Arrogance and Buffoonery Lose The Day

Arrogance and Buffoonery Lose The Day

Not sure it could have worked any better. Think about it. Trump is now embroiled in the kind of controversy the Republicans feared the most: national security blunders involving close ties with Russia. And why did it even happen? Inexperience and arrogance.

But there are a couple of silver linings, here, and not the same ones the Dems and liberals see. Pence is also involved. It's not inconceivable for us to get a two bagger out of this, and then, the most amazing, wonderful, incredible thing just might come to be: President Paul Ryan.

Not only would that be amazing, but it would mean that what Trump did was incredibly necessary. He beat the simian 16 and he ended Hillary's career.

If you look closely enough, through any colored glasses you want, things are looking good for America.

You never know!! :-)

mdd | February 15, 2017

Paul Ryan is a Randian Objectivist. I think I'd rather have a Russian spy.

RedShift | February 15, 2017


DJT did not use a private email server, and he didn't delete any emails. So why the big brouhaha? ;-)


There isn't a single Objectivist in the Republican Washington elite. Not one. They use Ayn Rand like they use any other tool to confuse and beguile the American public, which itself does not have the mental faculties needed to understand Objectivism.

mdd | February 15, 2017


OK. I will amend my statement. I would rather have a Russian spy than one who would use Objectivism as a cover for his actions.

Why anyone would pretend to be an Objectivist is beyond me. It's a repulsive philosophy. They should go back to pretending to be Christians (I note that Ryan attempts to do both - a feat of mental gymnastics that is not for the faint of heart).

SCCRENDO | February 15, 2017

@JT. Some of us are not that excited about a Trump impeachment or resignation. Sometimes it is better the devil you know. I believe we will get Pence instead. He is smart well spoken and will swing this country more right. Goodbye healthcare, goodbye abortion rights, goodbye gay rights. If indeed he is also involved we get Paul Ryan. This is the man who wants to dismantle Medicare. He is as slimy as they come. Totally unprincipled. Let's keep Trump, keep him in wounded and in check and start voting all these bums out in future elections.

SO | February 15, 2017

I'd rather stick with Trump for 4 years.

Switch back the House and Senate in 2. Switch back the presidency in 4.

Campaign slogan: "Let's correct the mistake."

In the meantime, enjoy the high stock market since all these people realize the safeguards are being removed. Then be sure to cash out before it crashes like a repeat of 2008.

skymaster | February 15, 2017

I'd rather stick with Trump for 8 years.

Captain_Zap | February 15, 2017

I'd rather stick Trump.

KP in NPT | February 15, 2017

Just curious at what point would those who would rather stick with Trump end their support? What would he have to do, or have done, do get you to waver?

Mike83 | February 15, 2017


Mike83 | February 15, 2017

Just joking. ;-)

J.T. | February 15, 2017

@SCCRENDO Do you feel better after that post? You seem to think the President has a magic wand that can end everything you care about. Remember when Obama wanted to do a little thing like close Guantanamo? What happened. I would think that closing Guantanamo would be easier than overturning laws of the land like gay rights and Roe v Wade.

So, Ryan is as slimy as they come? Totally unprincipled? And you accuse me of hyperbole?

He's every bit as principled as Pelosi. And, you should know, that my daughter met Pelosi yesterday and her office is filled with Ghiradelli chocolate!! It seems Pelosi is in denial when it comes to the dangers of diabetes!! :-)

KP in NPT | February 15, 2017

And J.T. while we're all waiting to see what unfolds, I do not find it out of the realm of possibility that Pence will be caught up in this too. With the lies that have been coming out of this administration I unfortunately immediately thought that Pence issued his statement regarding being kept in the dark as an attempt to insulate himself during a future investigation. It's hard to know what to believe anymore.

finman100 | February 15, 2017

it's quite simple. F#$k donald and all he 'stands' for.

massimob30 | February 15, 2017

I'll take Trump, despite his imperfections. I know people cry about him tweeting, I would prefer he tweet stupid nonsense then enter a useless war that cost thousands of lives and trillions of dollars.

