffering some sanction including being blocked from the boards. Tesla promotes democracy but the downfall is that it has the ability to be abused. As solutions to climate change are part of the Tesla mission they take it very seriously when these threads get taken down.

dansplans | August 4, 2016

Objectionable threads and spam will still be completely eliminated. Objectionable posts should go, while the threads remain intact.

This doesn't actually solve the problem, but it is a huge improvement from where we were yesterday.

SCCRENDO | August 4, 2016

@dansplans. Not meant to solve the problem. A temporary fix. Habitual flaggers are anti-democratic and I think that's what they will try address.

dansplans | August 4, 2016

Did bb0tin get booted for reposting threads too often?

I'm not used to saying "the sky is blue" without him telling me "The sky is actually colorless. The color you see is actually sunlight being diffracted by the gases in our atmosphere."

SCCRENDO | August 4, 2016

Tesla is not trying to boot anyone. Tesla has tried to maintain an open forum with minimal to zero censorship. In a responsible society this works well. I have gotten owners together on a private thread to discuss the issue. Although we have different political and philosophical views we do have a consensus that we want Tesla to survive and succeed. We have been in communication with Tesla. Tesla is more than about cars. It has a mission to accelerate the world to alternate fuels. Even though some may not understand climate change it is important to the mission. Thus most are pretty upset that these threads are being flagged. Malicious flagging can extend to anything. There are people connected to the fossil fuel industry that have been abusing flagging to kill climate change threads. While Tesla may want to maintain free expression they may have to step in to block habitiual flaggers. These are the people who are likely to be blocked. Perhaps it may be extended to all non owners.

dansplans | August 4, 2016

He seems to be back with a different handle.......draw your own conclusions.

bob.naughtin | August 4, 2016

You asked "Did bb0tin get booted for reposting threads too often?"

You said "I'm not used to saying "the sky is blue" without him telling me "The sky is actually colorless."
A better example would be you be claiming that there is no sky. You know, like when you posted that hippos fart through their mouths

bob.naughtin | August 4, 2016

I should say that they do fart through their asses and it is not odourless

dansplans | August 4, 2016

lmao. I read it on the internet, so it must be true :P

bob.naughtin | August 4, 2016

Yes, dansplans did post that, and I posted this in response DOT com/watch?v=PSKQ3ZNQ_O8

mntlvr23 | August 5, 2016

@dansplans - if that particular forum handle does not reappear in the next few days, then (it is my opinion that) it is a reasonable assumption that the poster was sanctioned (and perhaps the title of the recurring posts were banned as well).

bob.naughtin | August 5, 2016

Tesla has been manually re-instating my threads under bb0tin, but posters have still been flagging them.

Rocky_H | August 5, 2016

Oh, jeez, @compchat and others. You talk about "this idea", like it's something new and how it will be a disaster. These forums ran pretty well with individual comment flagging for a few years. It seems the difficulty came when they removed that feature, and people resorted to flagging the only remaining thing they had left--the parent post.

Mathew98 | August 5, 2016

Why did @bb0tin changed his handle to @bob.naughtin and yet still replicated multiple threads? Or would he rather post as Bernard Bromell?

How long would it take for others to realize garbage posted with a new ID is no better than the old one?

Which of the three will IDs will he use today, this week, this year? How many more posters will he attack? Who had responded to one of the IDs without being attacked in return?

SCCRENDO | August 5, 2016

Perhaps this is an effort to try change the tone of the debate. Boards function better when they are constructive. Why don't we all try spend the next few days trying to be nicer to one another and present our opposing views more amicably. If this works perhaps it can catch on.

Mathew98 | August 5, 2016

@SCC - You've been participating in this forum long enough to realize that posters who change their handles frequently don't usually change their skins. They've gotten new ID's to gain some sense of credibility only to default back to their original behaviors. New ID's or not, if the responses and methodology is exactly the same, what has really changed.

