Insane vs Ludicrous.

Insane vs Ludicrous.

A question that I'm afraid to ask because its probably come up some where in this forum but haven't mastered the search thing yet.
Has anyone started with the Insane mode and decided to jump to Ludicrous software update? This can be done I assume. I heard its around 10K to do this. Not sure if thats in US funds or our lame duck Looney dollar. Plus was it worth it? I sometimes find myself apologizing to some friends for not having it. But I loved the car I was looking at and bought and that was the only feature it didn't have.

2015P90DI | August 31, 2017

I have it in writing that I can upgrade my P90D Insane to Ludicrous. I guess everyone will have their own take on it. For me, I went and drove a couple of Ludicrous mode cars and while you can feel some difference in the acceleration, the Insane mode acceleration is still......well....INSANE. It puts just as much of a smile on my face and shocks every passenger I've had. The reaction would be exactly the same if I was $10,000 poorer and had chosen to do the upgrade. Point is, for my use, which is just occasional and to put a smile on passenger's faces, I see zero value in Ludicrous mode over Insane mode. 2.9 0-60 still puts out over 1G in acceleration force and is WAY MORE than enough for me.

Others want the best just because they want the best. A few others that take their car to the track to drag race it, naturally will find value in Ludicrous mode.

I rarely use it, but never felt that I was missing out by not having an extra few 10th's of a second in acceleration. To date, no car has come close to beating me off the light at an intersection. 100% satisfied "INSANE" owner and my wallet is $10,000 heavier.

TeslaF1 | August 31, 2017

It's absolutely worth every penny. I love it and would be have the car any other way. But certainly, the insane mode is super fast. For each his own, I guess.

It's interesting that you chose to put the 'L" in your name, 2015P90Dl....

TeslaF1 | August 31, 2017

change "be" to "not" ugh...

2015P90DI | August 31, 2017

@TeslaF1 | August 31, 2017 - Check my name again. "I" is "I" not "L". "I" (same as eye) + Insane mode!

Nice try though!

inconel | September 1, 2017

I guess TeslaF1 was confused because usually P90D represents the base car without Ludicrous option, and "L" is added for cars with the option (since it is not easy to do underline here)

2015P90DI | September 1, 2017

@inconel, it's a screen name. 2015P90D was taken. So, I better identified mine as 2015P90DI since I have Insane Mode with the I not an L, representing Insane Mode. Just another typical forum member thinking they know something and choosing to make a snarky comment about it when in reality, they have no clue as to what they're talking about. Point being, I was not misrepresenting myself, quite the opposite and with no letter there, most would assume my car was Ludicrous mode equipped.

Rowlie | September 1, 2017

I believe they changed the price to $5k US, but it is a hardware and software update, not just software. It is attractive, but I haven't bitten yet. I have yet to have anyone come close to me with insane from a stoplight, so the money isn't burning a hole in my pocket. It is on my wish list.

EVRider | September 1, 2017

@kerryglittle: To learn how to search this forum, see this thread: | September 1, 2017

I upgraded my P85D to Ludicrous. It was "only" $5k and certainly worth it. Quicker 0-60 but more impressive is acceleration from say 40-70 MPH. As mentioned above, the wiring harness to the battery is upgraded and better electronics used (don't forget Inconel).

neofelis | May 3, 2018

Is it possible to get Insane mode anymore? I just ordered my Model S and opted not to go Ludicrous for an additional $50K. There was no option for Insane mode, though. I got the 100D and I THOUGHT this was only different from the P100D by the additional hardware and Ludicrous mode. Frankly, at this point I'm not sure what I'm getting. I drove a 100D at the dealer and Insane mode was not on it. Just chill and sport. So, is Insane available anymore? Thanks.

akikiki | May 3, 2018


2015P90DI | May 4, 2018

@neofelis. Insane or Ludicrous is only for "P" model cars. They have an entirely different motor in the rear than the standard 100 or 75 models. So, no, it can't be upgraded.

When Performance Dual Motor cars first came out, they had "Insane" mode. The the higher performance "Ludicrous" mode was added as an option for an additional $10,000. For a while, you were able to choose between the two before Tesla, as they have continued to do more and more, took away that choice. So there is no longer an entry level Performance Model. Pay the extra $43,000 or don't is what Tesla says. The only difference between a 100D and P100D is the larger rear motor. So you're paying $43,000 for a motor that likely costs them $1,000 more than the smaller motor.

I have an Insane mode car and love it. It gives me just as big a smile as the Ludicrous mode cars. Still plant you in your seat. For $20,000 at the time, it was barely worth it. No way i can justify it for $43,000. For others, they say it's worth it. For each individual to decide. The updated 100D model S's are much quicker than they used to be, so most will be happy with the acceleration they provide and saving the $43K

sr.smr | May 5, 2018

Call me insane, but my uncorked 75D is ludirous enough in chill mode:)

jamesguan117 | November 15, 2018

I’m trying to upgrade my P90D to ludicrous because I need more top end grunt. I’m willing to fork over the cash. To my understanding, the P90D already has the hardware and it is just a software upgrade. Who can I talk to to get this upgrade?

hammer @OR-US | November 15, 2018

@james Tesla will no longer do the P90D Ludicrous Upgrade. Sales and Marketing decision not a tech one.

Silver2K | November 16, 2018

No go @james, I've tried alao

jamesguan117 | November 16, 2018

Sadly, it is just a software upgrade... If they still offered it, it would be good because even those who may have bought used cars could dish out the money directly to Tesla.

Silver2K | November 16, 2018

What is alao you ask?

All I can say is that it's good for your skin.

revrev4ruach | November 16, 2018


jamesguan117 | November 17, 2018

I would sell my soul to get my car essentially uncorked.

Silver2K | November 17, 2018

Would you drink a bottle of alao?

jamesguan117 | November 17, 2018

@Silver2K Yes. Those things are great. Get them at any Asian mart. Not sure if it will solve my need to sell my soul for the Ludricous though.

brian | November 18, 2018

I started with a P85D with insane mode, spent the $5K and upgraded to ludicrous mode, it was worth it in my opinion. I then traded the P85DL in for a P100DL and that was noticeably quicker. I never take my cart out of ludicrous mode and use it every day.

brandon | June 12, 2019

I bought my P85D on the used inventory website. The Tesla description was "Insane Mode". When I got the car, to my gleeful surprise, it had Ludicrous & Ludicrous + installed.

kerryglittle | June 13, 2019

Thats awesome brandon. You lucked out and saved a lot of money.

delsjunk | August 23, 2019

Since it is a software update I believe what you are paying for is the battery and drive train warranty as you will be stressing everything more and it is more likely they will have to replace major components. After the warranty you will have more chance to have issues.

I drive a S 75 which had the software upgrade from a 60. Same deal my battery won't last as long.

Tldickerson | August 23, 2019

@delsjunk, your battery will still have the same 8 year warranty.

brian | August 31, 2019

@brandon was it silver? That was could have been my car. I traded it in and then I saw it listed with insane and thought - dang someone is going to get a deal.

rm760 | August 31, 2019

I have a P100D. Leave it in Ludicrous mode and love it. Am awaiting the upgrade to PLAID :)

inconel | August 31, 2019

The upgrade to plaid will happen hopefully in 2021, it will also increase your range to 600+ miles and make your trunk and rear seats smaller :) | September 1, 2019

Clever. ;-)

rm760 | September 1, 2019

May the Schwartz be with you :)