Mockup and Factory Tour

Mockup and Factory Tour

Is a mockup available at the factory for viewing?
If not, when will I be able to go see one?
Is it possible to go on a factory tour? If so, How do I sign up?

KP in NPT | March 8, 2017

No, it's not at the factory. Though they move around. If one was sighted at the factory, I'm sure the internet would know it.

You'll see one when they unveil the final car. We are all waiting.

Factory tours are only for owners.

Magic 8 Ball | March 8, 2017

I took a factory tour with my car club last year (not one of us owned a Tesla) so there must be some way to get a tour. We actually got an accidental peek at a model X during that tour before it was unveiled to the public.

KP in NPT | March 8, 2017

It might be true that special tours can be arranged for groups. But as an individual you cannot schedule a tour unless you're an owner. You can email them yourself and find out.

Magic 8 Ball | March 8, 2017

Thanks for the link. : ).

Haggy | March 8, 2017

Factory tours can be scheduled by owners, but they can take non-owners with them on the tour. Up to 3 guests can come, unless Tesla changed that.

Magic 8 Ball | March 8, 2017

Thanks. I was able to get a hold of my car club and they arranged the club tour for us non-owners, last year, but they had an inside connection and said it was difficult to arrange. I also emailed Tesla and they auto responded saying they will get back to me but also asked me to supply my owner ID or reservation #. I wonder if my Model 3 reservation # will get me a ticket?

KP in NPT | March 8, 2017

It won't. The reservation number she is referring to is for those who are trying to schedule a factory pickup.

they have a pretty hard time keeping up with the demand for just owners/those picking up at the factory. Which is why they limit it to them and their guests. Usually you have to schedule it several weeks out, at least. Your best bet is to find an owner going and ask them to reserve you a spot.

jam_12 | March 9, 2017

Not to hijack this thread, but does anyone have any experience trying to get a tour of the Gigafactory in Sparks, NV?

KP in NPT | March 9, 2017

They don't offer tours at the Gigafactory, unfortunately.

bmalloy0 | March 9, 2017

I hope they offer them eventually. I would love to cross-country road trip in my Model 3 to see GF-01 and the Fremont factory.