There have been many civil debates with opposing views in the past. None of them would stoop to the level of one attacking the many who disagree. None would go so far as trying to get the other poster fired by harassing his boss or colleagues.

If it were a new day then let's give it a shot. It won't be long before you would change your tune as well.

Peace. Out.

SCCRENDO | August 5, 2016

Matthew that is all I ask. If he doesn't change I am completely with you.

Red Sage ca us | August 5, 2016

I know which posts I'm going to FLAG...

Ross1 | August 5, 2016


Ross1 | August 5, 2016

Mollom rejects posts which use the word bb0tin. Try it.

Ross1 | August 5, 2016


Trying to quote Matthew's post above

@bb might like to use the name Beau Brummell

Ross1 | August 5, 2016

who was the notorious gambler, dandy and narcissist

A fantastic read:
Wikipedia...Beau Brummell

Ross1 | August 5, 2016

Some of you can now give up your day jobs and go back years deleting / flagging posts.
I just checked, every post ever written can now be flagged.

Ross1 | August 5, 2016

flogging or beating, either as a religious discipline or for sexual gratification.
"pursuing the path of penance and flagellation"
synonyms: flogging, whipping, beating, scourging, lashing, birching, switching, tanning, strapping, belting, caning, thrashing, flailing, flaying, welting, horsewhipping, spanking; More

Dofpic | August 5, 2016

Lets just have debates without personal attacks. One thing to refute based on content but keep the personal attacks out. We will all be happier!

compchat | August 5, 2016

You guys are so juvenile. Daddy, Jimmy called me a bad name.

C'mon just grow up and let people talk. I ran a very popular forum for years and use to get poignent emails from people asking me to delete this post or that post. One guy even tried to bribe me by sending me fresh main lobsters (that worked). It's ridiculous. Unless someone is abusive, posts sexually explicit material, or racially offensive material then I say don't interfere.

The reason Tesla doesn't have moderators, I suspect, is because they would have to hire someone full time to read and respond to them. I tried giving that duty to someone else (you'd be surprised at how many users wanted MOD ops) but then he got involved in the fights. As I owned the board the only one posters respected was me. But my software was far more sophisticated then this lackluster featureless monster so I could easily move, delete, make private etc. posts. I blame the software for most of the problems that happen hear and the lack of moderation.

compchat | August 5, 2016

"hear" should be "here."

Oh and forgot the ability to edit posts.

dansplans | August 10, 2016


I agree. There are tons of excellent software options for boards, and this ain't one of them.

I was shocked when I found I couldn't fix a post sent in haste.

Red Sage ca us | August 10, 2016

For some reason the palindrome defender does not want me to post on certain threads.

dansplans | August 12, 2016

Hmmmm I don't see any flagging ability for threads or posts today.

lilbean | August 13, 2016

I wish we could delete our own posts, especially when I post something that offends someone when I was just trying to be funny. Not a whole lot of humor on the forum.

Ross1 | August 13, 2016

Are you funny?
I thought it was me.

lilbean | August 13, 2016

Haha! You're funny :-)

lar_lef | August 13, 2016

I'm with lilbean and i believe Trixie in the supply of humor now and then (for better or worse).

Ross1 | August 13, 2016

I know of several topics on humour here:
But often the cultural divide means many just dont get it as intended, or something. Whereas everyone understands Trixie's seat of the pants humor in the raw so to speak.

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mntlvr23 | August 13, 2016

No flagging capability ... could that mean a live human moderator is stepping in for a while?

dansplans | August 13, 2016

I think it means that the individual flagging did not stop the wave of inappropriate flagging that was going on. Free speech has been preserved, no matter how "incorrect" your opinion may be.

Ross1 | August 13, 2016

No I think its still a dead one

Ross1 | August 13, 2016

most opinions are incorrect IMHO

SCCRENDO | August 13, 2016

I still have flagging. I wonder if they have just removed flagging ability from non owners. If so it looks like they may have listened to me.