Front exposed, rear exposed, people touching, poking and staring.

Front exposed, rear exposed, people touching, poking and staring.

Jarvis was on display at two different Classic Car Shows this weekend. Frunk and trunk wide open, door ajar and sunroof fully exposed. There were approximately 60-70 cars/trucks at each show.

People were really nice, full of questions and excited about the technology of the car. They wondered why other manufactures aren’t building the same kind of thing or using the patents Elon made available.

We were busy talking to people the whole time. It was especially enjoyable. It was nice that we always had a crowd.

Most were quite surprised to hear the 0-60 time of Jarvis and the 0-60 for the P100DL. We heard a few times “This car will beat anything here!”. Off the line anyway.

“Do you work for Tesla?” I do not. “Then why do you do this?” Grin

“Is this a Maserati?”

Multiple people – “Love the shape. It’s really nice.” Thank you, my wife thinks so too.

And of course: “Look at the size of that thing. It’s HUGE!” Yep, it’s 17”. “Can I touch it?” No, my wife gets jealous.

“Aerodynamic, WOW. Everything is clean and no crevices. Really nice.” That’s a new one for the interior.

“The floor doesn’t have a tunnel.” Would that be for a Great Escape?

“No cup holders? I wouldn’t want people drinking in the back anyway.”

“Do you have autopilot? Aren’t you afraid of it?” Only when my hands aren’t holding it. You have to be responsible you know.

“So you don’t use your brakes much because of regenerative breaking? They shouldn’t allow that. The brake lights don’t come on.” Well, actually……..

A Hell Cat was next to us. Really nice, young guy. During the show, he started the car and rev’ed it up a bit. Guys were really impressed with the sound of the supercharged, 700HP engine. I yelled, “Hey, mine’s been running the whole time.” pause “ Seriously, it’s running now.” They laughed and got a kick out of it. GRIN

Mrs. @Run4 told me she heard a guy say to someone else that those cars are really dangerous and catch on fire. That firefighters won’t save you from them because they’re too dangerous.

This scantily clad lady came over and said “You’ve been keeping this up for 4 hours. Aren’t you tired?” To which I said “Nope, but the 14 mile run yesterday tuckered me out a little bit.” She looked at me while shifting her stance and said “Are you faithful?” I was taken back and dumbfounded. I finally replied “Let me put you in touch with my friend @renwo or @Mathew.”

Shouts to and @MegaZone (Model X) for being at the first show. It was very nice meeting you!

revrev4ruach | September 12, 2016

LOL. Loved every bit of this!

Silver2K | September 12, 2016

“Do you work for Tesla?” I do not. “Then why do you do this?” Grin

I got asked that for 14 straight hrs!
I just said you think the classic car owners are working for the company that made their car? no.. exactly!
we're all enthusiasts here and love our vehicles.

Silver2K | September 12, 2016 and @MegaZone

was he eating waffles??? spill the beans!!

carlk | September 12, 2016

"And of course: “Look at the size of that thing. It’s HUGE!” Yep, it’s 17”. “Can I touch it?” No, my wife gets jealous."

Yup. One can always dream.

renwo S alset | September 12, 2016

Run. I haven't heard from her yet. Dammit!

Mathew98 | September 12, 2016

@Run - She didn't tell you I sent her over? I have been faithful so far. It's only been 30 years give or take a few....

Mathew98 | September 12, 2016

@renwo- I sent the other one over to you but I guess she ran out of gas along the way.

renwo S alset | September 12, 2016

That's a good thing Mat, I hate girls with gas.

Silver2K | September 12, 2016

did I ever tell you I dated a girl once that had that problem? she also worked at the DMV...

renwo S alset | September 12, 2016

Qeefs I can put up with, but a guys got to draw a line somewhere.

renwo S alset | September 12, 2016


trixiew | September 12, 2016

That's why I always surround myself with either a baby, dog, or old person. I can always get away with it.

@Run-I hope with all of the probing of Jarvis someone got a good feel of his prostate. Early detection is critical.

renwo S alset | September 12, 2016

I always keep a dog with me, too! Unfortunately it's my wife.

Made in CA | September 12, 2016

Thanks @run4waffles.

I am doing my first "EV Car Show" this weekend. Thanks for giving some idea of what to expect. Maybe I will put the car cover on!

quinney | September 12, 2016

The proper response to "You’ve been keeping this up for 4 hours" is "I am about to call a medical professional".

miyamky | September 12, 2016

Need to have pics like Silver did

Run4Waffles | September 13, 2016

@revrev4ruach - thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

@carlk - that would be a huge burden. And I would have to change careers!