Going to repeat this one more time, do you want foolish tweets or engaging in war ?

KP in NPT | February 15, 2017

@massimo who is to say we wouldn't get both?

I don't think the issue today is his tweeting. That is the least of his problems.

J.T. | February 15, 2017

@massimob30 Im pretty sure it isn't an either or situation.

SCCRENDO | February 15, 2017

@JT. I am confident in our checks and balances even with the dems being in the minority. So I do agree that Roe vs Wade will not be overturned. But they can create a lot of misery and havoc as regards human rights, medical care and possibly the environment. This can all be reversed when we get rid of them but why make a mess in the first place.

Don't know about Nancy Pelosi's health and frankly it is none of our business but I can tell you that my well meaning diabetics bring me chocolates and tamales among other things over the holidays.

carlk | February 15, 2017

I want Trump to stay for four years but him and the Republican party be hurt so badly that they will be all voted out of office in the next election. Trump, Pence, Ryan, McConnell, Cruz...them all.

Remnant | February 15, 2017

@carlk (February 15, 2017)

<< I want Trump to stay for four years but him and the Republican party be hurt so badly that they will be all voted out of office in the next election. ... >>

Good example of the blind hatred of an uncouth and uneducated dimwit.

finman100 | February 15, 2017

you would have thought we'd learned with Bush 2...i guess stupidity does skip election cycles.

carlk | February 15, 2017

"Good example of the blind hatred of an uncouth and uneducated dimwit.

No hatred. Only for the good of the country and humanity.

SO | February 15, 2017

Sometimes it takes a bad situation to occur before people wake up.

malcolm.hall1932 | February 15, 2017

Carik: kudos for keeping your cool yet again in the face of Remnants rudeness. If he doesn't want to clearly see a real dimwit I recommend he grows a beard quickly because things are about to get even crazier. He was probably one of those who believed that Hillary was a security risk because of her private server - never proven - and yet there was Trump a few days ago taking a security briefing on a North Korean missile launch in the middle of a golf resort restaurant on his personal phone, with all the guests around him taking photos!
Of course Trump and Pence are also very likely to be tied in with Flynn in the Russian conspiracy. Then the S will really hit the F.

SCCRENDO | February 15, 2017

Give Remnant a break. Intellectually he would be a good fit for a position in the Trump administration. With his lack of knowledge of our constitution he could end up as our next president.

malcolm.hall1932 | February 15, 2017

Sccrendo: gosh I hadn't thought of that. Yes I must remember to cut him some slack!

Bluesday Afternoon | February 15, 2017
rxlawdude | February 15, 2017

Maybe Remnant is Steve Bannon, or that Miller whackadoodle. :-)

SCCRENDO | February 15, 2017

@Remnant. Don't leave us in suspense. Are you part of the Trump administration??

Teetoogrn | February 15, 2017

Two questions...Do you think Trump will be impeached? Q2: When? | February 15, 2017

Trump:"Leaks are unAmerican." (Exception: if they are about Hillary.)

RedShift | February 15, 2017

Whatever Trump says, it's not even worth flushing down the toilet.

J.T. | February 15, 2017

@SCCRENDO >>>>But they can create a lot of misery and havoc as regards human rights, medical care and possibly the environment. This can all be reversed when we get rid of them but why make a mess in the first place.

If you really believe this you would take issue with those on this thread who want Trump to stay on, do as much damage as possible just so it's easier for the Dems in 4 years.

Those of you who want the country to burn just to make the Dems look better by comparison cannot possibly think of yourselves as patriots. You seem to only support the USA when things go your way, kind of like fair weather friends who fall back and distance themselves when a close, personal friend gets in a little trouble.

rxlawdude | February 15, 2017

@JT, short memory?

SCCRENDO | February 15, 2017

@JT. No I care about this country. As bad as Trump is I'm not excited about his potential successors. Frankly with Trump in there we may end up with gridlock. The less these clowns do the better off we will be.
The one thing that is worse than an idiot is an idiot with initiative.

