Version 8.0 AP

Version 8.0 AP

I'm excited that the upcoming upgrades will use the sensor suite that is in current cars. As much performance as we can squeeze out of it before needing the next level of hardware is great in my opinion.

lhanspal | September 29, 2016

I was curious when Elon tweeted about the "promising call" with Bosch (the radar supplier) - it happened July 17th... assuming 2 weeks for final testing of the software... this would have given Tesla engineers 6-8 weeks to switch over to radar... regardless of how good the team is, that's just not enough time. This explains why they may have been able to only get the base infra of the code into 8.0.

There are very subtle clues to the radar capabilities in the display behind the steering wheel - the orientation of the cars is now displayed... which should easily fix issues like cut-in.

Anyhow - certainly good signs as far as trajectory is concerned... I will take 8.0 - when it becomes available ... but will yearn for 8.1 now... :-)

MyXinTx | September 30, 2016

@rossRallen I was not aware you could pass on an update, although you will probably get nag screens until you install. Even if you could, why would you want to? Updates are one of the top reasons most buy a Tesla, it's like getting the next model of a car for nothing and no other manufacturer offers that.

If you don't want to be a beta tester, you could always turn off AP.

The truth is every Tesla owner is a beta tester, and you don't even get compensated for the data they extract from your vehicle constantly...what a rip!!!

MyXinTx | September 30, 2016

Speaking to the Tesla service guys, they say future of AP is more in the radar than in the camera, which is difficult to understand given the need to see street signs, lights, pedestrians, etc.

Think of the spinning thing on the top of the Google self-driving's a LIDAR (Laser Range Finder). It also has only one camera, but 4 radar devices front and back.

They commented that the current hardware has not reached the potential yet, and it's unlikely there will be hardware upgrade anytime soon, mostly software unlocking various aspects.

Also the real limiting factor may be the ability for the "computer" to process the increasing amount of data with the rapidity required for advanced AP.

Perhaps there will be a processor / RAM upgrade offered to capitalize on future AP enhancements.

Maybe they state what Tesla tells them to say....but it does make sense, especially if the processor in the newer vehicles are the same as in older models.... The navigation processing is definitely slower than my cell GPS apps.

lhanspal | September 30, 2016

Absolutely agree - there is a lot more juice left in the hardware, for software to exploit. And even when the time comes for a processor/RAM upgrade - i am about 99% sure that Tesla will offer an upgrade path.

Getting to full Level 4 autonomy will be different matter... but, hey - it's a frikkin' Tesla with an awesome pickup - so, no stinkin computer gets to drive it... i wanna do it... :-) ... but when there is stop & go traffic - "Please AP - take over!!" ... :-)

raging.dragonfly | September 30, 2016

We got our 8.0 update this a.m.! We are the 1st X I'm aware of to get it, tho I admit to not being online much today to know if anyone else with an X has gotten it in the last 48 hours :-) Playing now (in the driveway, that is!)

lhanspal | September 30, 2016

Ooh - nice... hopefully, it rolls out to the rest of the X's shortly...

carlk | September 30, 2016

I don't need level 4 in my current car. All I want is a good autopilot to relieve me on long distance driving and in stop and go traffic. My S is pre-AP and I'm waiting for my X to get the update. Even without AP I'm enjoying my S in the last few days. It almost like getting a brand new car. What other cars could offer you a new car every year or two?

akira3d | September 30, 2016

Just checked my X...still on 7.1 with no notification of any pending updates...

rossRallen | September 30, 2016

@MyXinTX - I hear you. Know that I've eagerly installed every update so far, ASAP, but the buzz on 8.0 from the S Forum is off-putting.

I don't really mind being a beta tester - after all, I have a Sig X - but I cannot tolerate crashes and resets of the graphical user interface.

I'm taking my first long-distance road trip next week, and don't need any distractions! I am completely satisfied with my X as it is with the latest v7 software, but looking forward to new capabilities.

Yours truly, 8 months without an unintended acceleration,