Lights on the Tesla's Charge Port

Lights on the Tesla's Charge Port


I'm an excited new Tesla owner (3 days) and I find this forum to very helpful. I'm hoping someone can clarify something for me. The last 2 nights, when I have charged my Tesla, there has been no light on at the charge port of the Tesla. In the app, it says the car is charging and the plug has the green color on it so I know that there is power. Is this normal?? I thought when the Tesla charges it should always be a pulsating green. Thanks in advance for your help.

lilbean | March 28, 2017

It turns green when you,first plug it in but when the car goes to sleep while charging, the light goes off.

Krebo | March 28, 2017

That's great!! Thank you for your help.

lilbean | March 28, 2017

You're welcome, Krebo! Congrats on your awesome car!

burdogg | March 28, 2017

Welcome and congrats Krebo! What color team did you join?

inconel | March 28, 2017

Congrats Krebo!
The charging light goes off when you lock the car. Pressing on the button of the charge handle will bring back the light for a few seconds even when the car is locked.

lilbean | March 29, 2017

Oh yes, when you lock it. :) +1 inconel

Krebo | March 29, 2017

burdogg...I am on team blue...with an ultra white is sweet!!

TeslaNinno | March 30, 2017

When the car is locked press the button the top of the charger 10 times....enjoy!

lilbean | March 31, 2017

My charging port light is on and the car is locked at the moment.

burdogg | March 31, 2017

Very nice Krebo :) - I love that look too.

PedanticOne | March 31, 2017

lilbean, I think it will stay that way for a short while, then eventually turn off unless you press the button again.

PedanticOne | March 31, 2017

(so it's not strictly as soon as it locks)

lilbean | March 31, 2017

Yes :-)

gcpr2223 | August 15, 2019

My model S charging light is not green it’s more of a yellow. The car does charge but I’m wondering if anyone else has this issue.

Triggerplz | August 16, 2019

Lilbean, Burdogg and PedanticOne WOW good times from the past | August 18, 2019

@gcpr2223 - This indicates a problem, but can still charge, perhaps at a lower charge rate. You should try and figure out what is wrong. There may be a message on the car's display with more information.

Here's my color code chart and what each color/state means: