Wi fi connection probelms

Wi fi connection probelms

First off, sorry if this is a repeat. There doesn't seem to be a "search" button on my mac for this forum (usual for forums IMO)

Anyway, My new 2017 model X will not connect to my home wifi network. Ideally the Telsa would accept a 5Gz only network which is the fastest (I get around 195 speed) but as a backup I have a standard 2.4/5gz network for older devices which is what the tesla seams to recognize (my 5Gz network doesn't even show up). My car sees the network but just goes into "spin" only to say "cannot connect to the network". All my other devices (iPhone, iPad, laptop) all connect fine from the driveway (where the car is parked) Ive tried turning on and off the wifi in the car and the house and power cycling the car but all to no avail. I suppose I can take to service but if someone here knows a solution that would be helpful.

My previous Model S (which I traded for the MX) connected fine. Id like to get it connected so I can get the AP2 updates upcoming....


poloX | January 17, 2017

@ RC, I had the same issue at first. My very old iPAD III has full signal strength but the car just keep on searching and once a while, it did connect but only 1 single bar of signal strength. With that info, I know the car ANT is weaker (?). I went ahead and install a repeater just next to the garage and that solved the problem. Good luck.

mhxprs | January 17, 2017

My garage is far away from my router. I can connect, but once I connect, I can not find my car using my app

Howrayg | January 17, 2017

I had the same problem. The car was the only device in the house I could not connect. The signal in my garage was weak so I installed an Almond wi-fi extender/router. Totally fixed the problem. Took 5 minutes to set it up.

poloX | January 17, 2017

I think wi5h so manny having this issue and so long as we provide stronger signal, fixed. This can only mean 1 thing, the wifi antenna in the X is very weak.

Redmiata98 | January 17, 2017

...and how many of us, myself included, do NOT have a problem connecting? I do not doubt that there are instances, such as above, where the signals are not strong enough for the car to pick up but think it to be the exception rather than the rule.

patrick40363 | January 18, 2017

I have a very strong signal in my garage and it rarely connects to wi-fi. It works so not sure why. 3G works fine for updates so no big deal.

jleonar1 | January 18, 2017

Mine was connecting fine. I have router in garage. Now every time I leave and return it doesn't find wifi. If I set up again it generally connects but sometimes with only 1 bar showing. Reset and it shows full strength. I'm thinking my software is causing problem.
Version 8.0 2.50.201

zubinanary | January 19, 2017

I had a similar issue. I replaced by Wifi with an Eero and placed one in a garage. Now I have 100% coverage and both My MS and MX and blackvues all connect 100% of the time. Also Tesla's don't support 5ghz. Only the 2.4ghz, so that might explain why you don't see any dedicated 5ghz networks.

RCorsa | January 21, 2017

So I confirmed that the antenna in the tesla is circa 2008 which is shocking. I moved one of my airport extreme routers across the house using a long cat 6 cable to the window overlooking the driveway which is about 15 feet above the car with zero obstructions. I then went into the airport utility and found the tesla client (based on the id in the car) The antenna is only an b/g antenna with no "n" or "ac" antenna. The signal runs at 36mb/s versus my new MacBook with an ac antenna that gets over 450Mb/s. Clearly with this type of cheep outdated antenna, tesla doesn't care much about wifi and assume most people will use the LTE connection in the car itself..

poloX | January 23, 2017

RCorsa, what and when is your car built?
Thanks for the info.

poloX | January 23, 2017

Disregard, saw your OP.

sandeshr76 | January 25, 2017

MX90D delivered 12/26/16 . I have my router in the garage and park the car in the driveway. Still the signal is weak although my phone shows "full bars" so the position of the wifi antenna in the car influences this. I also noticed the car connects better when I'm parked on my driveway when its backed in versus drive front first. I monitored the AP for an hour and despite being 15-20 ft away from the router it kept dropping and reconnecting. Calling Tesla Technical support they said they could see Wifi issues and a "weak wifi signal" in the car's log. I removed the wifi AP after this and returned back to LTE. The thing which seems to be missing is that almost every 2-3 days I would get navigation updates but now that is gone back to once a week with LTE. Also no Autopilot update (2.52.120) since I went back to LTE but that may have more to do with the staggered distribution than the AP.

SUN 2 DRV | January 25, 2017

In other threads one solution was to make sure your router is using WPA security and and WEP.

Also note that an antenna is just the mechanical RF radiation device, I suspect you're actually referring to the date and versioning of the WiFi radio chip.

grommet | January 28, 2017

Yep, the Model S and Model X runs on a vintage SOC/computer that has very dated Wi-Fi. (It's the only device I have in my entire house that's 802.11g only. Sad.) Thankfully, the Model 3 will have a newer/faster/better SOC with modern WiFi. Let's hope Tesla improves the hardware in the S and X soon.

louis | February 15, 2017

My car connected fine 2 software upgrades ago, but no luck connecting to my home wifi since.

sandeshr76 | February 16, 2017

I was told by the SC the wifi antenna is located in the passenger side mirror. Not sure how true that is but I have noticed that parking in certain ways it connects to different Eero's in my house confirming the theory. It's still a slow connection but it holds better. Keep the router closer to the passenger side mirror :) | February 16, 2017

@SUN - WEP is not supported (for good reason - it is fake security). Use WPA or WPA2.
@sandeshr - Antenna definially in the passenger mirror,. See my photo in guide below.

Created this guide over the last month to answer all your WiFi questions and offer a concise area of troubleshooting solutions.

I'll post a thread just on the guide.

sandeshr76 | February 18, 2017

@TeslaTap nice .. this clarifies. I did not realize the cellular antenna is there too.. if for whatever reason the mirror gets clipped by a car/bike , goodbye connectivity :) I tried an extender within 10 ft of the car and it works a lot better ..

josher32 | February 18, 2017

One thing that fixed all my problems was removing all special characters from my wifi router password. | February 19, 2017

@josher32 - I tested every symbol on a USA keyboard and all are fine except for the single quote. While it's valid to use this symbol, Tesla has a bug that will fail any password that has the quote symbol. I've alerted Tesla to the issue. It's an easy error for developers to make. Often software that is used for form entry will strip this character to avoid a security issue with databases. It can be done a better way, and I expect Tesla will fix it at some point.