why you chose MX 5seater than the other configuration? and why you're still willing to wait for it?

why you chose MX 5seater than the other configuration? and why you're still willing to wait for it?

cica3838 | September 28, 2016

Because I don't need any more seats and so the trunk is larger.

liudmd | September 28, 2016

we chose tesla MX because $7500 federal tax credit and no sell tax in NJ, we're just ordinary middle class people but want something not so ordinary this time, we chose MX 5seater,because it's cheaper no additional cost( I did get offer to upgrade to 6seater for $ air suspension is mandatory for $2500) that was too much, that's why we stick to MX 5seater 60D with only auto pilot and cold weather package for $87000.(we don't want spend $130000 not even $90000 for the vehicle. but I still want this car little bit different from the others, and I still want to be the first one to have MX in my block), another reason is my kids are all grown up, and all out of house now, just me and my wife,we don't need that many seats any more, and this one is not replacing any vehicle we're driving now , that's why we're going to wait for it.

liudmd | September 28, 2016

funny thing is I placed order on Sep/7/2017, confirm on Sep/14/2016, Vin# on Sep/15/2016, when I post on this forum, some people didn't seem to believe it , and call that BS, I have to post the screen shot of my configuration to prove it, now those people owe me the screen shot of their configuration, especially I like to see sreen shot of vperl's red fully loaded MX P300D.

AlMc | September 28, 2016

There are many other threads about this with several people stating their reasons. Volkerize for one or more of those threads.


Errol_martinez | September 28, 2016

Same here don't want to pay for something I don't need

michelcub | September 29, 2016

Same for me need less seats and more cargo space and from time to time will sleep in it in the woods.

Triggerplz | September 29, 2016


liudmd | September 29, 2016

I'm the new member to this forum, I had tried to read as many threads as possible, didn't realize there are so many discussion about this subject already, I apologized for that. but still like to find out why people are still willing to wait for it.

lilbean | September 29, 2016

No, it's a good question. Welcome to the wackiest forum on the Internet. :)

Silver2K | September 29, 2016

wacky? we're serious here!