What do the Apples nerds drive at HQ?

What do the Apples nerds drive at HQ?

NV4NV | August 12, 2016

I think the photo is somewhat misleading. It doesn't reflect the general parking area of Apple or any other corporate HQ. As noted by the green paint on the pavement, that portion of the parking lot is reserved for green vehicles - so of course you are going to see electric cars. What's interesting is what you don't see - Chevy Volt/Bolt, Nissan Leaf, etc.

So as the owner of a Tesla, iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iPad, iPhone, etc., if that makes me a nerd, I plead "GUILTY!"

Rowlie | August 12, 2016

I think the photo is somewhat embarrassing because it's for EV charging, and Teslas don't usually need to charge during the day. It would be better for them to park elsewhere so the poor I3 in the distance can charge up.

mathwhiz | August 12, 2016

That's the visitor's lot.

carlk | August 12, 2016

So is the Google lot. Going down two third of the article to see those Model S. And this is a 2013 article where people in most part of the country probably have never even seen one yet.

mscott | August 12, 2016

That is the "everybody" lot. At the Infinite Loop (IL) Campus, there isn't nearly enough underground parking for the employees, and I don't think there are many (if any) EV spots underground. I personally know three Apple employees who drive MSes. I was standing out in front of the Apple Company Store (right next to the IL main entrance) around 9AM one morning and counted more than a dozen MSes arriving in the span of about 10 minutes. So, yeah, Teslas are popular with a significant number of Apple employees. ;-)

damonmath | August 12, 2016

@NV4NV - lol

My Apples:
- Mac Book Pro (11")
- Mac Book Pro Retina (15")
- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone 4
- iPhone 5
- iPhone SE
- iPad Mini
- iPad 4 Retina

Ross1 | August 12, 2016

On my screen that looks very like an Apple Tree.

Ross1 | August 12, 2016

When I was buying a computer about the turn of the century, my 2 nerd kids said, if you dont buy an Apple we wont support you (with computer help lol).

So I bought an Apple .

Then they said, Hey, Dad bought an Apple. This may be a trend. We should buy Apple shares.

So one of them did, at about $20, and put and called and leveraged and borrowed and bought, and did handsomely.

We are still an all-Apple family.
The Apple products now across their businesses look like a forest.

Ross1 | August 12, 2016

orchard, not forest

sklancha | August 13, 2016

@Rowly- remember that there are a significant number of city dwellers that don't have a dedicated place to charge at home. That is part of the reason for encouraging EV stations at the workplace.

carlk | August 13, 2016


That seems to be THE solution for city dwellers who want to own an EV. Hope more employers would provide charging facility in the future. It's not that costly to do.

Ross1 | August 13, 2016

What do the Apples nerds drive at HQ?


Mathew98 | August 13, 2016

Nope. They park their Tesla's at the HQ lot then ride the bicycles to their cubbies...

sklancha | August 13, 2016

@Carl - I was pretty pumped to find out that the local college that my daughter will be attending shortly, just installed an EV charging station on campus this summer, after they got their first EV owning student. They told me that they did what they could for that ONE nusing student (i.e. using extension cords or letting her park in nonparking locations that had access to outlets) during this past school year. I like the fact that she will be able to leave school with a full charge in her Leaf. No worries about her leaving school with barely enough to get home.

jopp2 | January 18, 2018