J.T. | February 15, 2017

@rxlawdude Not at all. I am quite aware that many Republicans, especially McConnnell and the Tea Party felt exactly the same way. I did not agree with them then as I don't agree with what the Dems are doing now.

But the liberal Democrats always tout themselves as better people, smarter, more cultured, more tolerant. I'm quite certain non-Americans are hard pressed to discern the difference in the way the parties conduct themselves.

J.T. | February 15, 2017

@SCCRENDO>>>>>>The one thing that is worse than an idiot is an idiot with initiative.

I thought you agreed with Haggy that the right does all the name calling.

massimob30 | February 16, 2017


Pelosi should have been booted out immediately, she represents the coastal elite and part of the reason why Trump won the rust belt. Democrats need to worry more about jobs and the economy and less about which bathroom people use.

rxlawdude | February 16, 2017

@massimob, it seems the GOP is the one obsessed about bathrooms (a CHOICE issue), women's rights to CHOOSE, who can marry whom, etc.
So tell me, how is it the liberals/Dems restricting YOUR freedom?

SCCRENDO | February 16, 2017

@massimob30. I agree that the Dems need to focus on the economy. Many would say that Obama did a great job. Certain jobs were lost and are not coming back. Automation is a large part of the problem. We need to be creating new 21 st century jobs. Trump likely got elected for economic reasons although many would believe that he was blaming the rust belt job issues on the wrong reasons. He is at the plate at the moment and we need to see what he will do. The stock market seems optimistic. However if he is going to scapegoat immigrants and try punish some of our trading partners I am not too optimistic about the success of his policies. He needs to be given a chance. However success of the economy should not come at the expense of the environment, labor regulations and cost cutting by kicking people off health insurance.

I vehemently disagree that we should ignore civil rights. People have a right to public toilet access and transgender people should not be denied that right. Are they to be expected to urinate in the streets or just to wait until they get home. This is not about voyeurism and solely about people utilizing public facilities according to their designated sex (a medical decision).

Breaking news. Transgender people have been using public bathrooms safely without incident for decades, likely right next to you. You just did not know it.

KP in NPT | February 16, 2017

I think Democrats are capable of caring about more than one issue at a time. I don't think they'd have to care about bathrooms if Republicans didn't waste their time attempting to legislate it.

Captain_Zap | February 16, 2017

Arrogance and Buffoonery comes in sound bites. Word salad is pre-empting fine programming.

"Disaster. Very bad decision. Electoral College. Jobs. Tremendous. Overseas. Extreme Vetting. Dishonest. Fake. Chaos. Lies. Scam. Illegals. It is a crime. A ruse. It's rigged. Nobody talks about the bad things. Look where we are now. I love all that stuff. Let me just tell you. That false, fake, horrible. Fabulous, fabulous. Spectacular. It has to be impossible. That's a shame. Trust me. No way. Very, very. They all tried. I'm so honored. Chicago. I can't make a deal. I don't know. Bad people. Very bad people. We might. We might not. Derelict. Unfair. Does anyone really believe that? Bizarre. It is a ruse. Russia. Very, very strongly. Disaster. Extreme. He lied. I find it repulsive. Very insulting. Very difficult. I was very strong. Anger. Seriously divided. Gang members and Drug dealers..."

I want my MTV.

massimob30 | February 16, 2017

@rxlawdude - Try enforcing your right to choose when it comes to your children's education, the teachers union would like to have a word with you. Try exercising your freedom of speech in universities if you are a Conservative. The party of diversity, tolerance, and inclusion will act like the mafia if you disagree with them.

@SCCRENDO - I think Obama did a great job considering the mess he inherited from the Bush/GOP debacles of 2008 and prior to that. I am not saying we should ignore civil rights, but it should not come at the expense of the jobs and economy issue. Who cares where you pee if your job has been sent overseas or cheaper workers have been imported.

Yes, transgender people have been using public bathrooms for many years with no issue, which means this issue has already been resolved. Republicans made a mountain out of a molehill, this issue would solve itself if people let it.