Run4Waffles | September 13, 2016

@Silver - you haven't caught on for the double entendres.


Run4Waffles | September 13, 2016

@renwo - if she seeks me out at the next event, I won't give her another Washington to help with the gas. Promise.

Run4Waffles | September 13, 2016

@trixiew - is that your professional opinion or the little one residing inside you? And is AsomBroso Añejo recommend before, during or after?

UnshodBob | September 13, 2016

@Run4Waffles - did you bring your UMC and plug it in while at the show? I'm going to an EVent on Saturday for National Drive Electric Week and plan on doing that so the car will be disabled.

Run4Waffles | September 13, 2016

Sorry about the dog @renwo. :-)

You're welcome @Made in CA. Watch for those that try to crawl through the driver's window.

@quinney - treatment is dependent on your insurance plan. Grin

@miyamky - I'll see what I can do showing that I won first prize.

Run4Waffles | September 13, 2016

@UnshodBob - I didn't have it plugged in. I had it cooled on display on the top shelf of the frunk.

I don't understand the desire to disable the car? I had the driver's door ajar to help keep the screen on longer.

Run4Waffles | September 13, 2016

@Silver - we had a fisherman's platter and they had something else off the seafood menu. No waffles or pure maple syrup this go around.

Silver2K | September 13, 2016

oh I've caught on R4W! I was making a funny :)

@Made in CA

Put signs on the window "Please don't touch the car" also turn off the handles, so they don't present. Put your valuables away! I get into my car and 3 people were ready for a ride and I freaked (internally). I had my prescription Oakley sunglasses in the back on the seats. I asked if anyone is sitting on them and a lady hands it to me.

They all got in without asking!!

Silver2K | September 13, 2016

another tesla showed up and some schmuck leaned on his handles when they presented. guess what happened? they broke the passenger door handle... the guy has to drive 240 miles to fix it.

lilbean | September 13, 2016

Lol, @renwo!

Silver2K | September 13, 2016

also put the car in valet mode after putting your valuables in the glove compartment or frunk

NKYTA | September 13, 2016

Great story Waffleman! Thanks for sharing! :-)

jordanrichard | September 14, 2016

When showing my car, I leave the charge port closed. Even if you use the J1772 adapter, you still run the risk of someone inadvertently brushing up against it and snapping it off. I don't let anyone sit in the driver's seat unless I am standing there. Most people are afraid to touch anything, but I make sure they don't press the brake.

renwo S alset | September 14, 2016

I have found that wet t-shirt contests, mud wrestling and a midget toss help attract a larger crowd. Always use advanced marketing tools to advance the cause.

Run4Waffles | September 14, 2016

@Mathew - She didn't tell me that you sent you over. I think she was looking to do a double billing. I should have known when she mentioned something about blue balls.

30ish years!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I won't make any remarks about the doll(s).


miyamky | September 14, 2016

Still waiting for those pics ;)

PhillyGal | September 14, 2016


I think anyone with a chance to do a car show with their Tesla should. It's a TON of fun. Your experience sounds very much like mine.

Run4Waffles | September 14, 2016

Peer pressure.....OK, here I am with first prize:

Run4Waffles | September 14, 2016

imgur changed the site. There's no direct link that I can see. I did a copy and an imbedded of the "code" but it's not working. :(

Silver2K | September 14, 2016

There is a drop down choose the links option after loading photo, the coos the forum link. Then follow instructions you already know

Silver2K | September 14, 2016

The coos /then choose

Run4Waffles | September 14, 2016
Run4Waffles | September 14, 2016

I'm not seeing a dropdown menu. It only says copy. I wasn't a member before. Do you need to be a member and sign in?

Run4Waffles | September 14, 2016

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA You need to put your curser over the image to see the pull down now!

frankie.fingers | September 14, 2016

@r4w - Love this post!

SbMD | September 14, 2016

@run4 - catching up... great post! Nice pic of you and Mrs. @Run!

Silver2K | September 14, 2016

nice pic!!

renwo S alset | September 14, 2016

R4W. Are you sure she's not over 8 hours dead? I have standards, you know.

Run4Waffles | September 14, 2016

I tried @renwo. Maybe she got lost in the Bronks. Guess it's best to just dump this one. Sorry to get your hopes up like that.

Run4Waffles | September 14, 2016

Thanks guys! I appreciate it and I'm glad you liked it. :-)

TaoJones | September 14, 2016


And I'm in for the next midget toss. They're handy for detail work and for cleaning the corners of the inside windshield.

PhillyGal | September 14, 2016

Run, that's you!? What a gorgeous wife! Awesome picture.

miyamky | September 14, 2016

Thumbs up!!!