Using Powerwall for a Amateur Ham Radio station?

Using Powerwall for a Amateur Ham Radio station?

I am a ham radio operator and designing a station that will incorporate DC batteries for emergency backup operation.

I am contemplating the use of a Powerwall... that would be plugged into an AC outlet to charge its batteries that would then provide DC voltage to my radio system.

I'd also like to hook up a solar panel to the Powerwall as well, so (in an emergency) I can still charge the Powerwall and power my radio and other communications equipment.

Powerwall is talking about lighting a single family home... but how about something on a smaller scale? Are there other readers on this forum that are HAM radio operators or have thoughts they'd like to contribute in this discussion?

Thank you!

McLary | February 26, 2017

Seems like it might be overkill, if HAM operation is all you need the power for.

codyb12889 | February 26, 2017

Yea a powerwall sounds like quite a bit of overkill for a HAM radio. There are several videos on youtube on how to build your own "power wall" out of various types of batteries that include what inverter to use and the various other parts needed.

Best of luck.