@KP - Yes they can care about multiple issues, but they turned their attention to the coastal elites while ignoring the blue-collar working class, especially in the rust belt. Biden even warned of this before the election, only to have his concerns brushed off.

Democrats haven't been this weak since Hoover was President, as far as legislative seats goes. Since Obama took office in 2008, Democrats lost over 1000 seats between the House, the Senate, gubernatorial seats, and statewide legislature seats.

In 2018, there are 33 Senate seats up for grabs, 25 of them are held by Democrats. Among those 25, 10 of them are in states Trump won by double digits. If Dems lead with the social justice nonsense, Trump will have a filibuster proof majority.

SCCRENDO | February 16, 2017

@massimo. Transgender people peeing in public bathrooms does not cost people rust belt jobs. Perhaps we could even create more construction jobs by building more public bathrooms than useless walls. We need to wait and see if Trump brings jobs back. I personally doubt it. And it will likely come at a cost of severe inflation. Yes Republicans made a mountain out of a molehill. But it is because they spend time and money limiting human rights that Obama had to sign his bathroom executive order.

We have our right to chose our kids education. If you don't like the public schools you can send your kids to private schools. Betsy Devos and the Republicans will destroy the public school system.

Conservatives are free to express their views. They are frustrated in not being able to force their views on others such as bringing religion into the schools and denying evolution etc.

Remnant | February 16, 2017

@massimob30 (February 16, 2017)

<< Yes, transgender people have been using public bathrooms for many years with no issue, which means this issue has already been resolved. >>

What we really need is a Transgender President who makes it its daily duty to pee on The Donald's Wall.

SCCRENDO | February 16, 2017

@Remnant. +1. I heard the Russians have videos of that

rxlawdude | February 16, 2017

@massimo, you are full of crap that conservative voices are silenced on campuses.
There is a difference between racially charged speech inciting violence (implicitly or explicitly) and peacefully expressing an unpopular view.
Similarly, there is a difference between protesting peacefully and thuggery.

I'm in higher education, and know what I'm talking about on thus topic. I suspect you got your skewed views from too much Fox, Breitbart, Drudge and Newsmax. Sad.

rxlawdude | February 16, 2017


KP in NPT | February 16, 2017

Sorry, after this press conference today, I don't see how anyone with a full set of teeth could support this man. Wha an embarrassment.

massimob30 | February 16, 2017

@SCCRENDO - Democrats focused more on transgender bathrooms than the job situation in the rust belt, that was my point. This is clearly evident by how well Trump did among the union vote. Not everyone can afford to send their kids to private school, so no, they don't really have choice in their kid's education. There is a huge difference in expressing their views versus imposing their views.

@Remnant - Do you lock your doors and close your windows when you leave your home ? Why is that ? Because you don't want someone to unlawfully enter ? Why does your vehicle most likely have an alarm ? Clearly someone should pee on it, right ? If someone broke into your home when you were at work, would you let them stay or would you call the police ? You should try to visit another country and violate it's immigration laws, you will find they are nowhere even close to being as forgiving as we are.

@Rxlawdude - Racially speech and allegedly inciting violence are subjective. The Supreme Court already ruled that hate speech is protected speech, so this is a moot issue. Maybe someone considers your words offensive, should you be silenced ? This is the hypocrisy of those supposedly fighting fascism, by shutting someone down they are actually committing the very offense they are condemning.

Education is not synonymous with intelligence, in fact academia is one of the worst culprits in perpetuating this kind of social engineering. There used to be a time where government and academia could filter out the extremists from either side, and preserved a more pragmatic view on how to govern things. Now, we have that extremists and activists who run things. Here in California, Governor Moonbeam would rather spend money on high speed rail than the failing Oroville Dam.

rxlawdude | February 16, 2017

"Education is not synonymous with intelligence, in fact academia is one of the worst culprits in perpetuating this kind of social engineering."
Random rants by Internet posters are CERTAINLY not synonymous with intelligence. I'll leave it there. Guessing your GED serves you well, and that must make you REALLY intelligent.