When will the 100 be available without Ludicrous?

When will the 100 be available without Ludicrous?

I am very interested in getting a model X. The more range the better. I am not interested in a car with Ludicrous speed. When will the 100 model become available without Ludicrous? Will the 90 be a thing of the past like the 85 is now? I wasn't looking for a Tesla when the change from 85 to 90 was made. Did you have to have Ludicrous speed upgrade when the first 90 came out?
Don't get me wrong, Ludicrous is amazing but I don't need the additional temptation when a supercharged Ford Mustang, Porsche 911, or other car like that, wants to see how far behind me they are from one stop light to another. The fear of a 60 in a 45 mph zone ticket is very plausible. I can afford it but the 40K difference in price is steep with the horizon of the Model 3 within 2 years. Any history buffs want to educate me on this with the disclaimer that what happened before might not happen this time?

elguapo | August 28, 2016

Give it until next year. TM needs some cash for 2016 to push model 3 production. I don't think 100 becomes available for all until mid 2017.

vperl | August 28, 2016

About the same time M3 shows up December 2018

carlk | August 28, 2016

Tesla could make only 200 100 kWh battery per week and the battery pack is designed for high output as well as high capacity. It would be a waste to use the limited supply in a non-performance model. Wait until new cells coming out from the gigafactory that's when you can expect high capacity general purpose battery packs.

Big T | August 29, 2016

When the 110 kWh battery pack ships.

joer293 | August 29, 2016

tesla seems to make new battery generations every few months. I believe Model S packs had 4 generations in a little over a year, when first introduced. Likely the next generation of 100kw packs, will be cheaper to produce, maybe 1st quarter 2017. They will not have to use the profit of the ludicrous mode to balance out the first run losses by then.

OneDrive | August 29, 2016

Predictions anyone. TM says, P100DL range is 315 miles. What do you think the 100D range will be?

NomoDinos | August 30, 2016

campusden - I think on the earnings report, Elon Musk mentioned that the non-performance 100kwh pack would be available " several months" after the P100D's arrive. As you may already know, the least reliable aspect of the Tesla experience is the timeframe they publish for new products, so take all announcements with a grain of salt.

My WAG technology, however, specifically states that the 100D pack will be available March of 2017, and will have a max range of 350 miles. Boom :)

OneDrive | August 30, 2016

Thanks nomoDinos for the info. If that timeline is reasonable true my Deep Blue Metallic with Ultra white interior Model X 100D will arrive before my wife's Model 3 arrives late 2017. I placed an order soon as Model went online........Gonna be a busy year. I (Our) plans include Tesla's PowerWall installation.

Gayatrikr | August 30, 2016

Thats what i have been wondering to plain 100d for people who love ranges shud be upto 337 ?

campusden | September 14, 2016

Anyone taken delivery of a Model X P100D yet? Is it just something that can be ordered at this point?

jestah | September 15, 2016

As soon as the orders stop coming in for the P100DL

It has been reported that Musk has communicated to all staff to work to ensure a robust and profitable Q3 so we'll see if the hundred ludicrous can get tsla out of the red

eric.zucker | September 15, 2016

My brother ordered a P100DL, build early September, delivery expected end of the month. Montreal.

I am told my battery upgrade should be early 2017.